Friday, May 04, 2007

Good news and Gooder news

(yes I know gooder isn't really a word *g*)

Good News
Well, one of the things that has been pestering me since the weather got nice was knowing that grass cutting season was upon us. I HATE cutting the grass! HATE IT, HATE IT HATE IT! It's not so much the cutting but the fact that the lawn mower is an electric and I have that damn cord that keeps getting in the way. And since I live on a corner, the yard is pretty big.
So far I haven't cut it yet. You know there is always one of those houses in the neighbourhood that's trashy looking because the owners don't cut their grass? Well - I have become one of those trashy looking houses. Ron would be horrified. I am too to be honest, but when I get home from work, I'm just too tired to cut it - cause it's so big and there is the cord, and it's raining, or it's looking like rain, or I'm hoping it will rain. Anything! It's getting to the point where I'm embarrased to drive into the driveway - half expecting the neighbours to confront me. And I wouldn't blame them.
Well, last night I was headed over to the neighbours for our weekly Survivor watching, having a beer night when I noticed her next door neighbour had bought himself a riding lawnmower. This is the same neighbour who plowed out my driveway a couple of times in the winter. When I got inside, I said to Ruthanne (who also happens to be the one whose house I was contemplating breaking into last year to watch her TV when our cable was out - the one "Cable Guy" said I should) that I should ask if he would mind driving over to my house and cutting the grass - in a joking way. Well apparently she had been talking to him about that very thing and he said he wouldn't mind at all.
Oh Thank the Lucky Stars!!!!!!
I plan on calling him today!

Gooder News
After we watched Survivor I stayed and we started watching Grey's Anatomy. Now I'm not a regular watcher of the show. I watch it sometimes at Ruthanne's if I'm not finished my beer *g* so I know who the people are. I just happened to read somewhere earlier that it was a two hour show and would introduce a whole bunch of characters that would be in the spin-off with what's her name. And one of them is Tim Daly.
Well, I love me Tim Daly!!!! And I've been totally upset ever since they cancelled The Nine - mainly because that would mean no more Tim Daly.
So it was with great delight I watched Grey's last night. And now I have a new show to watch when it premiers!!! I loved the part where she kept talking to the elevator and getting an answer - and then he told her about the elevator watch-woman. What a hoot!

Well - gotta run. Work you know. And I have a calendar to take down and get ready to put up.

'til later


Rosie said...

I liked Tim waaaaay back on WINGS. That's very cool news about the lawn. Make the call, make the call!

nath said...

I bet your neighbor was just so happy to have an excuse to sit/drive his lawnmower even longer! I wonder if he'd mine cutting my grass LOL :) By the way, it seems you live in a very nice neighborhood... we're really not as tight in mine

Jodi_Lee_McG said...

Yay for the mower man! I liked Tim way back on Wings too! I always thought he had a very calming voice.