Thursday, May 21, 2009

A time for books

So – while most people kind of mourn the onslaught of reruns, I rejoice. I’ve never been that much of a television watcher – at least I didn’t used to be. But more and more, I found myself picking up shows and watching them even though I didn’t really want to. The Bachelor is a good example. I did not want to watch that show but found myself being sucked in. The same went for American Idol, (and while not exactly disappointed – still I though Adam was the best) Dancing With the Stars (and I’m trying not to be bitter that Gilles didn’t win. Since Melissa didn’t either, neither my co-worker nor I owe either a coffee. But still – how could Gilles not win???) , Celebrity Apprentice, Survivor.

OK, OK – maybe there was a bit of Ru Paul’s Drag Race in there too. And, if they were to hook me up to a lie detector, I just might confess to a couple of episodes of Toddlers and Tiara’s. And yes, yes if one were to threaten to pull out my nails, I might just confess to watching a few episodes of Tila Tequila’s Shot at Love. And all right, I cringed while I watched some of Paris Hilton’s BBF. But I only watched one – just one episode of Brett Michael’s Rock of Love.

There – now I’ve gone and confessed my dirty little secret.

But the point is – they are all finished now.

While I did watch them, at the same time I resented the fact that I was and was most annoyed with me for wasting time.

Now regular television shows were a bit different. I simply could not miss Lost every week and didn’t resent the time watching it. And who would possibly mind watching the delicious Simon Baker in The Mentalist.

But now these shows are all either done or finished for the season so my time is freed up. There will be one show I watch now – and only one!

So You Think You Can Dance – yep – it started tonight and I’m pumped.

I’m hoping all this free time means I can start reading at a much faster clip. It seems this ‘I don’t really want to watch’ television watching has cut into books TBR. But now, with the exception of one show, things should speed along much quicker. Maybe – just maybe, I can read 2 books to every 3 I buy.

Now if only I can stay away from Tila Tequila’s Shot at Love II


heidenkind said...

I used to get excited about reruns because that was when I would try out different shows I didn't watch during the normal season. But now the networks hardly play any reruns except for CSI.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Kristie!

I used to watch TV all the time, but it got so boring, all the shows started looking like each other. And the ones with any originality were canceled because it was too different from the popular shows. So, I hope with the change in weather, I'll be more in the mood to read. I seem to have been in slump, and I'm going to blame the weather.

Dottie :)

nath said...

LOL, enjoy the re-run season then! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so out of the loop. I RARELY if ever watch TV. I used to love HBO's Deadwood. Now it's TrueBlood. Other than that, maybe I'll catch five minutes of something here and there. Between the hubby and kids, I have no control over the TV anyway, so why fight it? LOL.

Enjoy your show, Kristie!

MB (Leah) said...

For some reason, after I started reading romance and such, I stopped watching TV so much. I have no clue what's on any more.

And I have problems because the DH practically hyperventilates if he doesn't have control over the remote. And he likes to watch a lot of History, Travel, Food channel stuff. So I gave up and stopped watching.

If I had complete control though, I'd be just like you, getting hooked into all these dumb shows against my will, which I used to in the past. LOL

But yeah, back to reading! :)

azteclady said...

Reading for the win!

Wendy said...



Tracy said...

I just don't watch tv at all anymore. A) It cuts into my reading time and B) everything started looking the same after a while and who needs to waste time watching the same stuff over and over? not me. :)

Kristie (J) said...

Tracy: That used to be me - but once I had total control of the remote it's like a had to make up for lost time - watching all the trash that I could find - Very Scary.

Wendy: Not to worry - baseball is a horse of a different colour. I mainly listen to it on the radio and have the volume on the television turned down. It makes a nice accompanyment to reading. Although - should the Jays have as much trouble in Atlanta as they did in Boston.....

AL: Reading romance is EVER so much better than wondering if Tilla is going to choose Dani or Danny - or how close have Paris and Sam really become??????????

Leah: LOL - I think ALL men have this symbiotic attachment to the Remote. It's like it's become an extension of themselves. My sons - when they come over, have to handle it. I think it must be the adult male version of Mr. Fluffy - their childhood stuffed rabbit

Barbara: I certainly got a lot more reading done when I didn't have control - when Ron was watching baseball after hockey after football games. And I miss those halcion days of reading. I probably read 3 or 4 books a week - if not more and at the time I was pretty even between reading and buying. Now instead my brain is being wasted while puzzling over a bald, eyebrowless Ru Paul NOT in drag.

Nath:LOL - that's my point - now that we are into reruns - in theory - I can keep the television off - except for SYTYCD. Mind you that's in theory only. In theory I was going to read 5 books from the TBR pile before buyine one new one and - well - that didn't work so well. So I stopped short of an actual declartion of no more TV

Dottie: there's a large part of me that's afraid to watch regular television shows in case they get cancelled - Blood Ties anyone? The Nine anyone? So there are only a very few I watch. But when it comes to reality shows it seems to be different. I think I'm hoping those ones WILL get cancelled to spare me one way of wasting my time - but alas - they don't seem to - as evidenced by Tila Tequila's Shot at Love - which I will stop short of declaring I will not watch - but I'll avoid going through the channel thingie at the bottom of the screen.

Heidenkind: I've never been much of a watcher of reruns so I figure I'm safe. But nowadays instead of running reruns, they seem to use the summer to try out new shows. And I will do my darndest to resist.

Kate Diamond said...

Reality TV doesn't really do it for me. Well, "Beauty and the Geek" was the exception to the rule, but that got canceled.

Of course, there are plenty of other shows for me to watch when I should be reading, grading, or writing...

Pamela Clare said...

OMG! Call me completely corny, but I love this song. It's the song I played continually when I wrote the climax of UNLAWFUL CONTACT, where it looked like an HEA was impossible and Marc was going to d....

I'll stop.

Anyway, the idea of hopeless love is embodied in that song, and so I played it until I pretty much couldn't quit crying, doing my best to convince myself that Marc was (you know what) and their love was over.

The song is actually from the 1969 movie version. It's the love theme from that movie.


orannia said...

I think it must be the adult male version of Mr. Fluffy - their childhood stuffed rabbit.I would so love to see your sons' faces when you ran that theory past them :)

And can I just say, I'm still confused as to how Adam didn't win American Idol (we've been about 2 weeks behind the US for most of the season and just saw the final on Friday)...