Monday, May 25, 2009


I’m at work and I’m dying of boredom. They taken away most of the jobs we used to do and while they have reassured us many times that, not to worry, we will be getting lots more to replace what we’ve lost, as of right now, I’m done my work for the day and it’s not even noon!!
This is when my mind wanders. OK – it wanders all the time, but it’s even worse when I don’t have anything to keep it busy.

Has this happened to anyone often? I was reading a book, Cate Noble’s Dead Right (as opposed to Kate Noble’s Compromised – yes I have them both. I was at the store trying to figure out which one to buy since I was curious to see how different the author would treat these two different genres – one a RS and the other a historical – only to discover while entering them into the spread sheet they were two different authors) – really getting into it when I turned the page and what I was reading made no sense whatsoever. After a long huh? , I realized that 20 pages were missing!
Luckily I still have the receipt so I’m going to take it back and get another copy tonight, but still – I was on a roll! This happened at work and one good reason why I always carry two books with me!

OK – I was at work and then it got busy (thank goodness!). I did indeed stop on the way home and exchanged books and now (hopefully) I have the full book.

I opened a Twitter account tonight. I have no idea what to do with it now though. It will probably sit there doing nothing until I have enough brains back to figure out what to do. I was pretty reluctant to open one, but it seems everyone has one these days so I thought I’d go against the demographics and open one. I don’t think I fit into the demographics of ‘twittering’

I haven’t actually come out and said so on the blog – but I’m making it official – I’m going to DC, I’m going to DC – to the RWA conven - tion. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and connecting with new ones. Wendy posted a list of the authors who will be at the literacy signing and while there are a few authors I’m sad won’t be there – there are some fab ones who will be!

I’ve hired a lawn service. I’m having my first ‘cut’ tomorrow. My neighbours will be so happy!! And I won’t have to hide my head in shame when I pull out of the driveway and see the long grass. It was kind of cool how I found them. I helped a friend move on Saturday and she found this small company online to move her. When they showed up, I asked them ‘you don’t do lawns by any chance do you?’ And they said Yes! Then – pushing my luck, I asked ‘and what are the odds that you do junk removal?’

‘Good they said – they do that too!!’ Yippee I said – well I didn’t say that out loud. They were all young and attractive and one who is older doesn’t say Yippee out loud.

But I have old, old furniture in the basement and I’ve wanted to get rid of it and replace it with new stuff for a long time now. And my ‘library’ in the one room isn’t large enough anymore so I’m going to have to expand into the next room and with a huge wall unit and 2 beat up and ratty couches and 2 old chairs gone – I’ll have more room! Now I just have to have that done before I have a special guest come and stay with me in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

YAY D.C.!!! It's amost here :D Ugh, and I wish I even had one room! As of my my "library" consists of anywhere I can stuff my books, lol.

sybil said...

omg that IS you on twitter... lol I was like how in the world did kristiej get here all by herself *g*

heidenkind said...

I think you'll be addicted to twitter pretty soon... I've become addicted to it anyway. I'm there at if you want to follow.

Kristie (J) said...

Barbara: It's going to take A LOT of organizing before I actually expand. Right now I have books stuffed in every room of the house too.

Sybil: Yep, that was me. Setting up an account is one thing - but figuring out how it works I discovered is quite another!!!!!! I did the first but I'm lost in the second.

Heidenkind: Once I figure out how the whole thing works, I will add you. But it was late last night when I opened the account and the brain was only working at about 37% capacity and I was lost.

Carrie Lofty said...

Yay for DC! You'll have to come by and see me at the lit signing so I won't be lonely :)

Kristie (J) said...

Carrie: That's a fer shure!! When I saw your name, I did a little mental happy dance! And now that SYTYCD is back on the air, are we going to start that again? (she asked hopefully)

Stacy~ said...

I wavered about going to RWA this year, especially since Kati is going, but I finally decided against it. Next year for sure. I'll miss seeing you again though!

nath said...

LOL, I can help you out :) I can also relieve you of some books :P

Wendy said...

Yeah! KristieJ is on Twitter! I just followed you.

It's actually pretty easy. Just think of it as a big giant chat room where you can't say anything over 140 characters and you'll do fine.

Anonymous said...

So happy for you Kristie, and great going on finding someone to help clear out downstairs. I will help you get the new library room set up if you like. I have to come back and return your books and check out some more. I ended up buying two more of lara Adrian books while at the mall yesterday.:} Just missing midnight awakening to have read them all.

Tracy said...

I have to say that getting my gardener was the highlight of my year! lol It's so nice to come home and have the lawn manicured and nice and know that I had absolutely nothing to do with it! lol Congrats!

C2 said...

Yay! You're on Twitter! :-D

orannia said...

There's nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass! And having the grass cut makes a HUGE difference to a section :)

And YAH for expanding your library and attending RWA!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie:
What is your name on twitter? I put in kristiej and one came up but she lives on Oslo. I have not signed up but am thinking about it.

You should try Facebook. They have lots of cool apps! + that is where I am. *grin

Mina Wolf said...

Wow, RWA is coming here? I'll have to check out the signing!

Kristie (J) said...

Janice- Hey you. I'm known as
1KristieJ on Twitter. When I signed up KristieJ was already taken (the nerve! *g*).
As for Face Book - I can't even figure out Twitter works! Face Book is just a bit out of my realm at the moment :)

Orannia: I'm hoping he looks like Brad Pitt and it's a very hot summer and he has to take his shirt off to cut the lawn - and cuts it when I'm home *dirty grin* and I've neglected my library for a while now - I'm overwhelmed with all the books that aren't in there yet - boxes and boxes of them. And I'm so excited about going to RWA - this will be my third time and it's a wonderful time for a romance fanatic like me. It's a lot more subdued and business like than RT's conventions - but that suits me fine.

C2: Yay - I'm on Twitter. Now - if only I could figure out how it works things would be even better - but I will - oh yes I will! but as of right now and until I figure it out - no tweets for me.

Tracy: See above comment to Orannia (another dirty laugh) Right now my lawn is the embarrasement of the neighbourhood!!! I have bushes that need removing as they are half dead, LOTS of bald patches of grass, shrubs that are desparate for a trim - *shudder*

Lori: And I will take you up on that! I need to buy about 3 more bookcases so they will need assembling. And I know you are a lot better at that kind of thing than me
So I gather you like the Laura Adrian books then *g*. Did you get her latest one? It just came out in the past couple of days and I'm dying to read it.
At least I presume I'm writing to you Lori - since you didn't leave name - but I'm good at deduction - and I remember you, Sue and Deb picking up books with glee :)

Wendy: ROTFL!!! Easy for you to say. You didn't see me clicking around getting more and more frustrated when I couldn't get things working!

Nath: I'm hoping to have the room emptied and the shelves assembled - but loading them and alphabetizing - I could really use the help *g* And I'm sure there are quite a few you could relieve me of.

Stacy: We never did meet in SF did we? Next year for sure!!

Mina: If you live in Washington DC or near - then yes - you NEED to come *g*

Kwana said...

Now I have to find you on twitter. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Yes Kristie it was me, and yes I bought the latest, ashes one, YES I like them and am reading the kiss of crisom one now.
Don't know if I am better at assesembly but will help if you want.

nath said...

Oh definitively :) I'm really good at assembling shelves :P Just so you know :)

Anonymous said...

You're on twitter? I have to find you!

Anonymous said...

Wait. Someone named "Your Horny Kitty" just started following on Twitter.

That's not you is it?

Kristie (J) said...

Jessica: LOL - nope not me - but I do have one at the moment - one who will be getting fixed - Very Soon!

Nath & Lori - well - first of all I have to do my part - clearing out the basement, getting all the books down there and buying the bookshelves. That will be a job in itself!!

Kwana: LOL!! First of all I have to MOVE somewhere so people can follow me on Twitter. I haven't had a chance to really look at it yet and figure things out.