Friday, April 09, 2010

I'm not above some cheating

Now normally I like to think of myself as a very honest kind of person. I found someone's purse in Wendy's not long ago - just left there - and I turned it in.

I feel kind of guilty when I unfold a paper clip at work, knowing I won't use it to clip papers, because the inside of my ear gets itchy at work and there are no Q-tips around - yes, I know it's a stupid thing to do - I'm a jumper when people come up behind me, but if my inner ear gets to itchy and my finger is too big - what's a person to do.

I've never brought a pen home from work - even though I collect pens. Of course we will ignore the fact that they buy the cheapest pens anywhere - pens that are lucky to last a week.

When McDonald's had free coffee for the first half of March, I always bought something else I didn't really want because I just didn't like driving right past the pay window - without paying anything - even though I stop there every day on my way to work.

But this is WAR damn it and all gloves are off!! I'm bring out the big guns. I'm trailing badly in the Battle of the Mullets so I need something to get me some votes.

So with that in mind - here is yet another Mullet wearing Canadian - courtesy of Susanna

This is KEIFER people - Jack Bower himself. This picture is from The Lost Boys - where he plays A Vampire, A Sexy, Hawt Vampire.

And because when one decides to cheat, might as well go big......

And thanks to Mari for this clip - A SKATING, DANCING, MULLETED Kurt Browning

Singin' in the rain - Kurt Browning (Singing in the rain)
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Anna said...

Oh yeah Keifer totally rocked the mullet.

Kristie (J) said...

Anna: ROTFL - does this mean I can count on your vote??

Maisey said...

Um...did you not see the Haole mullet? The sheer, magnificent glory of DOG THE FREAKIN BOUNTY HUNTER? Canuck fail.

You're just mad because we have the corner market on white trash.

Kristie (J) said...

But, but, but Maisey - It's KEIFER!!! Do you know how hot he is - even as JACK BOWER??? And he's a Canadian 'cause his dad DONALD - Donald of the original M.A.S.H. movie was born in the Great White North.

Anna said...

Yep LOL1

ReneeW said...

I have to agree with Aimee's post about Dog the Bounty Hunter - that is NOT a true mullet ... must be short on the sides to be a mullet. It looks like sissy girly hair to me :)

And Keifer's pretty H.O.T.

Canuck win!

Kim in Hawaii said...

Maisey wrote, “Um...did you not see the Haole mullet? The sheer, magnificent glory of DOG THE FREAKIN BOUNTY HUNTER? Canuck fail. You're just mad because we have the corner market on white trash.” Yes, the US has cornered the market on white trash.

”Haole” caught my attention, as it is a Hawaiian word for foreigners. It can also be a derogatory word for white Americans who do not respect local culture. Yes, Dog the Bounty Hunter would be called Haole for the latter reason.

Here’s a timely joke about Haoles from

What's a haole's idea of open-mindedness?

Dating a Canadian.

Maisey said...

Okay, Keifer is a win, I give you that. But I think the dog cut is a mullet. I think the top tends to be short, which I believe counts. I give you lyrics from the FIF song 'phantom mullet' to back me up on this: Cuttin' it short on top, I want that for me, growin' it long in the back, so savage and so free.'

orannia said...

The Keifer mullet is....WOW!

Kim in Hawaii said...

This friendly competition has brought back great memories of when I worked with the Canadian military at a NATO base. I just posted an example of Canadians' competitiveness on Smart Bitches. But would like to share another experience during the same deployment. I was one of two females from the "computer support" to accompany the flying squadron to Greece. Thus, I received a lot of attention from a German Major who spent his off duty time in a Speedo. The Canadian NCOs saved me numerous times from his lecherous intentions. I still cringe at the thought of his Speedo.

The Canadians have long been our allies, and Kiefer's mullet says it all, so I have voted for the Maple Leaves!

Kristie (J) said...

Ana: *curtsy* Thank you - as you can see I'm lagging far behind.

Renee: Now see - as much as I hate to 'give' one to the challenger, whenever I think mullet, Dog does come to mind :-)
But *chuckle* whether it is a true mullet or not, Keiffer is ever so much better.

Kim: One of the things I'm proudest of for being a Canadian, is our sense of humour (and that's humour with a U). I think we have the best ability to laugh at life and at ourselves. So while it looks like I'll be 'wearin' the mullet - I shall be laughing (and cringing) whilst doing so :-)

Maisey: as I said to Renee - I always thought it a mullet too - but an 80's vampire mullet SO beats it, it's a win either way.

Orannia: It almost makes one kind of sort of - in a guilty way - maybe might wish to see more like that doesn't it?

Kim: And again - another curtsy - except I never wear dresses so a bow would probably be better since I don't have the skirts to hold out to the sides. And if I were too curtsy, I would probably tip over sideways.

Sally Jo said...

As a Keifer fan (especially Jack who technically did have something of a mullet when he got back from China), this red-blooded American will have to be voting for the red maple leaf lady. Dang, this is a DIRTY fight!! said...

Have to agree - the Dog does not have a true mullet. *shakes head*

Had to vote with Kiefer - and lovely Elvis. You can't go wrong with an Elvis!!

Carolyn said...

Whoops - I think I did that wrong. Sorry y'all ... *blush*

RebeccaJ said...

Sigh. No one cares about David Spade's gawd awful mullet in Joe Dirt?!

Rae C. said...

Everyone seems to have forgotten the great Michael Bolton Mullet!

Laurie M. Rauch said...

Wasn't Canuck Corey Haim also sporting a tiny mullet in Lost Boys? *grin*

And go Team Canada! :D

Anonymous said...

That Kurt Browning mullet is the knockout punch in this competition. there is no getting up off the mat after experiencing that.

Lisa Kessler said...

Keifer did pull off an incredible mullet... *swoon*

Lisa :)