Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Newest Crusader

Yes, this wonderful story is still being discovered and the lastest one to fall under the spell of North and South is the very talented Nalini Singh. I know she had to wait for quite some time for this one so I Double Delighted that she loved it.
And now she too *g* is wanting to get her own copy.
I haven't watched it for a while myself - but this will be changing Christmas Eve. It's going to be my Christmas Eve treat - four hours of John Thornton and Margaret Hale - *shiver*

And thus - in honour of our newest Crusader - this certainly calls for...........a video


Carolyn Jean said...

Yay Nalini!

Kristin said...

I bought N&S over the summer, but waited until a blustery fall day to watch it...OMGosh! - I loved it!!! I've watched it again since, and wish I could stay in from all the snow today to watch it again!

I've replayed the ending for myself a few times! ;)

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

No one can ignore the luscious Richard as John. Hmmm the man wears a cravat so well.

Zeek said...

heh heh I just watched the entire 4 hours last night myself! It's still as delicious as the first time ...

Nalini Singh said...

Yes, another one falls! I think I'll buy this for myself as a Christmas present. MUST. HAVE. *grin*

Renee said...

My library is so awesome. I borrowed it over the summer. I wasn't so convinced about RH in Robin Hood (I like long hair, but not his in RH), but boy, is he an awesome leading man. I LOVED N & S.

And actually, the actress who plays Margaret is really good. I remember her from her bratty teenager role in the BBC series My Family, and I'd a never thought she'd be so good as Margaret.

Hmmm... thinking about this makes me want to watch it again. I may have to invest in my own copy. :-P

Anonymous said...

I watched it a couple of days ago again. As good and awesome as ever. :)

Lynne Connolly said...

He is awesome in the latest series of "Spooks" ("MI5" in the States)

ReneeW said...

Rats, this just reminded me that I forgot to put N&S on my Christmas list this year. Looks like I'll need to buy it myself. I haven't watched in a long time and I really feel the need to watch it again soon.

Bev(QB) said...

Kristie, between you, Marta Acosta,and the rest of the Crusaders, there was just no escaping the pimpage! Resistence was futile.

So, N&S went on my Christmas list and my kids and hubby came through for me. Now, all I need is time to actually WATCH it. :-(

Kristie (J) said...

Bev: I'm thinking you won't be sorry!! I watched this one again on Christmas Eve - it's been a while - and I STILL loved it :-)

Renee: It does stand the test of time;)

Lynne: I can hardly wait until I get a chance to see it!! I've read the storylines and it sound wonderful - very tortured (literally) character - and still in love with his ex-wife - yummers

Taja: *grinning* Isn't it just!!

Renee: As good as RA is as John Thornton, you're right! Daniela makes a Very Fine Margaret Hale. She just lights up so many of the scenes and I think she did a fabulous job of playing the character.

Nalini: It is grand isn't it? That train scene - watch, rewind - watch, rewind, watch - rewind - heh heh heh

Zeek: I had a friend over when I just watched it and she loved it too. We were both commenting on how sexy his voice is. Every time I see it, something else pops out at me :)

Katie: and even better does he do the 'not wearing a cravat' as in the train station scene!!

Kristin: It's wonderful that people are STILL discovering what a gem it really is! It's such a good blustery not have to work movie. Leaves you feeling all mushy inside

CJ: I know she's been wanting to watch it for a while so I was skippy happy that she did - and loved it!!

Kwana said...

Cheers to the new Crusader!! I so need a copy of my own but I'm afraid I'd never get anything done.