Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Day Highlights

Well - I made it. It took a bit longer than I figured it would. The trip across the border was a bit slow. I had to chuckle - I think the customs guy checked very closely in every other car. Thankfully, the car ahead of me was the one he checked. He looked in their back seat, had them open the trunk, took a bag of apples. When it was my time, he asked me where I was headed and I answered Columbus Ohio. When he asked what for, now that I'm totally out about my reading, I rather proudly anwered 'a romance lovers convention!'
But I don't think he heard the first word, looked at me sceptically and said 'Lover's convention?!?!?!?'
At which point I said romance BOOK lovers. He let me across.

Highways in Michigan are nasty. Real nasty. I could have sworn by the sounds that one of my tires was flat and was freaking out for quite some time. Add to the fact that I got somewhat "twisted" shall we say, going through Detroit. I swear Garmin Guy Jack said left, but apparently he said right. A few times. Until I thought to look at the GPS and follow it rather than listen to 'Jack".
So here I am, twisted in Detroit, with what I was sure was a flat tire and then I hit Ohio and the difference in the highways was like night and day.

The rest of the trip went fine - that is until I got to the hotel. Somehow "Jack" and I were on different wave lengths and rather than 'recalculating', he let me drive way out of my way. I finally pulled over when I saw empty store fronts and insect killing stores - figured the hotel wasn't in that neck of the woods. When I turned 'Jack' off and back on, he got with the program and directed me to the hotel.

Unfortunately 'Jack' seems to be missing. I was so glad to finally get to the hotel, I can't remember if I took him out of his little holder on the dashboard. Later on I had got myself so disorganized, I thought I'd better look for 'Jack'. He wasn't in my purse, he wasn't in my luggage, I can't find him anywhere. I decided to go for valet parking and even had them bring my car back so I could look in it again, but no 'Jack'. I didn't look to hard in the back seat though. Maybe he's hiding in the same place as my wallet hid from me a few weeks ago. I figure I'll look again on Friday - I don't want to have them keep bringing my car back to look.

And I can't find my cell phone either. I know I took it out of my purse this morning after letting it charge all last night. I wanted to leave my cell phone on the list I left for Brent and I'm betting I left it on the kitchen counter - I had to look up my number as I've no idea what it is.

Either that or Cell Phone and Jack have both decided to bail on me and produce little baby electronic gadgets that will make my life a living hell.

Jill is great. Again that instant rapport that all romance book lovers share. And it's great seeing Nath again. We went out for dinner with a few other romance readers and author Delilah Marville. It was a great dinner with great conversation.

The last interesting thing that happened is oddly enough, there is also another convention going on here at the hotel, of funeral directors of all things - what a fascinating mix. A bunch of us were sitting around in the bar and someone asked if anyone had a cigarette to give this guy. I turned around and this really cute guy was standing there. I could have sworn he was one of the models - but nope, he was funeral director. Who'd have thought!!

Anyway, it's late, I'm tired and I'm worried about missing 'Jack'. I don't how I'm going to get home without him. I'll probably end up driving in circles for a few hours in Detroit!!


CindyS said...

Hopefully Jack is just hiding out after that mess up he made driving you out upon yonder. I'm so glad they didn't hold you up at the border after announcing you were on your way to a romance lover's convention. I'm thinking that way different that a BOOK lover's convention ;)

Say Hi to Nath for me!!

Have a great time

Kim in Hawaii said...

I'm sure the funeral directors will add some mayhem to the mix. Each year, "something" dramatic happens at RT ... so let us know what happens this year!

Wendy said...

Did you throw Jack in your glove box?

Yeah, I didn't think to even warn you about the Michigan highways. They've always sucked - even back before the state was TOTALLY broke. When I was in college (gah - too many years ago to announce) and I would drive home from Buffalo, I always "knew" I was back in Michigan not by the giant "Welcome to Michigan" sign but because the condition of the highways.

Leslie said...

I'm sure Jack will turn up and the drive home should be easier since you know what to expect.

I do hope you find your cell phone quickly - I'd be lost w/o mine.

Thanks for keeping us posted!

azteclady said...

I'm more concerned about the missing cell phone myself--here's crossing fingers that it turns up near you soonest!

orannia said...

Am so glad you found Jack in the end. Did you find your cell phone?

Kristie (J) said...

Orannia - I did!! As I figured, it was on the kitchen counter - all nice and charged and totally useless when I was in Columbus and it was here at home.

nath said...

Ohhhh, by the way, was your cellphone at home?!?