Saturday, June 04, 2005

Going back to the vault

I thought since some of us might be visiting UBS's over the next little while, I go back to my excel vault and share some of my older favourite books again.

Once a Pirate by Susan Grant
This is a wonderful time travel/reincarnation book. I didn't read it that long ago. I had ordered it from Amazon when I was going through my pirate book phase. And it fit the bill wonderfully. Carly Callahan an airforce pilot (pre Bonzai) is forced to eject from her jet and into the ocean. She somehow travels back in time and is rescued by pirate Andrew Spencer

Once I read Once a Pirate, it triggered a Susan Grant glom and I ordered another book that turned out to be a real winner

The Star King by Susan Grant
A wonderful futuristic.Air Force Lieutenant Jasmine Boswell was flying her fighter jet over Saudi's no-fly zone when the missile coming out of nowhere hits her plane. She bails out of her disabled jet, but lands on an alien-looking desert with spaceships flying overhead. She also encounters an injured Romlijhian B'Kah, whose starfighter crashed killing his brother. This strange encounter remains in both their minds
Years later they meet again and the book takes off from there.

What I love about Susan Grant is the strength of her heroines

And in a complete switch

Homeplace by Dorothy Garlock
(and I can't believe I can't remember the names of the h/h as I've read this book probably 4 times)
This is a sweet tender story of love found in the depth of despair. The heroine travels to help her young stepdaughter during the birth of her baby. When her stepdaughter dies of neglect during the birth she stays to take care of the baby. At first she is furious with the baby's father but things aren't always what they seem. This book is a very real portrait of rural life and love.