Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jack came Back and Day 2 highlights

The day started off early considering I'm on 'vacation'. There was a breakast this morning sponsored by RT. The breakfast wasn't much - but that was OK. There were a number of tributes to Kate Duffy. By far the most touching was given by Jacquelyn Frank about how Kate Duffy changed her life.

After that, while everyone else headed on to different workshops, I took a bit of a break. I met my roomies and a few others, including CJ for lunch. I also ran into Lisabea at the elevator. She and CJ are staying on the same floor. After that some of us headed for a workshop put on by a few UF authors including Sylvia Day, Keri Arthur and Jeaniene Frost.

After that we split up and I headed for a workshop on historicals set in different settings and locations. Following that was a fun time hosted by several SciFi/Futuristic authors.

And finally we returned to our rooms. Whereup I discovered I had lost yet another electronic device - my camera. Yep - I looked everywhere and it was nowhere to be found. So far I was up to a cell phone, Jack, the GPS and my camera. I was NOT a happy camper. This short term memory loss is not getting better!

After battling hard not to lose my temper and throw a fit in front of others, I headed downstairs and asked at the check in desk if anyone had turned in a camera and wonder of wonders, they had. Thank you to whoever it was. Nath and I headed out to Borders for a book run. Yes, in the middle of a book conference, Nath wanted to check out a bookstore. She had a reason though - a 30% off coupon that expired today and as there are no Borders in Canada, this would be the only time she could use it. Considering the fact that books are $2 or more cheaper here than in Canada, and she had a heck of a good coupon, it made sense to me. I congratulated Little Grasshoper that she was wonderful at justifying.

And best of all, when we got in the car, she found Jack!! Somehow in his attempt to get away from me, he only made it underneath the passenger side in the front of the car.

After all those workshops, losing and finding my camera and Jack coming back, I'm ready to call it a day. Plus, I'm up at Readers Gab tomorrow!


Kim in Hawaii said...

Oh, Kristi, that was just a teaser! Tell us more about the workshops; authors standing in line for the elevator; the cover models seeking readers' votes!

Leslie said...

Nath has an amazing ability to justify any book purchase. LOL

It sounds like you are having a great time. Thanks for posting the updates. :)

Natalie said... great to meet different authors during a convention. Must be fun. I'm jelous.

Bev(QB) said...

Holy Possessed Possessions, Batgirl! That is some freaky relationship you've got going on with your electronic friends.

I can't believe you two went book shopping when most people get buried in free books at RT. Make sure you visit the freebie room every day. And take time to go into Club RT and sign up for the giveaways. Then don't forget to check back to see if you won!

And take lots and lots of peektures for us, okay?

Hilcia said...

Hah! It's a good thing Nath talked you into going to Borders, now you don't have to worry about Jack. LOL!

Sounds like a great time KristieJ. Did you take pictures after you found your camera?

Lusty Reader said...

sounds like you're having a blast, glad your jack came back, thanks for the updates! and there is NEVER a bad time to visit a bookstore ;)

Carolyn Crane said...

So great to meet you finally!!! Hope you guys had fun at the bookstore and dinner.

orannia said...

I'm so glad that Jack & the camera decided not to stay lost!

And you sound so organized WRT workshops, etc. I wouldn't know where to go first!

nath said...

Funny thing is that Jack didn't seem to be really hiding... but oh well, we all have our blind moments LOL :)

I'm glad we went to Borders that night, because it really cheered me up :D So big thank you to you, Kristie!!