Thursday, June 16, 2005

I've been renewed and my leaves have been watered

I am obsessive compulsive when I am trying to track down a book that I’ve decided I simply can not live without. There’s an adrenalin rush. The book finding radar goes on full alert. I carefully make my plans to visit all the used bookstores around me, study my route, time my schedule. I can’t sleep the night before I make my run. I am on the hunt and I’m excited. If my nostrils flared, they would be flaring. And I don’t stop until I found the treasure or I have reached a dead end. There is always an unfulfilled feeling inside when I reach the dead end. I’ve only lately discovered Amazon but I only save them for a very last resort. The cost of shipping and handling, currency exchange rate and the price of some books can be quite hard on the pocket book (who really uses that word anymore).
It has seemed until recently though, that my book questing had almost run its course. I had found almost every older book I wanted or I gave up trying to find them. My visits to UBS’s didn’t have the excitement as they used to. There was a definite lack of passion in checking them out. It was almost a formality that I went to them and I didn’t really expect to find anything of value. I almost always left empty handed or with books I was just eh about. It just wasn’t the same as when I first started.

I feel lately though like I am renewed. I was at a UBS last night looking for books for members of the trading group. That adrenalin rush was back when I found a few books on the list. The desire to raise my hands in the air and shout “YEA BABY, COME TO MAMA.” That pure love of a treasure found had resurfaced.
I am pumped again about finding books. I plan to make an hour trip tomorrow after work to visit the best UBS in the area for romance books. I went on the internet to check their hours, I looked for other UBS’s in the other city I’ve never been too. I found maps. I HAVE A QUEST AGAIN. My passions have been restored. I didn’t have much of a reason to visit this store for a while and I couldn’t justify the time and energy to look for books I had no real hope of finding. But now I have reasons, over 500 of them. Tra-la-la-la-la-la¯
I think a number of members of the group feel the same way I do about the trading. I would much rather have someone owe me a book than to owe someone else. I think it must be something about being obliged to someone that makes us nervous. But for those who owe me books I’m stealing an oft-repeated phrase:

Cost of parking meter $ .50
Cost of book $4.00
Cost of envelope $ .69
Cost of mailing book $4.50
Cost of excitement in finding book, cost of knowing it’s going to a well wanted home, cost of imagining the same excitement I feel


If anything, I owe YOU for making my book searching life worth living again.

Then of course too, there is the absolute joy in getting a book that was on my quest list. Found. Success. Mission Accomplished.


Anonymous said...

So thats what you have been up too....great to hear you so excited

Tara Marie said...

I agree, not only is the "hunt" fun, the reading has been wonderful.

Nicole said...

sybil said...

I agree too! But I don't time anything :).

I love to search for books almost as much as I love finding them and reading them!

And I get just as big of a thrill in finding a book someone else really wanted as I do finding one for myself. You. Are. Not. Alone.