Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I see London, I see France

Sometimes, while at work and not busy, my mind wanders and goes to some unusual places. You are about to see where is visited today. I was reading a book the other day – I think it was Anne Stuart’s latest and there was this scene that had me puzzling. The heroine, who was married, but didn’t sleep in the same room with her husband – and she was a newlywed to boot so you gotta know there are issues in that marriage – but that’s not what had me puzzling. What did was a scene where she was getting ready for bed and she put on underwear and then her pajamas and I couldn’t help thinking ‘why on earth would she do that???’

I know I’m giving away WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION (heh heh heh) but I don’t wear underwear to bed when I’m sleeping in my own bed – alone. I totally don’t see the point. If you are sleeping in a bed with roomies in a hotel, of course it’s a different story so former roomies need not worry – but alone? Ah home? Pour quoi?

At this point it might be of interest to know what kind of younger sisters I have. At times they live to persecute and torment me and this is one of their evil ways. You see – I call them underwear or panties. But my nemeses in this discussion INSIST on calling them underpants. To me, when I hear the word underpants it brings back those haunting memories of seeing my grandmother’s underclothes wear hanging out on the line. Big, white, full figure *shudder*. Just that word makes me cringe and Lisa and Nancy know this and use the word underpants unmercifully. We’ve even had deep discussions about this word. They say it’s what you wear under pants so what else would you call them? I, of course, come back with what if you are wearing a dress or a skirt – what about then eh?

But wait – now I’m getting riled up again and slightly off topic.

If one wears pajamas, which by their very nature have bottom parts, what is the point in wearing underwear beneath them? The only reason I can come up with is you expect to have a fire in the middle of the night and don’t want to be caught by a handsome firefighter without the foundation of undergarments. But in that case, reasoning follows that you would also wear a bra to bed and that would be very uncomfortable. I like to grant the puppies freedom at night.

And same goes for a nightgown. Unless it’s a very, very short one, your assets would be covered.

The nightgowns I wear – unless I’m wearing jammies, go below my knees so no matter how much twisting and turning I do, it never ends up around my waist. So again – why wear underwear to bed – unless of course they are boxers or something and they ‘are’ part of one’s sleeping ensemble. Think about it – what if you are one who wears thongs – and is a restless sleeper. Wouldn’t you run the risk of giving yourself wedgies all night?

It’s a different scenario of course if you aren’t sleeping alone – or with roomies and the purpose is to entice a willing victim. But then again, in that case chances are they would be off soon anyway so you wouldn’t have to deal with the wedgie problem.

I’m curious now of course. Are more women more comfortable wearing underwear under pajamas? Are they hoping for a midnight call by sexy cop?

Because I thought some might want to remain anonymous when answering such a personal question, and because doing polls is fun and easy now, I’ve added one.

Now you know what thoughts occupied my mind today.

And more important - why the hell does my font keep changing as if it had a mind of it's own?


MB (Leah) said...

Um... TMI but I wear panties under my PJ's and it's just me and the DH. I don't think I'm prepared to say why though. :)

I didn't used to though. Most of my life I slept nude. But now I'm cold at night so I wear PJ's. When I used to wear a nightgown though, I didn't wear any. It's always changing and might change again, but at the moment I wear them.

But I put on clean ones for night time. I don't leave the ones I had on all day, all night as well.

Weird, I know.

heidenkind said...

Huh, interesting. I never thought of wearing PJs or a nightgown but no undies.

I DO wear panties to bed, but I don't wear PJs or a nightgown. I never saw the point in wearing clothes while you're sleeping; I just wear them at night when I want to veg out after dinner. I wouldn't even wear underwear, except for the fact that I'm paranoid there will be a fire or something, and I'll have to run out of the house nude. :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Kris



JenB said...

I used to sleep in a t-shirt and panties when I was younger, but I don't think I could sleep with pj bottoms *and* panties. That sounds like a recipe for a combo front-and-back wedgie of epic proportions.

Hubby and I sleep nude. He got me into the habit seven years ago, and now I can't imagine it any other way.

BTW, the word "underpants" reminds me of those plastic undies that babies and toddlers wore over cloth diapers. Remember those? Are they still around? Bleh...underpants...*cringe*

Jill D. said...

OMG!!!!! ROTFL!! Krstie, that whole post was just freakin hilarious.

PS. I'm with you. No panties for this chick :)

azteclady said...



orannia said...

I like to grant the puppies freedom at night.ROFLOL!

*puts on serious face*

I'm the complete opposite - I always wear underwear with my PJs, whether the PJs be the summer or the winter variety (I HATE nighties as they never stay on me :) And please note avoidance of the word panties....the word always makes me squirm for some reason...

I had a flatmate who couldn't understand my logic because she NEVER wore underwear with her PJs, but I have a theory about it - it's what you're used too! And I'm used to PJs + underwear :) I've only ever tried sleeping naked was weird. Not sure what will happen if my soul mate suddenly drops from the sky...he'll probably throw my whole underwear draw out, except for two (I should really call them panties as they are too delicate to be called anything else) that my grandmother bought from Noumea years ago (no, I've NEVER worn them). Theyre's French...and one's red. I've gone WAY past the TMI red line, haven't I? Not sure why I still keep them...maybe for the day when I actually think I'm slightly sexy?

Anonymous said...

LOL... you know, I don't think I am going to touch this one...

Bridget Locke said...

LOL...Kristie, sometimes the way your mind works just cracks me up.

I always wear underwear to bed. Even if I don't wear anything else. I cannot sleep w/ a bra on though. As soon as I get home from work, that puppy is off!

Like Orannia, the word panties just trips me out. Don't know why. :P

Leslie said...

The places your mind goes...

Ok, to answer your question - before kids I didn't wear underwear/panties. (I've never worn underpants. bleck!) I would sometimes wear a nightgown or nothing at all but never pjs. Don't like wearing pants to bed. *shrugs*

After kids, nightgown and underwear/panties are worn. Getting up in the middle of the night or having a little person suddenly waking me asking to sleep in the bed... just one too many times of a kid waking us up and us frantically searching for clothes. :)

SarahT said...

I voted for underpants. What did you think of the new Stuart book, BTW? I've been hearing mixed things about it.

Anna said...

Underpants and a t-shirt OR pyjamas. Never both! That would just be silly. Might as well just sleep in the clothes I wore all day, if I'm going to be wearing that many layers.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

I'm a panties girl. I sleep in t's, so panties are a must. If I slept in a nightie, probably not. But I always feel like I'm strangled in them, end up with them where a t should be.

Dottie :)

nath said...

Interesting topic, Kristie :P

I'm the opposite of everyone though... I never thought of sleeping nude! Eeek. If I'm home, I spend most of my days in pj's - that's a bit t-shirt and some shorts. I wear panties and a bra (even to sleep)... The bra thing - see, nobody told me I could NOT wear one at home or to sleep!! So yeah, now I'm so used to it, it's just too strange not to wear one ^_^;

Jill Sorenson said...

I usually sleep in a soft bra and panties. With pajamas. My two year old crawls in with me a lot and it's incredibly uncomfortable to have her kicking at my braless chest. Or stepping on me, ouch.

CindyS said...

I'm agreeing with the 'how you grew up' thing. For me, if my body doesn't feel panties, it thinks it's time to pee. Not wanting to pee the bed (and no, I haven't) I wear undies when sleeping and that's it.

Now, growing up I wore nightgowns and they always ended up wrapped around me. A few times I woke up with them wrapped around my neck - yes, I'm a restless sleeper.

Then I got married. And now it's always just panties.

But like Nath - we get in our jammies the minute we're home for the night. T-shirt and jamma shorts.

If we have guests I do wear a bra so I don't scare anyone and I will sleep in my jammies in case someone needs me in the middle of the night.

And if one is wearing bottoms without underwear, is one washing them after wearing them once? Cause, yeah, I would.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely cannot believe I am commenting on this subject, modest Southern girl that I am. But I distinctly remember Dr. Christiane Northrup mention either on Oprah or PBS fundraising special that women should NOT wear underwear to bed...that they need, and I quote, "to air out down there." I feel no need to comment further!

Kristie (J) said...

Anonymous: ROTFL – And I can’t believe I did a blog post about this subject *g* Just goes to show where my mind wanders when I don’t keep it busy. And *lol* either Oprah or a fundraising special on PBS. Those are two different colours aren’t they

Cindy: I’m more a nightgown kind of person. Though on occasion I do wear jammies and even once in a while – in the way I came into the world – in nothing

Jill: I don’t think I could wear all that – but then again I don’t have yung’uns waking me up in the middle of the night anymore – or anyone for that matter *sigh*

Nath: *g* I think bizarre covers it a bit better. And now freedom for yours eh?

Dottie: Now see – in your case, they become ‘part’ of the nightwear – not in addition too. That I can understand ‘cause on occasion I’ve worn that too – though not while sleeping with roomies so they don’t have to worry 

Anna: *g* and again – what I said to Dottie. Panties and a tee are much cooler in summer

SarahT: I haven’t finished it yet. It was one of those books that seemed to go missing after I started it (that happens A LOT) but then I found it this morning – in my purse *shakes head* but in the meantime, I’ve started on 2 others which means I’d say that it’s put downable. But – so far it is interesting

Leslie: I KNOW!! It’s even scarier to live there all the time some days!! That’s why one of the things Ron used to say to me was ‘you’re in your ozone layer again aren’t you?’ Chances were – I was
Bridget: That’s what happens when one is more a dreamer then a realist – heh heh heh

Ms. Moonlight: And *laughing* that’s why I put on an anonymous poll

Orannia: I simply MUST stop referring to them as puppies!! They are old saggy hounds more like!!

AL:  

Jill: It was one of those moments that made me go ‘wait a moment, is that common? And judging by the poll – it is!

JenB: Me TOO – which is why I am so vehement with my sisters. And they know this and bug me unmercifully with it – as you can see by the above commenter who just happens to be Nance – the baby sis.

Nance: *gritting teeth* it is underwear!!

Heidenkind: and then there would be the annoyance of possibly having to face a hawt firefighter. That’s always a risk one runs when sleeping sans underwear or au naturelle

Leah: there’s something so decadent about sleeping nude. I don’t do it very often – but when I do I feel so naughty *wink*

Tracy said...

I'm so late in reading this but:

I wear thongs and I just cannot wear them to bed so no panties when sleeping. Although now that I think about it before I wore thongs I didn't do the panties under pjs/nightgown thing. hmm....wonder why? lol

Cute post Kristie

Keira of LoveRomancePassion said...

haha I totally wear underwear... very rarely do I sleep in the nude or without underwear (mostly b/c I live alone... shoot where's that fierce alpha male to change my sleeping habits?)