Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Hearty Welcome To

A brand new baby blogger - Monroe with a Twist. And when I say baby blogger - she just opened up her 'place' in May.

Welcome to Blogland!


Stacy~ said...

I swung by, of course. Looks like a fun new place. Just what I need, another blog to get addicted to. Thanx Kristie LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oh she has a great blog! And anyone with LK is their sidebar must rock ;)

Thanks for the link Kristie!

Cecile said...

Thanks for letting us welcome her! I went over for a cup of coffee!! I love her place, it is nice!
Hope you are having a great day!

Monroe Dawson said...

Hey guys! Thanks so much!!! :o) Come over for a cup of coffee ANYTIME! And thanks for Pimping my blog Kristie YOU ROCK!

orannia said...

Ohhh, a new blog! Thank you for the heads up Kristie! I'll be investigating :)

SarahT said...

@Monroe Hey, pretty blog! I love the header. Did you design it yourself?

Thanks, Kristie, for the heads up!

Monroe Dawson said...

Sarah T-
You mean the name? My friend Rowena helped me come up with it...actually she helped me set up the entire thing! lol Make sure you come back! :o)

Kwana said...

Welcome! Going to say hi.