Friday, January 23, 2009

Never Give Up

I think we all have favoured authors who seem to have disappeared. We loved their book/s and after getting hooked on either one book or a number of books we were hooked and then BAM!! they disappear. A few of my favourite authors that no longer have books coming out for one reason or another:

  • Lauren Bach
  • Eve Byron
  • Elizabeth Doyle
  • Julianna Garnett
  • Danelle Harmon
  • Kathleen Harrington
  • Alexis Harrington
  • Judith Ivory
  • Laura Kinsale
  • Kristen Kyle
  • Wendy Lindstrom
  • Anita Mills
  • Paula Reed
  • Suzanne Robinson
  • Liza Valdez

These are just a few of them. Some long time readers may recognize some of the names and some new to romance may not recognize any of the names. But each one I’ve named has written at least one book I’ve loved.

But! This is a good post. For any long time romance readers; they may notice one name that I didn’t put on the list. In fact, she is one of the most ‘whatever happened to’ authors. But joy of joys, happy dance time, she will be back soon. She has turned in her latest manuscript for the book we’ve been waiting for years for!!

And I’m talking....

Elizabeth Elliott

Yes!! Happy Dance! Happy Dance. Her last published novel, Scoundrel, was published in 1996. We are talking 13 YEARS many of us have been waiting and hoping. She had 3 full length novels and an anthology published before she disappeared and I’ve read the novels a number of times. The brother of one of the heroines cried out for his story. He was an assassin and anyone who has read her previous books, The Warlord and Betrothed knows who I’m talking about.

It’s been about five years since I’ve read any of her books, but if anyone who hasn’t read her can be patient, I shall head to the ‘library' and get and read them and review them. And for anyone interested, she has an updated website. Not only does she have The Assassin in for final edits, but she’s also working on another book.

Elizabeth Elliott fans rejoice! I’m just delighted myself and I think many others will be too!!

This is truly a case of never really giving up on an author.


Renee said...

Sounds cool, Kristie! I'm always ready to learn about a new-to-me author. :-)

azteclady said...

And now I have another name for the endless "go find backlist" list.

Thank you, Kristie! *hug*

Kristie (J) said...

Renee: I'm almost half way done The Warlord and I'm already planning on some stuff to say about it - and it shall be positive ;-)

AL: I'm kind of surprised you've never read her! You've been reading romance for a while haven't you?

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Thank you publishing gods!!!!!!!!!!!!

azteclady said...

I've been reading romance for some... lemme see... 32 years now. Thing is, for the first twenty of those, I wasn't living in the US, so I was quite limited as to my romance reading choices.

Kristie (J) said...

Katie: AMEN!!! It looks like Berkley is the publisher we have to thank and reward :-)
And......not only is she going to have a new book out - she is going to have - skip to the lou - a medieval!!!!

AL: ahhh - mystery solved. You must have been thrilled then, when your book buying became limitless!!!!

azteclady said...

I am thrilled--my budget hasn't stopped screaming since I moved up here :grin:

AnimeJune said...

I've never read Elizabeth Elliott, but I have fallen for authors who've dropped off the face of the earth - like Joanne Bertin. I read her fantasy books "The Last Dragonlord" and "Dragon and Phoenix," but that was ten years ago - the last book in the trilogy is still forthcoming! WHAT THE HELL?

Kristie (J) said...

AL - and still so many to find!! Elizabeth Elliott's books I'm sure are out of print now but they might be found in UBS's where the cost isn't quite so scary :)

AJ - well Elizabeth Elliott was MIA for 13 years so hopefully your author will be back. The Elizabeth Elliott medievals gave every impression of being a trilogy - only we never got the third book - until now!!

Casee said...

I loved Lauren Bach. I wonder what happened to her...

Joelle said...

I've been searching for Warload for a couple of years now. Maybe it will be rereleased soon. I lurve me a great medieval.

Another oldie but goody, Laurie McBain. She wrote in the 70s. Her book Moonstruck Madness, among others, was fabulous.

ReneeW said...

I recently read Warlord and Betrothed. I loved Betrothed (a B+) but I wasn't too fond of Warlord. The hero was too much of an alpha jerk for my taste. But I too am looking forward to The Assassin. I hope it's worth the wait. It's hard giving up on authors but there seems to lots of good ones to take their place that I don't miss them too much.