Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday morning feature

OK – Last night’s Lost. I confess to not really enjoying it. They are turning loveable Charlie into someone we don’t know. And does anyone think he still is using even though he keeps denying it – or is he really having visions. And me? I still think he has a stash somewhere else. And what about Locke getting violent? That was unexpected.
Hurley is adorable isn’t he?
Jack and Anna Lucia?
The plus part of the show though was sigh Kate and Sawyer. He was looking might fine. But when, oh when are we going to have another Sawyer back story? Oh wait. I know – sometime in February.

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Tara Marie said...

Huge let down last night. It was sad seeing his flashbacks. He seems to becoming more and more lost. Maybe he's the biggest lost soul on the island.

Since I didn't see any of last season I find Locke to be a huge enigma, even though we did see some of his back story this season. Maybe because I didn't see last season, I'm always thinking "What's he up to?? And why do they trust him??"

Kristie (J) said...

Tara: even having watched it all last year, Locke is still a great enigma. If you get a chance, you should rent the first season DVD (or buy it and watch The Kiss over and over and over again) Did you know for example that Locke was in a wheelchair when he got on the plane? We don't know why though.
And Charlie is really becoming a lost soul isn't he. Redemption will take a while with him first I think.
And in a bit of gossip that I don't know if it's true or not - I read somewhere that he and Evangeline Lilly (Kate) are now engaged.

Anonymous said...

I could hardly stand to watch the downward spiral they took Charlie last night. I find it hard to accept that no one on the island can forgive him for keeping that stash. If he were a user, I would think he'd have used it all up. I actually watched some of it with the sound off while reading. I began to think that there are so many things unrealistic about the show such as Hurley not losing any weight. I love his character but he would have lost some weight by now living on fish and mangoes. Also, they should all have suntans by now. They could at least put fake tans on these people. They don't all sit under umbrellas all day. That's what I get for watching with the sound off.

I wonder if Charlie will be the next to go. They have all turned against him and he is basically alone. What a drastic turnaround that was. xina

Kristie (J) said...

Xina: I think what made everyone turn against him was that he endangered the baby. If it was just himself he was hurting, they probably would have been more forgiving. And someone last season (probably Sawyer *grin*) asked Hurley why he wasn't losing any weight. And I read on one of those analysis shows (that drive me crazy so I very rarely visit them) that they didn't have plans to get rid of anyone else on the island - which is good. I get too attached to these characters.

Tara Marie said...

You know, I really should rent the DVD. I think one of my BILs may have it.

I did know Locke had been in a wheelchair and that's another reason not to totally trust him.

Real life? Charlie and Kate?? Did I understand that correctly?

Like Xina, I was wondering about Hurley's weight last night too. I guess that's because I wasn't fully engaged in the story and now that she mentioned it, what gives with no tans?

And, is Sun really going to be dragged off next episode or was that someone elses dream??

CindyS said...

Grrr! No previews of next week for me! I'll have to go to the site and see if I can see them.

I knew Charlie was going to be a mess this season because of the end of season one. I just feel horribly bad for him. He was meant to save his family and obviously couldn't. I think he has been looking for someone to love him and be his family for just himself. Seeing ? turn against him was heart breaking.

From last season we know that ?? baby would have been a horrible person if not raised by her. (remember the psychic guy who told her it was okay for her to get on the flight - because he knew it would crash and she would have to raise the baby) So, I think Charlie really was having visions of Aaron in danger and obviously it is his soul that is in danger. I thought it was funny when he said, Kate can see a bloody horse and I'm the one using drugs?

Notice that Jack always comes to those who are outsiders. Jack was there for Charlie. Maybe Charlie is supposed to be the Sawyer character this year.

What was with Hurley asking the woman if they had met before? Makes me wonder if she was a porn star - I know, Bad Cindy. Most of the people left are those who have done bad things in the real world. That said, I'm not sure Sun ever did anything wrong. Her husband did but it was only bad decisions.

Compared to those who have killed (Sawyer, Kate, Ana Lucia, Mr Ecko) they are saints. Course, I don't think Hurley has ever hurt anyone either.

Yeah, I've noticed the weight thing with Hurley too but I keep telling myself they have only been on the island for 50 days. Maybe they'll address it and maybe they'll leave it alone.

Oh, and why did Locke keep the last statues? Why didn't he destroy them? Color me confused.
I thought it was sweet when mom asked if her and her baby wouldn't end up in the same place so Mr. Ecko baptised them both.

CindyS - resident blog stealer on Thursdays ;)

Kristie (J) said...

Yup! In real life Kate & Charlie have been a couple since somewhere around the middle of last season although they've kept it low key. - if one believes in gossip shows/magazines. And let's face it, in real life most of the others are taken Jack, Sawyer, Sayiid.

CindyS said...

Nuts. I forgot to tell Tara Marie that I love Locke. You really have to see the first season to understand him. He believes he has a link to the island. That they all do and he is right. The island is where he became exactly who he was meant to be.


Anonymous said...

Kristie, Yes, I remember Sawyer asking Hurley that question. Was waiting for the answer but they were distracted by something else.
As for the suntans..I saw Kate (can't remember her real name) on Ellen or Jay Leno..somewhere, and she laughed about how they all slather on sunscreen all day in Hawaii and that it was very unrealistic. What about spray on tans?? Spray on sunburns?
And now that you mention it I did read that about Charlie and Kate in real life. They do make a really cute couple.
I thought Echo's story was really great last week. Loved that show.
As for watching without the sound..I just couldn't watch while Charlie did all those things but did read a lot of ALL NIGHT LONG by Krentz. Good book BTW!
Why did Locke keep the statues? You'd think he'd destroy them. I never know what to think of him. He is a puzzle to me. xina

Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: Don't you just HATE that we get the previews cut off?!?! I switched it over last night and luckily caught them on the American station. My sister who stayed with us due to bad weather was a bit annoyed she missed the first part of CSI New York but hey Lost comes above all else in our household. I did notice though that they said in future episodes rather than next week. Don't know if that means we will miss a week or not.
And to Cindy & Xina (I was thinking about you by the way when Ron named our kitten BTW *grin*) I didn't notice until you mentioned it that Locke didn't destroy the statues hmmmmmm. And I loved the story on Echo too. What a redemption he had - from war lord to man of God. And how bizarre that both he and his brother both had the airplanes crash on the same island. Proves that the island is more than just an island doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I thought the episode was kind of bland. I've never been all that interested in Charlie and I'm disappointed that all the interesting developments from last week were ignored. I did love the scene with Claire and Mr. Eko. Really touching.

I think I read in an interview with the actor that plays Hurley that he lost 30 pounds over the summer. I think that's a reasonable amount of weight to loose in the time they are suppose to have been on the island. The weight loss isn't noticable but it would be a huge continuity problem if the actor dropped 100 pounds.

Misty G said...

I don't think that Charlie is using again. Every time someone has a vision, it usually is around the same time they have stress or have something unresolved to fix.

Jack had visions of his dad on the Island (he has unresolved issues with his dad and his ex wife), and at that time he was going without sleep.

Shannon had visions of Walt. (She has unresolved issues with Boone and her dead father and her step mother). She wasn't getting much sleep, and she was starting grow desperate in her search for Walt.

Kate was seeing things during her time with Sawyer when he was sick.

Now Charlie with his unresolved family issue, and maybe even Michael with the whole computer thing.

Maybe it's a stress/sleep thing. Whatever it is, I think something on the island causes it. With Walt being "special" and pretty much everything he sees appearing in real life (like the polar bear from last season) maybe that has something to do with it.

Kristie (J) said...

Misty - good points!!!!! That makes a lot of sense.

And Dana - good point about Hurley too. They haven't really been on the island all that long really and it would take time to notice any significant weight loss.

Anonymous said...

Late to the party...

Did you catch any of the SAG awards last night? Terry O'Quinn's acceptance "speech" for the group was extremely funny.

Kristie (J) said...

No - rats I missed that. I generally tend to avoid award shows but I wished I seen that (and the People's Choice award)