Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I thought of a game

kind of like word association because I'm bored and feeling silly. I'll name five well known authors and you have to say the first book that comes to mind. You can't take time to think. It may not be your favourite but it's the first one that comes to mind. Just pass if you haven't read that author

Laura Kinsale

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Jennifer Crusie

Linda Howard

Mary Jo Putney

Now think up five more for your own blog if you want.

(I'm trying to think up ideas for wish lists)


Kristie (J) said...

Laura Kinsale - Flowers from the Storm
SEP - Kiss an Angel
Jennifer Crusie - Bet Me
Linda Howard - Mr. Perfect
Mary Jo Putner - The Rake

ma said...

LK - The Shadow and the Star
SEP - Hot Shot (is that the name of one of her books?)
JC - Bet Me
Linda Howard - Son of the Morning
MJP - Stolen Magic

I've only read the LK and JC, surprisingly enough. But I've heard discussion of the rest, I guess.

Tara Marie said...

If this shows up twice I'm sorry, my server keeps dumping me.

LK--Prince of Midnight
SEP--Ain't She Sweet
JC--Getting Rid of Bradley
LH--Son of the Morning
MJP--The Burning Point

The funny thing is these aren't my favorites, but rather the last books I read/reread. I didn't like The Burning Point and haven't read anything of her since reading it.

McVane said...

Laura Kinsale - Midsummer Moon
SEP - Kiss an Angel
Jennifer Crusie - Getting Rid of Bradley
Linda Howard - Midnight Rainbow
MJP - Toilet Bowl

Rosario said...

This is fun!

Laura Kinsale - for My Lady's Heart
Susan Elizabeth Phillips: Breathing Room
Jennifer Crusie: Bet Me
Linda Howard: After the Night
Mary Jo Putney: Shattered Rainbows

Jay said...

1. dunno
2. Ain't She Sweet - never read
3. Bet Me - one of my least faves
4. Kiss Me While I Sleep - enjoyed
5. dunno

sybil said...

LK - Shadowheart
SEP - don't know but I was looking at her books this afternoon
JC - Welcome to Temptation
LH - Lady of the West
MJP - pass

hee this was fun.

CW said...

Hehe. I actually blanked out on a couple. GREAT idea. :)

LK-SEIZE THE FIRE (I've got it coming to me...)

SEP-Be My Baby (if that's not a book of hers, then FANCY PANTS)




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