Monday, December 22, 2008

10 Books of Cheer **Holiday Contest**

The next 2 weeks will be ones of great cheer as we all celebrate the holidays or the end of 2008.

Why not have one final book contest to take us out of 2008 into 2009?

I have 10 books to giveaway as a "thank you" for a incredible of year of reading and all the great people I have "met" here. Some I have met in person, talked on the phone or have shared wonderful emails.
The wide variety books up for grabs are:

For the Love of Pete- Julia Harper
Wild- Margo Maguire
Tempt the Devil- Anna Campbell
At Grave's End- Jeaniene Frost
Stay the Night- Lynn Viehl
Night- Huntress- Yasmine Galeson
Bite the Bullet and Undead on Arrival- L.A. Banks
Nightkeepers and Dawnkeepers- Jessica Andersen

There seems to be a book for every type of reader here! In order to win, all you have to do is leave a comment here by Friday, December 26th.

Tell us something memorable that happened to you this year, and what you hope for yourself for 2009.

Katiebabs (KB)


Lea said...

Hey Katie:

Thank you so much. What a great contest and so nice of you!

Something memorable that has happened to me this year is that I started a blog and am loving it. I hope I can keep my blog updated and continue to keep in touch with the wonderful online friends I have become acquainted with and meet more. :)

All the best.

Sarah said...

Excellent contest!! Something memorable is that I graduated with my Masters in Library and Information Science degree in June. I am so glad to be done with formal education for awhile and to have my degree. And in 2009, I hope to see some job success! I want to really actually use my degree, lol.

AnimeJune said...

Memorable - I finally fully participated in NaNoWriMo, and while I didn't win, I did race past my highest per-month wordcount so it still counts as a victory for me!

Janicu said...

I'm going to pick something happy as the memorable thing - I got married! :) In 2009 I hope for.. the people around me who I love to be happy.

Wendy said...

I became a nurse. You have no idea how I still marvel at the fact that I accomplished something I've wanted since I could remember. It was so hard and at times I just wanted to quit but I got through nurse camp (get it? heheh) and now I have a sweet job and I'm loving it.

For 2009? Bridging from LPN to RN will be the last step for me. Once I accomplished that, I'll feel like I can finally breath and relax.

Robin F- said...

What a thoughtful contest! The most memorable thing this year for me was a family trip to Copenhagen. Seeing my son having a blast at Tivoli Gardens was amazing, but mostly just wandering around the city was something I will never forget.

Karen W. said...

Thanks for the great contest! THe most memorable thing that happened to me this year was I was lucky enough to do a swim with the dolphins in the Bahamas, and it was *amazing.* I just hope for health for my family in 2009 and the chance to visit and spend some time with them.

little alys said...

Tell us something memorable that happened to you this year
KB- Total Duh; it's meeting all of you! Not only did all of you get me even more addicted to romance novels, I met tons of new friends. You and Chrissy meeting me at NY (now, everytime it rains, I think back to how fun it was :D).
Hanging out with you and everyone at RWA. Me babbling to Ms. Nalini and Ms. Marjorie. Me crying at Ms Lisa Kleypas. Yeah. Beginning of the bestest years. :D

what you hope for yourself for 2009
Be more dedicated to writing and having fun with friends...especially at RWA again. :D

Cindy W said...

Memorable- Our Family Vacation (we have 3 kids). We went to Cocoa Beach and visited Kenedy Space Center. It was the best vacation and we took it in our backyard (we are frome the west coast)!

I got diagnosed with psoratic arthritis (I'm 31). While it seems awful, I'm thankful to finally put a name with why I felt so awful. The medicine is helping me feel so much better.

Wishes for 09
Besides awesome reads, I'd like to read more of the bible, have another awesome family vacation and balance life well!

Thanks for the giveaway. Merry Christmas to all!

Ellory said...

Memorable for 2008... we returned home from Oz back to the States.

Wish for the new year that our middle one gets accepted to the college of his choice.

RachaelfromNJ said...

My memorable moment was going on a road trip to a beautiful resort with my fiance. We vacationed there three years ago and ended up at the same place again, same villa and all. It was amazing back then and even more romantic this time. To think we've been together 7 years and still in love is a beautiful thing. I never thought at 20 years old that I would fall in love with the man I would one day marry. But he turned out to be ''the one.'' :)

Angela James said...

I want that Dawnkeepers ARC. And you have an LA Banks ARC? Oooh.

So let's see. This was a pretty memorable year, since I got to go to both New Zealand and Australia, which I loved. But in 2009, I actually hope it will be less memorable traveling wise, because 2008 wore me out!

Kara said...

Let's see...something memorable...I would have to say that it was participating in all the great book challenges this year and meeting some many wonderful people.

I hope to keep on blogging in 2009 and start to comment more on other blogs.

KarLyn said...

Great contest! You have many books that I really want to read.

I have two memories to share. First I lost my job in Jan due to the mortgage meltdown. The company went under and we all had to find new jobs. I loved that job so much and it darn near crushed me to say goodbye to so many friends. But blessings come out of hard times, and I landed a dream job a few months later.

My second memory happened yesterday - I got a 10 week old puppy!! She's a 4 pound Norfolk terrier, and so darn cute I can't stand it. Can you say puppy breath??! Ahhhh

Kristie (J) said...

The best thing that happened to me this year was going to San Francisco and meeting so many wonderful people - starting of course with Katie and Sula. Then Rosie and Alice and Lori and Kati for the brief time we had her and Ciara and Carrie and Robin. And once again seeing Wendy, Jane, Sarah and Candy, Angie and I hope I haven't missed anyone - though I know I have. I'll wake up now in the middle of the night and think - Dang it!

sula said...

meeting all you fun folks this year at SF has to be a mega highlight. I feel like we packed a LOT of good times into those few short days. *g*

oh and getting engaged this fall was pretty cool too (although after being in a relationship for 5 years, not completely unexpected. lol)

Next year? Finish my MBA and get married.

Nikki said...

The most memorable thing that happened this year? Well, there were two things. The first was that my daughter's wedding went off without a hitch. Everything was perfect and everyone had a great time.
And the second thing is that after the wedding, the hubs & I took our first ever vacation by ourselves. We drove up through N. Mex. and did some touristy things in Colorado. After nearly 35 years of (mostly) wedded bliss, we enjoyed that vacation very, very much!

Jessica said...

Something (weird but) memorable: A student who works at a large electronics superstore stood up and recited everything I had bought for my family in the last 6 months for the benefit of other students.

Thank god I hadn't bought any -- er-- "adult toys" there.

For next year: Hoping to continue to get to know all the wonderful people I have met online in the romance community since I started my blog.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I hope for 2009 I can finally buy a condo or house. O_O *keeps wishing*

Aymless said...

Lovely idea!

Memorably: Meeting all of you virtually and some in person at RAW in SF.

Hopes: To continue to be employed so that the TRB can grow without guilt!

Anonymous said...

I started dancing Salsa Rueda and discovered something I love even more than reading romance! Next year I will be dancing at the Salsa Rueda Festival in San Francisco, barring horrendous accidents. -- willaful

Leslie said...

The something memorable was watching my 14 yr old daughter perfom in the high school marching band. They perfomed at the state university which was amazing to watch. We'll also be going to San Diego to watch them march in the Holiday Bowl parade and perfom at the half time show.

Hopes for 2009 ~ continued employment for dh and for everyone else who's jobs are unstable.

Brie said...

Memorable: Watching my younger sister walk across the stage and receive her college diploma.

Hopes: For next year to be more prosperous for everyone than this year was.

ReneeW said...

Memorable: My only daughter got married in a beautiful ceremony to a wonderful guy.

Hopes: Peace and prosperity, specifically end the Iraq war and bring our troops home, and wisdom for our world leaders to solve the world economic problems. Personally, I hope my son marries the terrific girl he has been dating for 2 years ... or at least gets engaged :).

Margay said...

I actually had two rather memorable things happen to me this year. One was that I had my first book published. The other was that I met my new state representative, who is helping me with my daughter's special ed case. For 2009, I hope to publish the next in my series of books and build a following for it, but more than that, I hope to finally gain the services my daughter needs to achieve in school and to change the way the people in authority treat the children and families with special needs.

bamabelle said...

Unfortunately, the most memorable thing that happened this year, was a bad one. My father-in-law passed after fighting pancreatic cancer. When I think back on this year, I will always remember that. I'm trying my best to remember him healthy and happy, not sick and frail, but it is hard. I have so much to be thankful for, my children, my husband, and great friends. It's just so hard this time of year when you are missing someone who was so much a part of your life. I hope everyone has been having a good holiday, and has been able to spend time with those they love.

Big hugs all!