Sunday, July 03, 2011

With the Best of Intentions and a New Resolution

I was going to do a blog post tonight on the highlights of RWA. But after spending almost 12 hours getting home including a log jam at the border that took almost an hour and a half to get through, I'm totally and completely pooched! As in fried. Not a working brain cell left. I'm so tired I don't even have the energy to get out the books I brought home with me so you have to know it's bad.

So my fun times will have to wait until later.

Wait though! This should count as a post shouldn't it? A short one, short to the point of pitiful and completely devoid of any kind of details except that I'm tired. But it's something!


Hilcia said...

It counts! I'm glad you got through okay, even if it sounds like a PITA. Some rest is called for... :) Looking forward to your posts on the conference.

Wendy said...

I got home on Saturday, and proceeded to sleep for 10 hours that night. You'd think that would have nudged me more towards human - but yeah, not so much. After another 10 hours last night I'm starting to get back into my groove. Good thing too, since it's back to work tomorrow.

nath said...

Well I think this totally counts, Kristie!

I got home very late yesterday and didn't feel like doing anything this morning. I should be going through my books at the moment, but quite frankly, I'm tired and falling asleep... but the absolute worst? My computer is having issues again. sigh.

I'm glad we got to see each other again this year! I love rooming with you! :)

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness! 12 hours! You're due for a goodnight sleep and lots of naps. LOL

Kim in Baltimore said...

Great to see you again .... even at the Bar! I love reading others' RWA recaps to see what they did (and what I missed). Looking forward to yours!