Wednesday, February 03, 2016

And 3, 2, 1 – I’m back!!

Not only back to much closer to my old self but also back to work after being on stress leave since mid-November but also as you can see, back to blogging.  Actually I was ready to come back to blogging last week but I couldn’t remember my password.  I’m at work now where I’m automatically signed in.

My leg is about 80% better now thank goodness.  Let me tell you since I’ve done both, torn ligaments are much, much worse than a broken leg.  There was no fun with the ligament damage like there was with the broken leg, just a lot more pain.  I’m still going to physio 3 x’s a week


But the real good news is that emotionally/mentally I’m in a much better place.  I really needed that time off for more than just my leg.  The different medication the doctor ordered is doing it’s job and I’m not in that dark corner any longer.


I did A LOT of reading over the time off.  I planned on keeping up at least on GoodReads but that didn’t seem to happen so I plan on getting caught up.  I signed up for the challenge and I want to make sure I get them all recorded.  I upped the number in 2016 by fifteen more so I don’t want to short change myself.  I’ve been on a really sports romance, particularly hockey romance lately.  I think they must have been comfort reads or something.


So I’m very happy to claim my life back.  I’m even starting to make plans for summer vacation and I couldn’t have done that before.  I’m not 100%.  I still have to see a therapist and I’ve a few issues I need to deal with but overall it’s like night and day.


The main thing I’ve learned is to be kind to myself.  One of the therapists asked me if I would be as hard on a friend then I am on myself and my answer was ‘not a chance’.  That alone was an eye opener. 

So anyone else suffering from the pain that is depression, seek help, take medication, know that it’s not you, it’s the depression and even though you  may not believe or see it, or feel it, there is light and always a hand waiting to help you out of the depth of despair.


azteclady said...


Oh, so good to hear from you, to know that you are doing so much better!

Yes, my friend, be kind to yourself, and remember you are loved.

Kristie (J) said...

AL: ((((Hugs back at you))) Yes, when the therapist said that along with would I be as hard on a friend as I've been on myself it was like the light went on. I'm not saying I won't fall down the hole again, but hopefully is I do, I can climb out before I hit the bottom.

Phyl said...

Welcome back! You've been missed and it's good to hear you are doing so much better. You take care of yourself so you can continue to hang out in RomLand.

Kristie (J) said...

Phyl, thanks. I've been slowly getting better. I would have done a post last week but kept greeting the error message when I tried signing in and wasn't quite ready to tackle that dilemma. I did the post from work where for some reason Blogger remembered me & I didn't have to log in. And when I got home I was ready to get my password. Oddly enough that something that normally drives me nuts but it worked tonight. Small I know but it for me it's a real win. Good sign.

S. said...

I'm glad you're back and that your reads might inspire me and other readers again!
I'm especially glad you're feeling much better. Focus on the things that make you happy. In the lowest moment of my life - probably nothing compared to your depression of course - I took refuge on my beloved books.
I hope the sun will look warmer and shinier for you from now on!!!
Happy reading too :)

Kristie (J) said...

S., I did do a lot of reading and it was a tremendous help. As were my two kitties. It's hard to stay down when you have two of them sitting in your lap purring. They are both very affectionate. Though there were quite a few days I seriously considered trying to find foster care for them until I got better, that's how bad it was getting - getting rid of one of the main things helping me.
And it is SO good to be back.

S. said...

I have a cat too! Yes, I understand what you mean, now that it's so cold, I love to be with my mother by the fireplace after dinner (my dad goes to bed early) and my cat sleeps in his own chair all curled up. It feels good so have him near while I'm reading my book...

Wendy said...

I am VERY late in welcoming you back....but WELCOME BACK! I have missed seeing your blog pop up in my reader and am glad to hear things are moving in a better direction these days :)