Monday, January 12, 2009

Hunting Ground Cover! **Patricia Briggs**

By now you have probably seen this cover making the rounds around the internet:

This is Hunting Ground, the second book in Patricia' Briggs Alpha and Omega series to be released in July from Ace.

I couldn't find a synopsis but from Patricia's website, Hunting Ground takes place in Seattle, WA and has more werewolf fun then you can shake a tail at.

I really think the cover fits the tone of this series. Since I really enjoyed Cry Wolf, I will definitely be reading the sequel about Anna and Charles.

How about you?

Katiebabs (KB)


Anna said...

I enjoyed Cry Wolf so I will be picking the second book up. I just hope there is a bit more on Anna and Charles. Their new relationship kinda got pushed aside in the first book.

Seneca said...

I need to read Cry Wolf still.
I do like that cover!

Kailana said...

I am so looking forward to this book! The new Mercedes Thompson book comes first, though!

Anonymous said...

She's comeing here on Feb 3rd to read and sign books!!! Of COURSE I'll be reading Alpha and Omega book 2. And it's set in SEATTLE!!! WOOOOOT!!!