Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Calling all Diana Gabaldon Fans!

Have you been wondering when the final installment of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series will be published?

Guess what I have to show you...

This is the UK cover for book #7, and what I believe will be the final book in Gabaldon's series about Clare, that spunky 20th century time traveler, and her wonderful, sexy and loyal redheaded Scot, Jamie. The release date on Amazon UK is March 2010!

Katiebabs who can hardly contain herself!


Anonymous said...

This series is nevah gonna be over.

I dont care if Gabaldon has Jamie and Claire decapitated at the end of book 7. When she changes her mind (and she will), we will see the adventures of Jamie and Claire as ghosts haunting the moors (think Wuthering Heights).

Anyone remember when this series was just suppose to be a trilogy? Anyone? Bueller?

sula said...

omg omg omg. I am such a J&C fangirl, it's not funny. But I'm terrified to read this because I don't want anything bad to happen to them. NO ghosts, plz.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

OMG Seton I may have swallowed my tongue! LMAO!! She could make Jamie and Clare superheroes!

Renee said...

Katiebabs, you are awesome! What a pretty bookcover. Much better than the previous ones. Hopefully, it'll be the same for the US edition.
DG has said (maybe in one of her podcasts?) that Jamie will make it to old age, like 70s or something. He's early 50's in last book, so that gives me hope there will be a few more J & C installments left.

Marg said...

I am pretty sure that DG said not all that long ago that this book is definitely not the last book in the series. (See the site announcement on her website dated 28 September for confirmation).

Whilst this cover is definitely much better than the previous US ones, I must confess that I did love the previous UK ones (which are the ones we get as well) and this one definitely moves away from that style. I am sure it will grow on me!

Lea said...

Hi Katie!

Thank you for dropping by my blog, so nice to "virtually" meet! lol

I have a copy of the orginal "Outlander" on my shelf purchased when it was published in the '90's? Gabaldon was an unknown at that time and the book just blew me away. Beside "Outlander" sits, "Dragonfly In Amber", and sequels up to #5 in hardcover. The fifth one, hmmmm I struggled through it. At that point I felt Claire and Jamie should have been given medals of honour and retired.

I hear they are making a movie of Outlander? Or is that old news? I don't get out much. lol

I always felt the allure of this series was Jamie Fraser. His strength and sheer charisma - through the stratosphere! :)

Love your blog!!

Happy Reading

Mary M. said...

Crap. I had heard about a fall 2009 release date for that book. :( Not that I should be that concerned, given I have yet to read books 4,5 and 6. At the speed I'm going, re-reading the first 3 books plus the last 3 should bring me just about to the end of next year ;-DD (ad yep, even not having read the latest installments I'm still getting excited over #7. I've always been like that :DD)

Love the cover. Still doesn't anything but at least there's color and patterns. I like that.