Saturday, May 09, 2009

Is this a good summer movie year or what?

I'm not going to be the first - but I will be visiting my movie theatre a couple of times this summer.

I think first I'll be seeing this one,

and then this one


Brie said...

I really want to see Star Trek. Evertime a commercial comes on for it, I'm glued to the screen. The hubby eyes Terminator Salvation commercials the same way, so I guess we'll be seeing both this summer.

Anna said...

This is really a great month for movies. I've already seen Wolverine and I'm going to see Star Trek next week. I'm hoping to go see the new Terminator too and then there is Angels & Demons.

Misty G said...

I am loving the new movie season. I also gotta see the new Terminator movie. I love the guy who plays a machine who thinks he's human from the commercials so far. Yummmoh.

Misty G said...
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My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Kristie!

I have both trailers up on my blog as well as Wolverine and the new Harry Potter. It sure is going to be a good summer for movies!

Dottie :)

Marianne McA said...

Just came back from Star Trek, and I really enjoyed it. I don't know what the serious fans will think, but as someone who watched the original as a teenager, it referred back to the original enough to satisfy me, but at the same time managed to feel like something fresh.

When we got home, I knocked on my daughter's bedroom door to let her know we were back & her best friend stuck her head round the door and said 'Shatner Two!' with a broad grin & a thumbs up - so I think it has sufficient cross-generational appeal.

(He is pretty.)

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

I agree! I just got back from seeing the Star Trek movie - I luuuuurved it! It was great, and all the actors and casting were exceptional. If you're a fan of the series, you'll love the movie. I ate it all up like ice cream. The terminator movie was one of the trailors - looks good but with lots of robots crashing, etc. that gets so repetetive for me. But, I may still see it, though I don't know even know if I ever saw the movie after Terminator 2. I can't remember - was there even one? I'm still on cloud nine from the Star Trek movie-I want to see it again - it was sensational!

Kristie (J) said...

Julie: I'm getting quite impatient to see Star Trek - and it only came out yesterday *g*. I've only seen the second terminator movie - but in the previews of this movie it looks like a combination of Mad Max and Reign of Fire - two movies I really enjoyed.

Marianne: I'm not a big Trekkie - but I did love the original show with W. Shatner and L. Nemoy so I'm looking forward to seeing their 'beginnings'. My sister is the real Trekkie and it's her birthday in a couple of weeks so it's my birthday present to her (oops - Lisa don't read this and Nance - don't you tell her) dinner and a movie - this movie.

Dottie: I'm just hoping there is a good Chick Flick/Romance movie coming out this summer to so we can go to it for my birthday. I don't get to the show often, but I have a feeling this summer will be different :)

Misty: I haven't seen that many ads for Terminator - I've seen more for Star Trek but I think it's awsome that there are such good ones coming out!!

Anna: I wasn't 'het up' on Wolverine - I'm one of the few women on the planet who doesn't get the appeal of Hugh Jackman and I never did see the second X-Men movie (I know - just another reason I feel out of step sometimes *g*) but I am looking forward to these two. Harry Potter - *sigh* again it's that island thing.

Brie: I know!!! It's going to be a long couple of weeks until I get to this one!!

Karen W. said...

Those are the two movies I'm excited about too!

I just saw "Star Trek," and I thought they did a terrific job making the movie accessible to non-Trek fans or more casual fans, while also keeping true to the characters & putting in nice, little touches that the hardcore fans would "get" and appreciate.

Two thumbs up. :)

jmc said...

I just saw Star Trek. And I thought it was pretty good -- I'm not a fan of the original series, but of ST: The Next Generation (oh, Picard), so I got some of the inside stuff, but not all of it. I liked this Kirk MUCH better than the original, but I'm still more of a Spock and Bones fan than Kirk.

Worth the $10 ticket.

And it had a trailer for Terminator, which looks really, really good.

Rosie said...

Just stopping in to say hi and add my 2 cents to the crowd that enjoyed the Star Trek movie.

Rosie said...

Just stopping in to say hi and add my 2 cents to the crowd that enjoyed the Star Trek movie.

orannia said...

I went and saw Wolverine yesterday - it was good - and saw the trailer for Terminator. I think I will have to see it, if just to listen to Christian Bale. (The only movie I've seen him in is Howl's Moving Castle, which was I really only heard his voice *swoon*).

As for Star Trek *nods* - definitely!

Kristie (J) said...

Orannia: I've seen a few Christian Bale movies now and while Hugh Jackman doesn't do it for me - such is NOT the case with Mr. Bale ;-)

Rosie: Hey there!! I'm thinking Star Trek might be moving Wolverine down to the number 2 spot this weekend. The reviews for it are real good and being a fan of instant gratification, it's going to be tough waiting for it *sigh*

JMC: Watching the old Star Trek shows now is a hoot for the camp factor - but back when it was originally on, it was a good show and helped spur my love of futuristic romances. It will be fun to see this one without the camp.

Karen: As the reviews start coming in from fellow bloggers, I'm getting even more excited!!