Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yesterday I slept for almost the whole day. I didn't get dressed. I didn't turn on the radio or the TV and it was totally quiet in the house for the whole day.

Today I woke up and it had snowed a lot yesterday and overnight. I wanted to cry when I saw the new snow. It means shoveling. And I find that overwhelming. Right now I hear a neighbour plowing out my driveway and that makes me want to cry. I don't like this place my mind is in.


lisabea said...


Get out of bed. Make some tea. Turn on the radio. Call your boys to come help you shovel.

Those four things can be the hardest, I know. We're all thinking of you today. You're not alone.

Love ya,

MsMoonlight said...

Its snowing like crazy right now at my house and I just got in from shoveling. It's the fluffy stuff here so its not so bad - helps my work off all the Dove chocolates I ate while reading and the snow gives me an excuse to stay home and read more! *g*

Portia Da Costa said...

Oh, Kristie, I know it's hard, but please make that cuppa tea, and turn on the telly or the radio. And get dressed. I know it's an uphill struggle because many years ago, I was seriously depressed and had to seek help, and I was feeling just as you do now. But just those tiny steps do help, and something on the television or radio will be company for you.

We're all thinking about you, love, and hoping you feel better soon.

Lea said...


Small steps, the larger ones will come later.

Thinking of you...


Wendy said...

Oh Lordy, all that snow would have me depressed too! Why do you think I live in southern California?

Baby steps Kristie. Hop in the shower, get dressed and do something "fun" today. Like turning on the radio and heading to your library to play with your massive book collection :)

Nicola O. said...


I know how you feel -- you've made one little step already by recognizing what's going on.

Take one more little step today, OK? That's all, just one.

MB (Leah) said...

I've been reading your blog posts and I can relate on so many levels. I've been there a few times.

At least, at least you are expressing it. Maybe you're having a hard time doing anything, even getting out of bed. But you are at least getting on your blog and sharing what's going on and that's a huge achievement right there. And I think it's a good thing to share what's going on. Putting it all out there can help a lot.

I think you are so gutsy posting these things. Many of us have really dark periods like this, and you aren't alone.


Anonymous said...

don't be afraid to ask your loved ones for help.... sometimes all you need is a hand up. best wishes to you.

Lori said...

Well, now your day is for sure almost over. Call me Scarett... Tomorrow is another day. Up out of bed, and have some tea. Then promise yourself to do one thing you love. Even if it's just calling your boys to say you love them.