Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TBR Challenge - September

So TBR day snuck on me this month. I was chatting with Kate last night and she asked if I was going to do a TBR review and I said I didn’t think so – I hadn’t read a book for it yet. But even as I was answering her, I was becoming disappointed in myself. Keishon challenged us and I hated like hell to miss out on a challenge. I’ve made it every month so far and I fail often enough when I challenge myself to do housework. I simply couldn’t fail a reading challenge

So I got thinking. If I chose a smaller book to read – a Harlequin – and read it at work during breaks and lunch – that would give me an hour and a half. If I came straight home and read while I ate dinner, if I skipped So You Think You Can Dance – Canada; it’s only the tryouts anyway, I just might get one read.

I mean I’ve been know to read a book and a half in one day. I don’t seem to do it as often as I used to. The internet and blogging are a big distraction. But – if I stayed off the ‘puter, I just might get a book read and a review written.

I’m at work now – I read during morning break and all during my lunch and I’m almost halfway done. Only time will tell if I am successful in completing this challenge.

***** ~~~~~ *****

OK - Time Told! I did indeed get a book read for this month's TBR challenge. I was a bit late for work trying to choose the book, but I made it only 2 minutes late.

I have tons of Harlequins that I haven't managed to get around to reading yet. I don't know why - I quite enjoy them and they are nice and quick to read. I read this one in a day.

Private Eye by Jayne Ann Krentz

Published: 1992

Published by: Harlequin Temptation

Amazon Blurb:

P.I. Josh January is no hero, but he'll fake it for Maggie Gladstone. His last case almost killed him, and she's offering a much-needed vacation in return for investigating strange goings-on at her inn. The job should be a cinch. Seducing Maggie -- a bonus. But when the accidents turn deadly serious, playing the hero could cost Josh a very high price . . .

My Thoughts: I really, really enjoyed this one. I've read A LOT of her books although not so many lately - not quite sure why - but she has a shelf of her own in my library.

I love the way she writes a hero. She somehow manages to make him alpha but not too alpha. Josh January was like this. After being injured in his latest case, his partner talked him into taking what they both thought would be a fluff case. While the money wasn't that good, it included a month long stay at Peregrine Manor, an older, yet charming hotel run by Maggie Gladstone. Sparks fly between the two of them right away. Ms. Krentz can write good sparks! Josh thinks the case he's taken, a series of disasters that happen in the hotel and cause Maggie to shut it down for a while, won't interfere with his real agenda - writing that books he's always wanted to and getting some R&R after getting pretty burned out. He soon discovers though that there is more going on than he first thought. He's a good hero, kinda rough, and gruff, but inside a real nice guy.

Maggie, the heroine, is also charming. She's a bit of an innocent, yet nevertheless manages to stand up to tough guy Josh. The banter between them is humerous and kept me smiling.

One of the things I've always appreciated about this authors books is her sense of family - even if they aren't related - and this one is no exception. Also living in the hotel are three ecentric older charmers, the Colonel, who is working on making water a viable way to run cars, Odessa, an attractive older widow and Shirley, a gangster's moll. All thee add to the charm of this litte book.

A couple of other things did get me chuckling though. As this book was originally published in 1992, it's a bit dated. At one point Maggie, acting as bell boy, struggles to lift the big computer housed in a metal case up to Josh's room. And in another scene, she is described as wearing 'a black silk jumpsuit'. I don't think we see many of those in this year of 2008.

But this was another success - this month's book - I really enjoyed it! And shallow me - I even liked the cover. I don't know if it will be bigger if you click on the cover - I scanned it so I think it might. I think that Zina Nota Warrior Princess Cat snacked on it a bit.

Grade: 4.5 out of 5

I just wish they still published the Temptation line *sigh*


Anonymous said...

While I was reading your post, I was nodding along because that's exactly what I do. Grab for a smaller book to finish in record time (if it's good, tho). JAK is a good choice and one that I would have went with, too, if pushed.

Glad to see you made it, KristieJ. I plan to have mine up for next month. No excuses unless another Hurricane comes through (knock on wood, table, chair..)

Keishon :-)

Kristie (J) said...

Keishon: *g* I took 3 with me to work - good thing I have a big purse and it was a bit of a tough choice which one to go with - the Krentz book, Marriage Material by Ruth Wind or The Return of the Black Sheep by Patricia Ryan - all authors I've enjoyed in the past. But I went with JAK cause I was more sure that I would like it - being more familiar with her books then the other two - and (lol) I was on a time limit.
And judging by how much I like Private Eye - I made the right choice.

Anonymous said...

I probably shouldn't admit this here - she has her own shelf, after all :) - but I have never read a book written by Krentz (or her pseudonyms). I always thought that I should, but I'm too intimidated by the number of books! Where to start, and what if it turns out that I like her style? Uhm, I would need a lot of money, I think. ;)

But I like reading about this challenge. It's always interesting to see which books get chosen.

KT Grant said...

I love the good guy hero :D
But that is some cover though. Love the jean shirt!

Christine said...

Good for you, Kristie! Sticking to your challenge and getting this book read and reviewed with time to spare! The bonus being that you really enjoyed this book, too! =)

Rosie said...

I smiled when I saw the book cover and then sighed because I loved the Temptation line too. So good. Blaze has never really taken it's place for me.

Kristie (J) said...

Rosie: Blaze isn't quite the Temptation line is it? While I've liked some Blaze books - they seem to put more emphasis on the sex side of it then the relationship side don't they? And *g* glad you liked the cover too.

Christine: It was a close thing - and I did miss DWTS - but for my own personal satisfaction it was worth it *g*. I'm already searching around for next months' so as not to get caught with my pants down - so to speak.

Katie: LOL - but I LIKE the cover.

Taja: It can be scary when you see an author with such a huge back list can't it? I'd say if you are interested in trying her, visit a UBS and getting one of her older books. They really are good and I have quite a few of her books. I think she comes in second only to Nora Roberts in my book collection.