Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Round 1 goes to Doc!!!

Just in case you aren't aware of it, I'm quite a baseball fan. The ONLY team in our household was and still is the Toronto Blue Jays. They've had some lean years lately and weren't expected to do much this season against the powerhouse Red Sox and Yankees. And even more so when half their pitching staff went down. The only solid pitcher they had left was Roy Halliday.
But much to everyone's shock, as of today, May 12, they are in first place in all of baseball!! Now in my not so humble opinion, this is
the team that should be getting the baseball buzz, but much to my annoyance, they rarely even seem to be mentioned. I listen to a lot of sports shows on the radio.
I list
en and I listen and I listen and the Jays are barely even mentioned.

Well, tonight was what many thought would be the first real test *snort*. I watched the game in between commercial during American Idol because this was a good match-up - Roy Halliday of the Blue Jays against A.J. Burnett former Blue Jay, now pitching for the dreaded Yankees. And *fist pump* Doc won. Now I don't know if they will be able to carry this roll they are on all season, but for now, it surely is a good feeling for all Blue Jay fans.


orannia said...

Congrats! And fingers crossed for the rest of the season!

I'm now going to show my complete ignorance and ask if the baseball competition (not sure what it is called) is a North American one?

Kristie (J) said...

Orannia: Grin* I wouldn't say Major League Baseball is North American, no. It's pretty much just in the US. But there used to be two Canadian teams - one in Montreal and one in Toronto. But the Montreal team, the Expos, moved to Washington DC, so now there is only 1 baseball team in all of Canada - the only one outside of the States - the Toronto Blue Jays. They won two world series (what they call the winner of all the play off games) back to back back in the 80's. Though the players themselves come from a lot of different countries.

Now the New York Yankees are probably one of the most hated teams - except for New York Yankee fans - so whenever a team beats them - it's a good thing :-) You will find there are quite a few baseball fans here in blog land. And hard to believe - many of them are Yankee fans - heh heh heh.
Both my sons played baseball for years and Ron coached for years too.
When I had my second son and realized it would forever be 3 against 1 I realized I had a choice - either learn to love different sports or go forever nuts. I chose to learn to love the sport and now there's nothing better on a hot summer day or evening then listening to baseball on the radio - particularly if your team is winning.

*laughing* See what kind of answer you get from a simple question?

Cecile said...

That is funny... my grandparents would sit (no matter what time the game ended) and watch the Braves play. My grandmother has since passed away and this makes me think very fondly of her. I live in Louisiana... so besides college... which would be LSU, Atlanta would be my home team!! But you are right.. a cheap form of entertainment... listening to the game... or getting to see one (college is cheaper)!!! Gotta love sports!!! And the uniforms are not that bad on them either!!! LOL!

Wendy said...

Sooooo late commenting on this post, but I'm finally caught up with my blog hopping after my parents' visit.

My Man is still not allowing himself to get excited about the Jays. He told me he won't be drinking the Kool-aid unless they're still doing this well come September.

He's such a party pooper. Heh.

He did watch this game. I missed it, since I was spending time with the fam. Sounds like it was way awesome! I love me some Doc. Even if he does look like a reject from the cast of Deliverance.