Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Katiebabs & KristieJ talk books

Broken Wing - Part II

And here we try it again

KristieJ: So... Broken Wing. What are your thoughts on it? I don't think you were quite as bowled over as I was

KatieBabs: I thought it was a lovely historical romance, everything I look forward to in a book from a luscious romance, tortured, angsty hero and the heroine who is his soul mate in every way.

KristieJ: And what did you think of Gabriel? I thought he was just a too die for hero. So damaged; such a lost soul

KatieBabs: OMG Judith made Gabriel go through so, so much!!

KristieJ: But I think it was a good thing that a lot of it we didn't *see* we just heard him tell Sarah about it. I think it would have been a very difficult read if we, the readers, were 'there' while he was going though it.

KatieBabs: I think that is why made this book a winner because of the conversations Gabriel and Sarah had and what we heard, while Sarah heard it was so emotional

KristieJ: I loved the sense of innocence between them. I thought it very unusual, especially considering Gabriel's past history. But there was such a freshness about them. I truly believed that they became friends before lovers. In so many romance books, the hero/heroine act on their lust for each other before really getting to know each other - but it was the opposite in Broke Wing. I appreciated that.

I just noticed there is a review of this on Amazon that confounds me. "The characters were good. The plot was ok, but there was no spark. I couldn't get excited about anything. It felt like a long story of tragic happenings which finally ended. I wanted it to be over. There is a happy ending. The author talks about historical accuracy and has a glossary of foreign terms in the back of the book, which was nice. However, this almost felt like reading a history book. I wanted more of an emotional connection." I found the exact opposite! I thought the spark was one of the best things about this book. And I thought there was an amazing emotional connection.

KatieBabs: I love how Gabriel is a bit unsteady around Sarah, like he is a toddler taking his first steps.

KristieJ: He's just waiting for her to think the worst of him - and she never does. It confuses him.

KatieBabs: I loved that part and he tries to seduce her and she doesn't fall for it

KristieJ: you mean where he disappears into his other self and she pulls him back?

KatieBabs: oh yes.

KristieJ: and when she does - he's so afraid that he doesn't know how to make love - this hard shelled former prostitute was so scared and so vulnerable. He was so appealing in that scene wasn't he?

KatieBabs: it was like he had duel personalities

KristieJ: He really did have them didn't he?

KatieBabs: One minute he was this sly seductive lover playing a part and then the next, a lost little boy

KristieJ: Great observation! I think the one was his way of protecting himself - protecting that lost little boy inside. That's why there was such an air of innocence about him - it was the little boy that was so appealing - in a grown up - very sensual, very *row (don't know how to spell it) kind of way

KatieBabs: What did you think of they way He and Sarah would lie in bed and just talk and kiss? I thought it was so sweet!

KristieJ: It was wasn't it? It kind of reminded me (in a good way) of the movie The Blue Lagoon.

KatieBabs: Willie Ames?? LOL

KristieJ: No - Brooke Shields and William Katt. It wasn't a very good movie - but they were too innocent young people just discovering themselves once they grew older

KatieBabs: I always thought that was Willie Ames with Brooke Shields! Willie Ames is no Gabriel. lol

Now of course, after doing some research, I realize that I also, was wrong! Hard to believe - but true. It was Christopher Atkins

KristieJ: Nope *laughing* that's for sure. Cause the other side of Gabriel was this sword wielding, capable person. And then there was the seducer side of him - the one who had to drink in order to do his 'work'.

KatieBabs: the second part of the book reminded me of Captain Blood and Errol Flynn

KristieJ: I know!!!!! Though Sarah wasn't in it - I thought it was still very good reading.

KatieBabs: very much swashbuckling

KristieJ: And I love me some swashbuckling!!!! Now that you mention it - a young Errol Flynn would make a good Gabriel wouldn't he?

KatieBabs: I do too!! And Gabriel does that

KristieJ: When he's swinging that chain - and rescuing his friend Jacques - *shiver*

KatieBabs: I really thought for a moment, that Judith would go there with Jacques, if you know what I mean

KristieJ: *g*......I'm not quite sure what you mean. Gabriel and Jacques being 'very' good friends?

KatieBabs: well Jacques comes across willing to have fun with both men and women and since Gabriel had experience in that and was suffering because of his separation from Sarah, he would allow Jacques to comfort him

KristieJ: I think though - he was a one person hero. Sarah was just IT for him. If he couldn't have her - he would have nobody. And that was a large part of his appeal. Who doesn't love a hero who is that focused, that committed, that there would be no one else - ever?

KatieBabs: And I am so glad he didn't drown his sorrows with other women and kept away from sex because in respect for Sarah

KristieJ: Oh me too!! I may have to hide this part 'cause *grin* the author leads us to believe different. And speaking of Sarah - what did you think of her? Although this is definitely a hero-focused book and there are large parts where Sarah isn't in it, I thought she was a marvelous heroine!!!! I thought her just as strong - if not stronger than Gabriel

KatieBabs: Sarah was a bit too good to be true at times, a little too perfect, but I think she and Gabriel had great chemistry. And don't get me started on when Sarah first kisses Gabriel! Best scenes in the book!

KristieJ: That's why I don't get that other review on Amazon??? I thought there was incredible chemistry between them. *laughing* I know yo

u liked that scene. I think you might have mentioned it a time or two. Kind of like a certain 'cravat'

KatieBabs: Cravat? Whatever do you mean?? RICHARD!! - see had to mention him.

Do you notice how we seem to bring him into every one of our ‘chats’? This is a good thing!

KristieJ: This is one of the few books by the way where I just couldn't put Richard in the place of the hero

KatieBabs: if this was made into a movie, could you see Richard playing Gabriel? ooops

KristieJ: ROTFL!!!! so my answer is *laughing* no

KatieBabs: what actor could you see in the role?

KristieJ: I see you suggestion of Errol

Flynn as a great one. I'm just looking for the right picture. Like perhaps this one.

KatieBabs: oh good one! perhaps with better hair though

KristieJ: just a sec - I may have found the perfect one. Here we go

KatieBabs: OMG that picture is perfect

KristieJ: I just saved it *g* Visuals are so good aren't they?

KatieBabs: I really like that picture! We need one of Sarah now

KristieJ: Here's another one that's not too shabby. Not a good Sarah though.

(You see – I was multi-tasking – I

was also looking for pictures of Errol Flynn.)

OMG KATE!!! Check out THIS ONE!!

KatieBabs: that could be the scene in the book when Gabriel pushes Sarah against the wall and kisses her

KatieBabs: wow that is some sword in his pants. wow wow really shows

KristieJ: doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination does it? That's got to be a joke one that got in there somehow

KatieBabs: you have to post that picture. the lol will roll

KristieJ: they will indeed won't they *guffaw*

KatieBabs: Speaking of what was in Gabriel's pants, what did you think of the sex scenes? I thought they were very well written and beautiful

KristieJ: I did too! In a lot of books I kind of skim over them, but because I was so connected to these two, I read and loved the love scenes. How about Merle Oberon for Sarah? I always loved her - especially in Wuthering Heights

KatieBabs: And Gabriel didn't want to be intimate with Sarah that way at first because he didn’t want to lose their friendship. Oh Merle Oberon would be perfect! If you think of it, Broken Wing has a definite Wuthering Heights feel to it

KristieJ: It does doesn't it? And I know that's one of your all time favourite book. here's a good pic.

KatieBabs: I have it bad for Heathcliff. But Gabriel didn't have those obsessive crazed feelings like Heathcliffe did for Cathy

KristieJ: *thinking* how about Laurence Olivier for Gabriel?

KatieBabs: Perhaps a bit younger? Wasn't Gabriel in his mid 20's? Even though I adore Olivier

Here's a picture that I think might work??

KristieJ: He looks kind of Gabriel like in that pic though - after he's come back and finally trying to woo Sarah again. That's one thing I couldn't quite figure out - how old he was. I'm pretty sure Sarah was around 21 - but I couldn't place Gabrie

l’s age. And one of my questions for Judith *g*

KatieBabs: I would say around 25.

KristieJ: So - the question I'm real curious about *g*. What would you grade this one?

KatieBabs: B+ or A-, I can’t decide. Help me decide

KristieJ: OK - I'll decide for you *g* A-

KatieBabs: lol

KristieJ: heh heh heh

KatieBabs: I think my problem is, there are so many amazing books this year and Broken Wing is one of them. One small thing is that I felt Gabriel was too tortured. And really, how could he get away with sleeping with Sarah in her room! lol

KristieJ: You mentioned that before. But I didn't really see it. I think Sherrilyn Kenyon overdoes the torturing of the hero - but I thought Judith did a good job of it

KatieBabs: OH I have a question about another book for you

This is where we get sidetracked a bit.

KristieJ: Yeeees?

KatieBabs: it is in regards to a scene in Dreaming of You and since you are a master at that books...You know the scene where the prostitute goes to Sarah after Sarah has left Derek?

KristieJ: does he "do it" with the house wrench? Could that be the question?

KatieBabs: I assumed that Derek just cuddled and slept as in sleep with the prostitute and did not have sex with her. Other fans tell me he had sex with her. I say no! But now I am not sure. Does he do it or is it open to impetration?

KristieJ: It's left open to impetration. Lisa said once she did that on purpose. I took it that he did - but pretended it was Sarah. It didn't bother me since at the time they weren't together - she was engaged to someone else, Derek thought he'd never see her again and Sarah didn't seem troubled - so it never took away from my Derek love.

KatieBabs: oh shucks. I will believe he didn't then.

Here I try to console Katie

KristieJ: LOL - that works. He was pretty deep

into the gin - so maybe he couldn't get it up anyway heh heh

KatieBabs: I can go for that!

But if Derek and Gabriel were in a fight, who would win?

KristieJ: I say this almost reluctantly but truly - Gabriel

KatieBabs: really?? I think Derek would win. More street smarts

Now I get distracted.

KristieJ: I'm going to have to take a break. SYTYC

D in on - a repeat from earlier in the day - and my man Nico is on soon. What did you think of their routine by the way? Carrie emailed me and said 'they are so doing it'

KatieBabs: it was really, really good! Nico is nice

KristieJ: A hawt guy who loves to give hugs and kisses. I can get into that *g*

KatieBabs: LOL!! I would if I were his partner

KristieJ: OK - Nico's on!!

KatieBabs: okay, have fun watching and drooling

So there you have it! By the time I finished watching SYTYCD, Katie had signed off but I think it’s safe to say that Broken Wing gets a bit Thumbs Up from her too!!!!

And since Katie is so fond of the kissing scenes, I found this picture for her.

Oh - and you probably want to see the picture that I found whilst multi-taksing that cracked Katie and I up during our chat - I couldn't post it during the 'chat' portion of this, it would have been wrong - but for those who are curious.......


Amy C said...

I saw that review on amazon yesterday. I was a little shocked by it, but then I looked into some of her other reviews and shrugged it off. She doens't give high reviews on many books. And she does say that she reads more light-hearted type books. I think becasue of that she should have mentioned that in her review that though it may not have appealed to her it most likely would appeal to those that like the darker side, the tortured hero.

Great chit-chat, ladies :)

KT Grant said...

I think the last picture in our chat is perfect! LMAO!
Our chats are always a fun time :D

Ana said...

oooo how great! I really can't wait to read the book and now I have all these images in my mind: Pirate, Errol, heathcliff! love it.


little alys said...

What is this "SYTYCD" you speak of?

I'm very interested, but I'm not too into tortured heroes anymore. Especially from what you two are saying...extremely tortured at that. I'll probably end up getting it though, knowing me. LOL.

Thanks for a great chatview.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chat. As always, it was interesting and fun + the pics are great. Still laughing about the last one. :)

azteclady said...

That last picture? Talk about being hypnotized....


Anonymous said...

I cannot WAIT to use the word "impetration"!!

Kristie (J) said...

Amy: I went through some of her other reviews too - not in a stalker like way I hope *g* - but just to see what kind of book she would give a good grade too and I noticed she didn't give high grades very often.

Katie: *laughing* of all the work I did looking for the 'perfect' picture, you go and like that last one the best. *still laughing*

Ana: Just don't keep the last one in your mind :) Actually the one I like best is one I found AFTER - the one with Ralph Finnes as Healthcliffe.

Alice: *chuckling* SYTYCD is short for So You Think You Can Dance. They've had a few seasons of it now in the US and I got totally hooked mid way through last season. Now that the have a Canada version I've been hooked from the beginning. And as to the routine I left the chat to watch - it's the one further down. And :-) not everyone loves a tortured hero so for those who don't, this just might not be their cuppa.

Taja: Katie figured that one would make a lot of people laugh. And the chats are fun to do. We've picked out the next book to do - so now it's a matter of finding time to 'chat'

AL - one's eyes do tend to go to one certain place don't they? And it's not to the cheap pair of boots - which make me think it's a fake. What self respecting pirate - or privateer would wear that kind of boots I ask you?

Kristie (J) said...

Jessica: *Shrieking with laughter!!!!* See - I did not catch that. I ran the chat through that damn spell checker and that's the word it picked. I have no idea what it really means and it's certainly not the word I wanted to use.

And huh - I just tried using the thesaurus and it didn't have it there!! I obviously flunked spelling 101 *g*

But - if you ever do find yourself using it in a sentence you have to tell me how and what it means!! *still laughing like a loon*

Bridget Locke said...

LOL...haven't even read your entry yet. Was drawn to the EXTREMELY well-hung, hanging-to-the-left pirate-type guy in the last picture. Um...yikes? LOL!

Anonymous said...

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