Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Recent reads and questions

Why is it that just as soon as I start buying nail policy because my nails are looking good, they start breaking? I’ve lost 3 in the past day, just after buying 4 new colours of nail polish. And then it takes a good year to grow them nice again

Why is it, just after I get my car washed, the birds have a rave overnight right above it?

The Cobra and the Concubine - Bonnie Vanak

This book took me by surprise. When I finished it, I thought why haven’t I heard of Bonnie Vanak before? For those who complain about same old, same old, this the book for you.
Badra was just a young girl when she was rescued from a brutal and sadistic owner by the Sheik of the Khamin (apparently the hero of her first book). Once he realized how badly she had been abused, he assigned Khepri as her guardian and protector. Skip ahead a number of years. Khepri has been secretly in love with Badra for years. Finally he decides she is old enough and asks permission to marry her. Because of the abuse she had suffered, she refuses him. He leaves discouraged and returns to England where it turns out, he is a peer.
The Cobra and the Concubine is different on many levels. First is the location. Much of it takes place in Egypt. The author does a very good job in evoking the atmosphere of the time and place of when the story takes place. Next, is the heroine. Badra is an Egyptian slave girl. I found this most unusual for a heroine. I think the author does a good job in explaining why she makes the decisions she does. The hero Khepri or Kenneth is what I liked best. I thought he made a wonderful hero. Brave yet vulnerable where his feeling for Badra were concerned, confused and lost when he is thrust into a world he doesn’t understand. I enjoyed this book enough to seriously need to read her back-list and hope (really hope) she writes a book on another character who appears.

Grade 4 out of 5
It was interesting reading this one so soon after Mr. Impossible by Loretta Chase. Both took place in Egypt but the feel was entirely different. Mr. Impossible was outsiders looking into the time and place. The Cobra and the Concubine was like being right inside. Both different but very good.

Stargazer – Colby Hodge

This one is a typical futuristic. Now since I love futuristics, I was enjoyed it more than other readers who aren’t into futuristics. Princess Lily the heroine rescued the hero, Shaun Phoenix a prisoner when they ship they were both travelling on was attached by the same evil group who was attacking her planet. Instantly smitten, our hero decides his life mission is to keep our heroine safe. I had some problems with Lily in this one. I felt she was too self-sacrificing and willing to give her life for her people. I guess I like my heroines somewhat on the selfish side. The hero Shaun is good though. He is determined to rescue at all costs. I thought this was a pretty good effort for a first book and I would try her again. I just hope her next heroine is a bit less perfect.
Grade 31/2 out of 5


Bev (BB) said...

Finally, someone who's read TC&TC. Not to mention STARGAZER. I got both a while back and have been dithering over reading both, but I've been really conflicted over TC&TC. It just sounds so different that you never know. You know. (BG)

Thanks for the heads up.

McVane said...

I had problems getting into STARGAZER for the reason you mentioned: the self-sacrificing heroine. To be fair, I think this is a common problem in most romance novels. I'm determined to finish this book before I see the morning of Saturday.

Kristie said...

I don't know how far into it you are but I'm afraid she doesn't get any better until the end. She does redeem herself then though.

I give it a 2 thumbs up. Then unfortunately I did what I shouldn't do and what Tara Marie did too. Read the reviews for the first too. I'm going to pretend I didn't though.

Jill said...

I washed my car and it SNOWED.