Friday, April 29, 2005

The soothing power of the comfort read

After Tuesday nights upset with Cable Guy and having no internet or cable for the evening I really needed to do something else because I really didn’t want to watch a movie. I did what came naturally. I read a book. But I had a dilemma. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to start a new book from my rather large TBR pile I’ve done that before, started to read a new book when I’m not in the mood, and the book has suffered for it. It might be a very good book, but I’m in the mood for something familiar, something comforting. So Tuesday, after I failed to convince Cable Guy to send someone out that night, I reached for a book that has soothed me in the past. Wild at Heart by Patricia Gaffney. It never fails to make me feel good. For those who have never read it, the hero Michael MacNeil was in a boating accident when he was young and visiting Ontario with his aunt and uncle. The boat sunk, killing his aunt and uncle and leaving him virtually alone in the wilderness. With the help of the wolves, he manages to raise himself. He is found many years later and has lost much of his “self”. When he is found, he is sent to Professor Winters who does experiments on our poor hero thinking he is a “lost” man. Eventually though, the professor loses interest in Michael and it is up to Professor Winters children to teach Michael the ways of the world. The heroine, daughter Sydney, a young widow is attracted to Michael despite his wildness because of his innocence. It’s a wonderful love story. I started reading it and it calmed me down.

Comfort reads are a great thing. I have a number of different ones and that one just fit the bill. So how about anyone else? What are your comfort reads and do they help when you need them? I know mine do.

And are there times when you just know the time isn’t right to be starting a new book?


Anonymous said...

I love Patricia Gaffney but I've never read this one, I am going to have to look for it!

Bev (BB) said...

Almost any of Garwood's historicals can work as comfort reads for me but two I usually turn to first are The Bride and Honor's Splendor.

Lately, I've also gotten very attached to rereading The Captain's Woman by Merline Lovelace when I'm in need of something soothing.

Misty G said...

Panelope Williamson's Once In A Blue Moon is my comfort read. Or Lisa Kleypas oldies. I also like to read older Katherine Sutcliffe.

You know, I haven't had any direct tv in about two weeks and I've noticed my book buying has gone way up from usual. I'm wondering now if it's a direct And here I thought I was being healthy not watching so much tv. I wondered why I didn't have as much money in the bank that I usually do.

Anonymous said...

One of my comfort reads is Katherine by Anya Seton or if I am in the mood for something shorter, it would be one of LaVyrle Spencer's older books, such as Separate Beds, Sweet Memories or Years.

Anonymous said...

Betty Neels are always comfort reads. I especially love her Christmas themed ones.