Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Author websites - And "keeping Maili amused"

I love authors websites. I love visiting them. That’s why I enjoyed Maili’s blog. I visited some of the ones she mentioned and already, I found a few books I’m interested in reading. I can spend hours on author web sites. I particularly enjoy reading about their backlists. One of the features I most enjoy but not many have, is the little tidbits and trivia that went into writing their books. Laura Lee Guhrke, Jo Goodman and Susan Kay Law all have wonderful little tales about what went into the writing of their books. And covers, I love seeing the covers of backlists. The perfect ones are when they have both printable backlists and cover backlists. Another feature of particular interest to me when visiting author web sites is their upcoming books. I like to see what they have planned as much in advance as they can post it. Even if there is no title or cover or even publishing date yet, I still like to see what’s up. It helps to build anticipation and it also reassures me that they do have more coming up. It is so disappointing to invest time and heart into an author and then discovering she is no longer writing. I know this happens and real life takes over, still as a fan of their work, it can be a bummer.
Updating web sites is vital. Even if there is nothing much happening, it’s nice for the author to update their web site and say there "Hi, I'm her but nothing much is happening. At least we fans know they are still out there wanting to keep in touch. If an author is going to take the time and energy to have a web site, keep it current and up to date. If not then I almost wish they would remove it. There are a number that I visit and when I get there, nothing has changed
in 2 or 3 years. That can be frustrating.


"to keep Maili amused"

since I stole this idea from Mail, here's a website she might like. It's a love we both share

I don't know if you watch this show or not, but I am totally addicted - and it's on tonight

My vote would be the mane

Whenever I get bored, I think of changing my hair

Ah, those stupid things we did when we were young


McVane said...

Love those links, especially PINKY AND THE BRAIN!!! :D

I fully agree with you on the trivia section of an author's web site. And the rest? Well said.

Thinking about it, you're absolutely right: a few mentions of forthcoming books would be a good sticky factor for an author's web site ["sticky": has something that keeps visitors coming back].

Jill said...

Had a great time with the links, especially ABC's Lost page because I am addicted to that show.

Enjoyed your opinions on the author websites. I know mine needs more information but lately all my creativity has gone into the writing, sigh ...

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