Saturday, June 17, 2006

More Recent Reads

Completely Irresistible by Sheridon Smythe.
I must admit to wanting try her previous books but the covers were just so darned bad. I don't know if this one is better or I was just in a "don't give a damn" what they think mode when I bought it, but I'm glad I did get it. Tara said this in one of her reviews “I always like when I discover a good book, not necessarily a great keeper, but a book I can enjoy in the moment.”
That's what this book is like for me. I wouldn't call it a keeper, but it was fun. This is a book chalk full of misunderstandings but since that’s the point, it’s quite fun. Wyatt Love becomes the caretaker for a trio of poodles when an old rich lady dies. Kasidy Evans thinks he’s her boy toy and even though she finds him very attractive and is drawn to him, she wants nothing to do with this gigolo. Wyatt’s twin brother Dillon becomes aware of this and decides to make Wyatt pay. Meanwhile she has her own secrets she’s trying to protect. As I said, this one is fun and had me chuckling in a number of places. I think I may just break down and get the previous ones because the secondary characters were a hoot too.
Grade 3 ½ out of 5

Over the Line by Cindy Gerard
I’ve read all the other books in this series and really enjoyed them, especially To the Brink so I was anticipating this one too. And joy of joys I wasn’t disappointed. Jason Wilson who made a brief appearance as a drunk in a previous book has decided to straighten out his life. He called his old Ranger captain and joined E.D.E.N. the detective agency his old comrade now runs. His first assignment is as a body guard to Sweet Baby Jane, a very popular rock singer who has acquired herself a stalker. Janey is surprised at the youthful appearance of her new bodyguard but attracted at the same time. I found the mystery in this one more in the forefront during the first half of this book than her previous ones, but then that was OK because it was a very good mystery! Normally I would be wanting more of the romance but since the suspense was so good that turned out to be not an issue at all for me. And the romance did kick in big time in the second part so this one is a very good, very complete romantic suspense!
Grade 4 ½ out of 5

Extreme Bachelor by Julie London
This one was DNF. I really liked it right up to a certain point and I may go back to it. Others who have read this one really liked it and I can see why, but at a certain point I just found myself rolling my eyes and putting it aside – for now. Years before Leah Klein was an up and coming actress. Life was perfect for her because she was also desperately in love with Michael Raney. But when he dumped her, life fell apart. Five years later she is reduced to tacky commercials. Then when cast in a movie, she runs into Michael again when he is the stunt coordinator. He never forgot Leah, loved her even back then, but thought with his job he just couldn’t give her the commitment she wanted and needed. Now after running into her again, he decides he wants her back but Leah, once burned and burned badly, wants nothing to do with him.
As I said, I found this one a mixed bag. Part of me loved it, but the whole soccer mom movie thing was just such a turn off. I can’t imagine anything worse than a movie about soccer moms who all turn on each other and get into physical battles. I finally stopped reading when the stunt team took all the actresses on a white water rafting trip as a reward and Leah fell in the water. Silly reason not to finish a book I was enjoying I know – but there you go. It happens.
Grade: DNF - for now

Parallel Attraction by Dierdre Knight
I got this one because it fit into my criteria; a new author and a futuristic. And Wowzers. This one is great!!!
The book opens when Jared Bennet a young exiled king from another world visits earth and runs into a young Kelsey Wells. Although they are both young, the attraction is immediate and intense. But then one of the elders from Jared’s world removes their memories of each other. The book picks up some years later. Jared is still hiding and planning on earth. One evening he takes his cruiser out and it is shot down. He runs into Kelsey who saves him. They don’t remember each other but there is something strong that draws them to each other.
What can I say – both Jared and Kelsey are wonderful character. Jared is a king who has given his all to his people. Now he wants a chance of happiness in his life. Kelsey is a great strong heroine who is completely in love with Jared despite his differences. This would be an unquestionable 5 except it takes a detour into a time warp continuum that I found a bit confusing. It was heartbreaking – it made me tear up and it’s a rare book that does that – but still I found myself going “yea but”. Still – I’m giving this one a very high grade. I loved their love story. Of note though; this is only the first of a series and as such it doesn’t really end. Rather it breaks until the next book comes out to continue the story. And I am already so there for the next installment. I love the futuristic genre and this is a very, very good addition to it.
Grade 4 ¾ out of 5

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Kaitlin said...

As I was reading your review for the last book, my thoughts went immediately to Elizabeth Haydon's series. Her hero and heroine's meet in almost the exact same way. Hmm...don't know what I think about that.

It's fantasy, but I can completely recommend the series. The first book is called Rhapsody and it is excellent. She's on book 6 now...I think. :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Kaitlin said...

PS-I love Cindy Gerard's Bodyguard series. I still say To the Brink is my favorite so far. I can't wait for the next one. :)

Marg said...

You stopped the Julia London one before it got to the worst bit!!!

Kristie (J) said...

Kaitlin: sounds like an interesting series. I really do need to expand my reading horizons and since I used to read fantasy I can see me picking it up again. And while I really enjoyed Over the Line, To the Brink is still my fave.

Marg: I saw your review on this one and it's wierd. I did like it but I just couldn't get past the soccer moms. If only the movie had been about something else *sigh* And I feel bad that it bothered me so much. Just what I need - guilt in not reading a book. I suck it up like a sponge.

erika said...

I thought PA was a good read too. I'm skipping the second book cause I just didn't like that female character. I hope the third book has a female heroine that's likeable enough for me cause I easily fell into this author's paranormal world and I want to read more.

Kristie (J) said...

Erika: I'm almost tempted to write to the author and ask her if everything turns out OK for Kelsey and Jared before I read any more cause remember the part in the future where he was so beaten and broken? That's where the time continuum thing got to me. I kept trying to figure out if things could change so he didn't suffer in the future. But then I got all bungled up in the possibilities. I did go to her blog or website and she says that Kesley and Jared, while not the main characters, play a large role in the next one, as well as Scott. At times I think I get to invested in what are really imagination characters :)

Tara Marie said...

I read about 15 pages of the first in the Julia London "extreme..." series and said nope, not wasting my time. Figured the rest would be the same.

Read the first in the Crazy series, but haven't read the rest yet. I really need to get back to them.

I've been hemming and hawing over Parallel Attraction.

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