Thursday, January 08, 2009

Unraveled Book Review **Jaci Burton**

When I read Unwrapped by Jaci Burton last year, I found myself having a small crush on one of the men in her story. Unwrapped is an erotic Christmas romance that takes place in Hawaii where a woman receives quiet the interesting gift of having two men pleasure her for the holiday. It was one of the best ménage a trios romance I have ever read. One of the men who made the threesome was left behind as the heroine went off into the sunset with the other one. Now with Unraveled, Jaci has given Mitch Magruder his own romance. Even though Unraveled is more of a traditional romance than Unwrapped was, his love story with a childhood friend who is a divorced mother of two was just as good as Unwrapped. Before you read Unraveled, I recommend you also read Unwrapped because once you do, you will wish for your own Mitch.

Mitch is a very rich CEO who buys properties and builds very exclusive vacation resorts. He offers the best and only wants the best. He has chosen a great spot in Florida where he will build another resort and hopefully bring more money into his pocket as well as the community. Unfortunately the owner of a run down fifteen-room motel will not give up her property even though Mitch gives her a very nice offer. Mitch decides to go to Lincoln Beach, Florida and talk some sense into her. This is where Mitch grew up and became a surfing legend. He also knows the owner of the motel because Greta Mason is the younger sister of his good friend. He hasn’t seen Greta in over twenty years and doesn’t know what to expect because he remembers her as a twelve year old tag along when he was nineteen.

At first Greta is thrilled to see Mitch, but as soon as she figures out that Mitch wants her to sell the property, she lets the door hit him on the way out. Even though she is barely making ends meet, the motel belonged to her deceased father and was given to her. The motel is her baby and gives her independence. And since her marriage was so horrible and ended badly, she needs to prove to herself and her children that they don’t have to rely on anyone.

Mitch is a sly one and will try his best to make Greta see reason. But Mitch is never manipulative; he is actually a really nice guy. He loves the Mason family and also enjoys Greta’s two children, Jeff who is twelve, and Zoey who is ten. Mitch teaches Greta’s kids to surf and also wants Greta to enjoy life since all she does is work. Soon Greta always Mitch to show her the fun she has been missing, as well as some grownup activities such as dinner and dancing. Greta had a childhood crush for Mitch and now as a woman, she has yearnings for this man. Mitch wants Greta even though she is very different from the women he has dated in the past. But as things progress between the two, their relationship becomes one of lovers. Mitch also understands he has to be careful when it comes to intimacy with Greta because of what her horrible husband did to her during their marriage. Plus, Mitch still wants the property Greta owns. He has to decide how far he wants to go with her and if Greta is the woman he can be with forever.

Unraveled is simply a wonderful romance. Jaci has written really great characters in Mitch and Greta as well as Greta’s children, her older brother and mother. The way Mitch handles Greta, especially the first time they are intimate together was beautiful because of the past abuse Greta went through at the hands of her ex-husband. An even though Mitch tried to take control of certain situations, Greta was no dishrag heroine. She told Mitch like it was and Mitch respected her for it.

As for Mitch… ah MITCH!! Mitch is the near perfect man. He is smart, handsome in face and in spirit, and very generous. And I cannot forget to mention the way the man works the bedroom, the back of a limo and on the beach with Greta! Jaci always writes some of the best love scenes, and she does that here with Mitch and Greta. These are two people who are mature adults who have great respect for one another. And because of this, they are equals in almost everything and that also includes the fun they have under the sheets.

Jaci Burton hardly ever disappoints and I was afraid my expectations would be too high when it came to Mitch and the woman her falls for. Jaci hit all those expectations and more with Unraveled. (Samhain)

4 stars out of 5 stars.

Katiebabs (KB)


Kati said...

Don'tcha just love Jaci? She's an autobuy for me!

Tracy said...

I've not read a Jaci Burton story that I didn't like. This one was great and was hot, hot, hot. Ah, Mitch. :)

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Kati: Isn't she the best?

*gives Tracy the shifty eyes* don't make me fight you for Mitch!

Dev said...

I just bought this today at BoB ~ So glad to see you liked it! I'm really looking forward to reading this.

Christine said...

I love Jaci's work! I read Unwrapped and really loved it... I plan on reading Unraveled very soon!