Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TBR Day - My Pick

Keishon's TBR Reading Challenge for April

Book: Ravyn's Flight

Author: Patti O'Shea

Published: 2002

Publisher: Love Spell

Blurb: Alone on a strange planet. Their teammates murdered by an unknown enemy. Help weeks away. Could there be a worse time to fall in love?

Ravyn Verdier was the communications specialist on a mission to test the habitability of Jarved Nine. Damon Brody was the commander who rescued her when the rest of her team is mysteriously killed. Trapped on a planet that harbored an unimaginable evil, they must depend on one another, trust each other implicitly.
An abandoned city held the key to their survival, but what they found behind its ancient walls defied all their preconceived notions, tested the very limits of the bond that had formed between them. To succeed, they would have to cast aside their doubts and listen to their hearts. For only when they were linked body and soul—when they realized love was their greatest weapon—would they be able to defeat the monstrous force bent on destroying all life.

I've had this one in the TBR pile for a little while now. I got it from a friend, good thing as it never made the shelves here - in fact it's not even listed on Chapters web site. Not long after though, it seemed to disappear. In the meantime I bought the sequel, Eternal Nights but didn't want to read it until I'd read RF - but it had gone missing. Between the two I had read The Power of Two in the 2076 Series and really enjoyed it. So she was an author on my 'look for' list.
I found Ravyn's Flight just a month or so again thus proving my theory about not looking for something and it will eventually show up.
After flitting around from TBR book to TBR book trying to choose and having nothing grab me, I finally settled on this book.
Good choice.
I really got into this one and enjoyed it quite a bit. I love Futuristics - or Sci Fi Romance as they seem to be called these days and this was no exception.
It started out with a bang when our heroine Ravyn was the only survivor of a viscious attack on the exploration team on an earth like planet. A Special Ops team came to her rescue only to have every one of the team killed just like the exploration team with the lone excpetion of their leader Damon Brody.
The run for safety by our hero/heroine was suspenseful and well done. And their attraction to each other crackled. There is also a very good secondary love story between Ravyn's brother and her best friend who are on their way to rescue the two lone survivors.
I thought the character development quite well done and I know there are some readers who don't really like this angle, but their was almost a soul mate feeling to the two of them. Since I like that angle, it was right up my alley.
I'll be looking forward to reading Eternal Nights now as well as catching up on the other books she's written.

Grade: 4 out of 5


KT Grant said...

I like when you are reading a book such as this and come to the conclusion that the hero and heroine are soul mates. Very nice ;)

Jill D. said...

Oooooh, this sounds really interesting. I am into futurisic stories right now. I wonder if I can find this. I like this TBR challenge everyone is participating in; lot's of good recommendations to be had!

Sarai said...

This sounds good I might have to run to the store tonight...
Or I could do the smart thing and request it from the library. I guess.
Glad to see great company in the TBR challenge!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved and still love this book. To me, it read as very refreshing and unique when I picked it up. I would still pick this one back up and reread it today.

nath said...

I love Patti O'Shea and this book... it's not my favorite, but it's a great one! I'm happy to hear that you enjoy and like this one :D

Unknown said...

This does sound good. Thanks KristieJ ;-)

Misty G said...

I read this a few years back when it first came out. The only reason why I remember it now is that there was a little uproar between her fans and some posters there over something silly. It was a pretty good book from what I recall.

By the way, Robinhood season premier is coming up soon!

Phyl said...

This sounds interesting. I hadn't heard of Patti O'Shea before. I'll have to look for her books.

ReneeW said...

This sounds good. I love Futuristic SF. I read a paranormal by O'Shea a while back and couldn't get into it but this one sounds just my speed. I love this TBR Day thing too. I ended up reading quite a few from my TBR this month.

Kristie (J) said...

Renee: it is fun seeing what everyone is reading isn't it? I love that Keishon came up with this idea! And I think you'd like this one too.

Phy: I've read two of her books now and have two more in the TBR pile that I'm looking forward to get into.

Misty *sob* We don't get BBC America here so I'm SOL unless I buy them. And since I *ahen* haven't finished watching Season I, that's a bit down the road. And I don't remember anything contraversial (damn - how does one spell that word this early in the morning?) about it. But I do vaguely remember some reviews about part being better than the other part - but I enjoyed the whole thing - well with a few minor quibbles.

Avid Reader: Than YOU for coming up with this great idea! I'm two for two so far in enjoying books from the TBR pile

Nath: Which one of hers did you enjoy? Hopefully I have them *g*

Kmont: Hey there! And Welcome! This is a good book isn't it? The only quibbles I have were the scenes where all four of them worked together - a weeeee bit to all for one and one for all for me. And I wish she hadn't held out quite so long on Brody. And I would have liked to know a bit more about the monster, but I loved the love story between Rayvn and Brody and the secondary one - and since I'm all about the romance - on that scale I would have given it a 5.

Sarai: LOL - I know that feeling of having to go out and get a book immediately too!! And more often than not I indulge myself - thus the huge TBR pile I don't know if I'll ever get through. And it is nice to have so many playing isn't it?

Jill: I've loved Futuristics for years and can give you some great titles if you are interested *g* thus expanding YOUR TBR pile.

Katie: I've always loved soul mate type stories - since I believe I found mine in real life.