Thursday, June 15, 2006

A few more I've never heard of

This is getting addicitive! I went to Amazon again to check my recommendations and they had a bunch more I've never heard of!! I was having a grand time - they have A LOT of recommendations for me. But then we got into Nora Roberts, Lavyrle Spencer, Elizabeth Lowell etc. When I hit the already own button then I get even more of them. But still - it's jolly good fun! Does anyone else ever check what Amazon recommends for them?

This one isn't too bad - considering there are no people.

Now I think this one is HOT!

As you can see by my side bar - I have her latest 2 sitting in my TBR pile - but looks like she's written a number of books. Now the girly girl in me has always liked pinks and mauves - but still is a mauve horse really necessary?

I like the looks of this one!

Boy this cover is awfully familiar though. I think there are about four almost identical ones out there.

'til later


Tara Marie said...

The Linden is a good book, Rosario and I both liked that one.

sybil said...

I think I have the bolen book and the linden to be read. Should I sticky them with your name?

one day I will send out the books riding in my car...

bah, the guy I am hoping to replace interview the other day - I do so hate waiting

Kristie (J) said...

Sybil - yes please - you can put a sticky with my name on it. They both look interesting and if Tara and Rosario like the Linden book - even bettah!

sybil said...

sticky going on ;)

to add to your copy of lawless which I know you are DYING to have *g*

Dance Chica said...

OOoh what's that Dance of Desire one about? Looks like belly dancing and I loooove to belly dance! lol

I check my Amazon recommedations a lot because I'm an Amazon addict and I love to see what they recommend. You can find some good books that way.

And BTW, very nice blog! ;)

Bev (BB) said...

I've never paid all that much attention to my Amazon recs but I probably should check them out. I should also probably work on checking what I own and want from them first though. Oye.

Maybe if I do 15 minutes a day? ;D

Kristie (J) said...

Sybil - My world will not be complete until I read a Palmer *g*

Dancechica: it does look good doesn't it. I checked it out and it got good stars at Amazon. It's a medieval about a Lady who dances for a sherriff in order to distract him and save her younger brother. It was published in March 2005 by Medallion. Looks very interesting!!! And thank you for liking my blog :)

Bev: I looked at the numbers and I have over 400 of them.
BUT - AAARRRGGGGHHHHH theyv'e included Cassie Edwards. I was joking a few months ago when I posted pictures of her books!! I was joking!

Anonymous said...

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