Monday, April 12, 2010

The people have spoken

And despite my cheating last minute try, it will be ME awearin' the mullet wig, and the wife beater, and the plaid shirt.

I gave it my best with my spandex and my shiny and my hot Keiffer vampire, but good old Achy Breaky himself, Billy Ray with large dose of McGuyver, did me in. I'm about to send Sarah my conceding email - yes, the US has the best mullets.
So look for Sarah and me in Columbus and Nashville were I will be wearing this
I wonder what some mouse and hair spray might accomplish..........


Blodeuedd said...

Haha, have fun ;)

Nancy said...

Hey Kris,

I think you want mousse in your hair, not a mouse. Unless of course you want a rodent as a decoration for your lovely outfit.
PS I voted for the American mullet. They were just so much uglier. Sorry.
Sister Nance

nath said...

Awww, poor you, Kristie. LOL, look on the bright side - you can dress up for the parties and you don't even have to look for the costumes :D

Lori said...

I voted for you but Sarah just has a large army of bitchery.

You do promise to post pics, yes?

Leslie said...

Who knows, maybe you'll start a fashion trend, bring back the mullet. LOL

*nath - be sure to take lots of pictures at RT*

Marianne McA said...

You were robbed!

I just think the shiny skater mulleteer wins hands down.

Kristie (J) said...

Blodeuedd: I can only hope that the mullet wig isn't too itchy since it looks like I'll be wearing it - twice.

Na-ance!!! You voted against your own sister!!!! And I had FIGURE SKATERS Nance - FIGURE SKATERS!!!! And you still voted against me??? You just want to use this as a chance to make fun of me don't you? I know how you and Lisa love doing that to your older sis.

Nath: *laughing* Somehow dressing up in a mullet wig isn't quite what they had in mind I think. Maybe I can wear wings and go as King of the Mullet Elves or something.

Lori: *g* I can't promise I'll post pics here - but somehow I'm thinking pics WILL be posted. I can only hope they won't be used as blackmail against me.

Leslie: Oh lordy I hope not! Not real mullets anyway. Wile I'm a fan of longer hair on men - it's with any style BUT a mullet!

Marianne McA: I think so too!! I had shiny. I had Spandex. I had KEIFFER. And yet - still I lost!

Wendy said...

I betrayed my own country and voted Team Canada. I figured with the sheer amount of Canadian beer I threw back in college, I'm practically a citizen. Also, I'll be honest, I didn't want that mullet in our room at RWA. I have this reaccuring nightmare that I'll wake up in the middle of night, spy it across the room, and think it's a large, very furry rat. Surely that would shave at least 10 years off my life - and I need those 10 years to get through my TBR!

Kaetrin said...

You were robbed! Sorry that my vote didn't carry you over the line Kristie.

orannia said...

Ahhh, blogger ate my comment :(

I'm sorry you didn't win Kristie...although part of me was hoping for a tie, because I don't wish the mullet wig on either you or Sarah.

I promise not to ask for photos (although I'm very tempted :)

Carolyn said...

Sorry for the loss, Kristy, but you had my vote. Elvis cinched it!!

Perhaps you could think of it as a long shag??