Saturday, June 25, 2005

More of my all time favourites

I want to say that even though these next books aren’t in the top ten, they just as easily could be. It’s a very miniscule difference that separates any of them in the top 100. I could reread one and it would jump right into the top ten. So without further adieu, the next group in my list

Dream Fever, Katherine Sutcliffe – This book stars Nicholas Sabre as a tortured loner sent to New Zealand when he killed an aristocrat in duel. He is tricked into marrying Summer O’Neal, herself running from trouble. He doesn’t want to love Summer but her joie de vie pulls him out of his dark and lonely life. Nicholas is a tortured hero, not always easy to like. There is one scene that many may not like in these PC days but I found it very powerful and I love this book.

Jackson Rule , Dinah McCall – This is a story of Jackson Rule, a young man who after spending years in jail, comes to work for Rebecca Hill, a preachers daughter, when he can’t find work anywhere else due to his prison record. Rebecca sees something in this tortured soul and they fall deeply in love even as Jackson fights to deny his feelings. If you like a tortured soul, you will love Jackson Rule. I think this one has recently been rereleased under Sharon Sala

Sweet Lullabye, Lorraine Heath – This book has the best Beta Hero I have ever read. Jake Burnett has loved Rebecca from afar, but believes he never has a chance with her. Then when Rebecca’s father offers Jake a pregnant Rebecca as wife, Jake marries her and moves away. This book is so incredibly poignant I cried when I read it. A book very rarely moves me to tears, but this one does. I miss Ms. Heath's westerns more than I can say.

Portrait in Death, JD Robb - This is the Robb book where we finally get to see Roarke showing some vulnerability. He is always so strong and so there for Eve. Finally, we get to see him needing Eve

Take A Chance on Me, Susan Donavan - Thomas Tobin a district attorney who frequently works undercover inherits Hairy the Chinesse Crested dog. Thomas is forced to visit vet Emma Jenkins for help with Hairy's neurosis. This is a wonderfully funny laugh out loud book and even if you don't live Thomas and Emma, I dare you not to fall in love with Hairy. I did and I don't like dogs.

Looking for Lacey, Linda Francis Lee - Bobby McIntyre is a football quarterback recovering from an injury back in his home town where he owns a sports bar. Lacey Wright is his uptight single mother employee. At first it would seem these two have nothing in common but when the layers are peeled back neither are what they seem. Even Mrs Giggles likes this one - I think.

Texas Destiny, Lorraine Heath - Another wonderful book from Lorraine Heath, this is the first book in trilogy of three brothers. This one is the story of Houston. He is forced to bring his brothers mail order bride home when his older brother is hurt. Along the way Houston, a loner who was seriously injured during the Civil Way and Amelia, his brother's promised wife fall deeply in love. Did I mention how much I miss her westerns? None of her current crop of historicals have even made it close to my top 100, but her westerns are beautiful.

Absolute Trouble, Michelle Jerrott(Albert now) - This is the authors first book and she had me as a fan at the first chapter. Dulcinea Queen is a cop forced to retire when she is injured on duty trying to take down a crook. Julien Langlois, who is after the same bad guy is posing as a male stripper. When this Cajun, is forced to hide out with Dulcie, sparks fly. I love the "dance" he does for her. This book is hot and this book is steamy and I love this book

Conor's Way, Laura Lee Guhrke - I just finished reading this book again (and again and again) Conor Braningan is an Irish boxer who was beaten bery badly when he refused to "throw" a fight. He is rescued by Olivia Maitland. He is slowly and very much against his will, drawn into the struggles Olivia and her three daughters face. Conor is a hero beyond words. I simply adore this book. It should not be missed!!

Morning Glory, LaVayrle Spencer - Will Parker, Will Parker, Will Parker. Oh what a wonderful hero. This is my all time favourite book by Ms. Spencer and I think this one is a classic romance in it's finest form. Will applies for the job of handyman for Ellie. These two lonely people find love and acceptance with each other. If you've never tried LaVyrle Spencer, there is no better book than this to start with.


CW said...

Oh, man. MORNING GLORY. Amen, the end. :D

Jay said...

*Sigh two more books to add to the ole wishlist :)

Kristie (J) said...

Which two? (grin)

Tara Marie said...

Another good list, I read Sweet Lullaby today, so I can say "I've read them all."

Robin said...

Have you read Susan Donovan's other books, Kristie? Knock Me Off My Feet is my favorite, I think (with the hero among my favorite Romance heroes), and I also really, really liked Public Displays of Affection (loved the heroine in that one). One thing I've noticed about Donovan, though, is the way she seems to present gay characters in a negative or at least stereotypical light. I can't provide more detail without spoiling a couple of the books, though.

McVane said...

Oh, cool. I never read MORNING GLORY. Thanks for that. :>