Thursday, December 11, 2008

And you thought it was all done - Hah!

The wonderful Carrie sent me this link

Isn't he just adorable???

And a story - hopefully some of the people I work with won't be reading this until I tell them. I may have mentioned that I'm going to go see the SYTYCD tour. There are 7 of us at work who are going. I was the one who got the ball rolling as far as going to see it. Well, since I was the ball roller, I was the one elected (or volunteered) to get the tickets. They went on a one day presale starting at noon. Well - I logged onto the internet right at 12:00 noon when they went on sale. I had my screen maximized for extra-curricular internet activity for the first and only time at work but I was just that determined to get tickets. For that time of insanity, I didn't care if I got caught. The number one goal was TO GET THOSE TICKETS! Well - it was a nightmare! I kept getting booted out - it wouldn't load - it was all kinds of hassle. I called the box office twice trying to figure out what was going wrong. Finally!! An hour later I got through - only to discover I could only order 4. But there were 7 of us who wanted to go. So I got the four I was allowed and then went back a little later and ordered another four. I was checking out my Visa statement on line the other day an noticed they took the money out for the two separate transactions, but then they had put one back.
Being a lackadasical type, I kind of didn't do anything about it until yesterday when I called the box office to find out why they put the money back.
Holy Not Good Batman!!! They put two and two together and figured out that I cheated and negated the second set I got. This was yesterday - AFTER THE FINALE. In a state of total panic I asked if it had been sold out and (whew - wiping sweat of my face) was told it wasn't. So back online I went - at work - and ordered the ones I thought were in the bag. Only problem - by this time all the good seats are gone and the set I got are quite a bit further away.
Now I have the horns of a dilemma ahead of me. How do I tell the group that I blew it and that 3 of them aren't nearly as good seats as the others???? There are 2 people who never did watch the show - they are only going for a night out. They would be good candidates but the others are pretty dedicated fans of the show - not quite like I am though. Part of me is thinking of being a martyr and taking the third not so good seat - but the Krisite in me says 'Hell no girl!!! Are you whacked or something? Who else but you spent two hours voting each Wednesday night - staying up past their bedtime?"
There was one other of the group who also voted - but she only voted about 10 times.
Two have paid me back so far.

So - I may as well ask for advice now. What would any of you do?


nath said...

Hi Kristie :)

So when is the big date?

I say talk with them and explain the situation. See what they say. I mean, you can't be totally blamed for it. You got good seats, but they refused you.

Oh, and don't sacrifice yourself LOL :) It's not worth it when you're the biggest fan. I'm sure they'll understand.

LorelieLong said...

Tell them what happened. If no one volunteers to take the crappy seats, tell them it will be determined by who pays last.

Kristie (J) said...

Lorelie: I thought of that - whoever pays last - but one of them is a single mother with two jobs. I told them all the day I got the tickets, that as long as they paid me back before the show - I was fine with it - I can carry it on my credit card. So what with Christmas coming up it doesn't seem quite right to put that on her. Not to mention the fact that she's good friends with my son (and I'd worked there for over a year before we found out that connection:-) In fact - I get the feeling that it might not be just a strictly platonic friendship. I'm wild to know - but figure if it's more then that they will eventually tell me. On top of that - she's one of the bigger fans of the show. So those factors put a kink in that plan!
And I'm pretty sure the two who've never watched it won't mind the crappy seats - it's that third one that has me scratching my head for a solution.

Nath: It's February 16 - or 18 - not sure which - whatever is a Wednesday night. Another interesting fact is I work 3 different shifts. The late one is 10 to 6. Since we are planning on going out for dinner first and maybe a drink after - depending how late it runs of course I don't want the later shift. But one of the girls coming is also on the shift schedule so she doesn't want it either. But since I'm the one who does the shifts - I'm going to have to stick the third girl on our team with that one that day - and she hates it!
See - I have this power - and power just isn't something I'm real comfortable with *g*

azteclady said...

First: not your fault at all; you tried your best and the system beat you.

Second: you have done the lion share of the work, not to mention financing the purchase of the tickets, no way you are going to sit all the way up in the not-so-good seats, even if you weren't the biggest fan in the group.

Third: I think that telling them what happened and asking who wouldn't mind taking the not-so-good seats.

Third (b): If not enough people volunteer, then doing a lottery (short straw kinda thing) would be the way to go.

(Me, I wouldn't include myself in the drawing, but if you wanna be really fair...)

Good luck, Kristie!

Nancy (your sister) said...

Hey Kris,

You should take the good seat of course, you did all the work. I would leave it up to all the others to decide who gets the last not so good seat. Or you could also have an anti raffle so the winner is actually the looser.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Take the best seats! I would. You have been so dedicated to this, you deserve to sit in those seats.