Monday, June 05, 2006

My son moved out on Friday

And I think I'll be making a trip to IKEA very very soon. I like these ones!! Billy they are called. And if there is enough room, I can always add more


I'm thinking 6 bookcases to start with. I think I'll need a lot more though!
Ooohhhh - just picture those babies filled with books. It's enough to give me shivers!
Now I'm going to have to borrow a camera and start taking the "before" pictures

'til later


Nicole said...

Ooooh.......yes, we want pictures!!!

ames said...

I'm glad you'll be able to move your books out of those dark, lonely boxes. And many pictures!!

How are you feeling though with your son out of the house?

Valeen said...

Oh! Now, this is exciting. I would be so thrilled to have to new book shelves to fill and organize. LOL

Tara Marie said...

If you're splurging on new shelving, get a Kodak digital while your at it. They're fairly cheap and the Kodak programs are really easy to use.

Fickle Fiona said...

I've heard that those Ionic air purifiers are supposed to be good for personal libraries...haven't researched it myself.

I feel for your son though. My parents officially turned my childhood bedroom into an office...took them 8 years to do it but a little part of me is still weepy over the loss of my pink flowered wallpaper.


Kristie (J) said...

Well, I tried to take pictures but the room was too dark. I'm going to have to put a few lamps or something around.
And Ames - he still lives pretty close and he'll be coming by quite a bit but when I think of no more little hairs in the sink when he shaves, no more of his shoes at the back door to trip over, no more cars to have to rearrange, no more of his clothes in the washer or dryer, more room in the fridge now that his special food isn't in there, and on and on - well - I'm feelin' not too bad :)

Marg said...

I have Billy bookcases, but I went in to get another one because mine is absolutely chockers, and they have discontinued my colour! Waaahhh!!

Anonymous said...

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