Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mullet Challenge - 2010

Now you may remember a post I did a few weeks ago on the subject of mullets and disagreeing with Sarah of Smart Bitches on what exactly constitutes a mullet. Pictures were included.

Not long after that Sarah emailed me asking if Canadian men wore mullets (some do.....shudder) and "challenging" me to a Mullet -off between American mullets and Canadian mullets. Never one to back down from a challenge, I picked up her gauntlet and spent time - time which I will never get back - seeking out some good Canadian mullets

Next up was how to pick a winner and loser - and what it would cost the loser. Sarah came up with a diabolical plan for the loser - truly, evilly diabolical. Since we will both be at the RT convention and the RWA conference, the loser has to buy the winner a drink at both. Now you are thinking - that doesn't sound too diabolical to me? But that was only the beginning for Smart Bitch Sarah. You see - while we are enjoying our drinks, the loser also has to wear this!!!!

Mullet Wig

I'm not sure if that includes the shirt and undershirt or not.

So with that on the line, and bleach in hand for cleaning the eyeballs later, I found some Most Excellent Canadian Mullets.

This first one is Wendel Clark - former Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Ron would be horrified to know that I put up a picture of a Leaf to be mocked and judged - but I was challenged!!

Now Wendel isn't the only captain of an NHL team to make the millieux of mullets wall of fame. Mario Lemieux, former captain and now part owner of the Pittsburg Penguins is also in this Challenge.

And here we have yet another NHL captain who dares to sport a mullet. Joe Thornton of the San Jose Sharks is yet another member of the Canadian Mullet Wearing cast. He's also a local guy so I had to include him!

And last - but not least - of our NHL wearing captains is probably the most famous hockey player in the world. Yes, even The Great One - none other than Wayne Gretzky sported this most infamous of hair styles.

And maybe the reason why some of the players wore mullets is because they looked up to their coaches so much. Barry Melrose, former coach of the Los Angeles Kings and Tampa Bay Lightning wore such a mullet that can't be beat!

And just in case you think I could only come up with hockey players, there is another kind of hero on blades who sported this style that words cannot express.

Kurt Browning was and still is, a very popular figure skater up here. Now he has almost no hair, but in his day, he too 'wore the mullet'.

Now this is one of my BEST finds! Not only is skater Elvis Stoyko wearing a mullet, he's also wearing very shiny pants and tops. I may be biased, but I think this may top anything Sarah can find!!

And finally, to round out my Mullet Wearing Canadian Guys, we have - the Wet, Greasy Mullet as seen in this picture of WWE wrestler, Brett, the Hitman Heart - wearing PINK.

So this it. This does it for my list. I've answered Sarah's Mullet Challenge - 2010. Hopefully this list will be deemed the best so I won't have to sit in a bar for 2 hours wearing a Mullet Wig and possibly a plaid lumber jack shirt.

So drop by Smart Bitches to check out her millieux of mullets collection and see who did the best and vote for the best (or worst - I'm not really sure what to call it)

Be sure to vote in the poll on the right.


orannia said...

Is is bad that while reading 'Mullet-off' the word Molotov popped into my brain? Both dangerous in the wrong hands...

Those mullets are seriously...seriously...I can't stop going back to the picture of Joe Thornton. Am off to see what Sarah has found, but I think she'll be hard pressed to beat those there photos!

Kim in Hawaii said...

I came over to your blog from Smart Bitches. Interesting assortment of mullets.

You are very brave to take on Sarah ... even if you have true mullets in the Great White North. Sarah has a huge following and I hope they give your mullets a fair shake. I look forward to seeing the winner (laughing at the wig) and the loser (wearing the wig) at RWA!

RfP said...

A truly heinous collection of mullets.

Hmm.... The US has 10 times the population of Canada. Will SB Sarah provide 10 times as many photos on her site? Would my screen even survive the viewing?

Kristie (J) said...

Kim - thanks for dropping by. I kind of think of it as a David and Goliath thing - and I'm not the Goliath - but national pride (or shame???) was at stake *huge grin*. And she's not diabolical enough to make one of us wear it just once - nope - has to be TWICE!!

Orannia: It is scary isn't it?? There's something even worse almost with a curly mullet. And I sure hope I beat her. Wearing that mullet wig - twice - for two hours - scary thought!!

Kristie (J) said...

RfP: we agreed on the same number of pics so neither of us has the advantage. I didn't count hers though *laughing*. That would mean staring at them too long.

Susanna Kearsley said...

Kristie, I just went to bat for you over at SBTB, by adding this:

Hope it helps!

Mari said...

Kristie, is the picture of Kurt Browning from his Casablanca program? If it is, you win, because you cannot beat a man with a mullet skating as Humphrey Bogart.

Also, Kurt is amazing.

The rest of them, eek! And speaking of heinous mullets, these days the Russian men have the North Americans beat!

Lynn Spencer said...

LOL! I had no idea there were so many mullet-wearing hockey players out there.

Also, love that Elvis Stojko picture.The mullet, the whole outfit, it's just great!

Kelly said...

Sorry, but I love MacGyver and he's American, so they get my vote.

Stella said...

Dude! You forgot about a true Canadian hero of the Mullet; Rowsdower!!

Elise Logan said...

Sadly, while your mullet quality is excellent, the sheer pervasiveness of the mullet in the US overwhelms the Canadian offerings. And, truly, the Billy Ray Cyrus mullet is nigh on invincible. It is an uphill battle you have joined. lol

CindyS said...

Canadian pride has me voting for the Canadian mullet - for me it's the super short top and extra long at the back. Gretzky and that coach are classic. Sarah also has two 'classic' mullets which are the top photo with a young guy with a super long mullet (dare we call it 80's hair band hair) and the worst of all and probably most famous of all Billy Ray.

Good luck!! And of course, the pictures from the bar will be awesome ;)


Anonymous said...

I love your mullets so much that no other collection could possibly win me over! -- willaful

Wendy said...

This is impossible! I mean, Canada did give us Barry Melrose (whose wardrobe is nearly as cringe-worthy as his hair!) and The Great One - but dang, we Americans have Billy Ray Cyrus ::shudder::

Seriously. How am I going to choose?

This might be the most awesome poll EVER! Because, you know, I'll be at RWA as well and will be able to point and laugh at the loser in the bar :)

Kristie (J) said...

Susanna: KEIFER!!! When I saw that pic, I sent an email to Sarah asking if we could do substitutions - he would KICK McGyver's BUTT!! I mean we are talking Jack Bowers here!

Mari: Yep - it's from his Casablanca number. It was good wasn't it? I've seen him and his ice dance team in person and they are all good.

Elise: *reluctant nod of agreement* It is indeed hard to battle against Billy Ray. I think I should be given some kind of handicap for him and his mullet.

Lynn - EXACTLY!! What goes better with a mullet than a shiny skating costume - the perfect combination. Well Brett Hart in pink is pretty good too :-)

Kelly: *g* I love MacGyver too - even in a mullet - but when it comes to the mullet - I think my Melrose Mullet trumps his 'kind of sexy in a scary way' mullet :-)

Stella: ROTFL!! I can honestly say I've never heard of Rowsdower - but he would give Dog the Bounty Hunter a run for his money wouldn't he?

Cindy: *laughing* see - that's what started this challenge. Sarah's looser definition of a mullet. And at this rate *g* I'm going to be the one paying for it.

Willaful: Why thank you!! And my eyes thank you too. Because trust me - I put them through hell.

Wendy: Well - if I were a win at any cost kind of gal, I could say remember who you'll be sleeping with at RWA. And then I'd probably say something like "I bet your a bigger sports fan then country music fan so the sports fan in you should rule" but since I'm not, I won't *g*

The Book Pimp Blogs said...

I am of course voting Canadian eh. Those American mullets got nothing on our Canadian boys!

nath said...

LOL, Kristie. The good news is a mullet wig won't look as bad on a woman as on a man. Hmmm, and LOL, perhaps you can wear it to one of the dress-up party! :D

That wrestler pic is really horrible.

Amy said...

Kristie, great contest. What fun! But both you and Sara have a picture or two that I would question the mullet-ness of. To me, to be a mullet, the long hair part can't start in front of the ears, and your wrestler looks to me like he just has long hair with bangs. But dang - the outfit makes up for it!

PS Sorry, but Billy Ray wears the bad-a$$ mullet to the bone!

Kristie (J) said...

Amy: *g* Strictly speaking, Brett Hart's hair can be questioned as to it being an 'official' mullet. But dang - I just couldn't pass up the pinkness of his bad ass wrestling trunks. And who knows - without all the grease it MIGHT be a mullet.

Nath: I may be biased, but I think most of my mullet wearing hockey players are showing excellent examples of Mullet Mania. And it's been decided - whoever wears the mullet wig also wears plaid. So OMG I hope I don't lose *ROTFL*

Judi: We won the gold medal in hockey - so I think we need to win in the Mullet contest too!!! :-)

Frannie said...

This was so hard...only national pride trumped the true awfulness of Billy Ray's mullet and got me to vote Canadian. Best of luck, Kristie, I think it will be close.

Mari said...

Kristie, since it looks like you'll lose, I must offer a consolation prize: Kurt Browning skating Gene Kelly's Singin' in the Rain performance. With what looks like a mullet!

p.s. Russian skaters still have mullets.

pbt1017 said...

Hi Kristie,
While Brett Hart does, indeed, make you a strong contender, I think that both McGyver and Hanna Montana's daddy (BillyRay Trailer) push that Smart Bitch over the top.
BTW, I bought a tankie from Victoria's Secret that looks just like BH's! LOL
Good Luck dear!
Aliza Mann

Kristie (J) said...

Frannie: I know it's tough - I'll hand it to Sarah - she pulled out some might fine mullets too, but *g* like you say - National Pride is on the line

Mari: Oh thank you!! I'm starting to cheat now so that video is helping me to cheat

Aliza: Alas - I recognize the toughness of voting against Billy - specially the silver tipped one. But I'm glad I'm a contenda *g*.