Thursday, December 11, 2008

I know it's winter but......

Here's another reason to hate the Yankees - as if we needed another one!

In this time of economic stress for just about EVERYONE, they sign their most recent acquisition, CC Sabathia to a $161 MILLION - that's MILLION dollar contract.


Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

You should see how much money the new Yankees stadium is costing. Sick!

Wendy said...

You know, I'm not that upset about this. C.C. is easily 50 pounds overweight (and that's conservative...probably more like 100). It wouldn't be a stretch for him to pack on even more pounds and turn into a heavier version of Carl Pavano.

But yeah, that much money? Hello?! Did baseball learn nothing from the Barry Zito debacle?

And brace yourself - the Yankees are also sniffing around A.J. Burnett. Now Burnett is pretty much out of Toronto anyway you slice it....but for a while the Braves were in the lead in that race. Now the Yankees have stepped in.

Just more reasons to hate them Kristie :)

Hilcia said...

But I bet if the Red Sox had gotten this guy, everybody would have been OVER the moon! But its the Yanks, I know... and its the "thing" to just hate on them.
Having said that (and being an obvious Yankee fan) I'll say, that even with the $$$gizillion they've spent, we haven't seen a World Series in quite a while. That should still make everyone happy :D.

Wendy said...

Nah, the Sox getting him wouldn't have been any better either.

It's the money I can't wrap my mind around. Especially after the Barry Zito mess. Just goes to show that there's a real shortage of "quality" pitching around the league.

Kristie (J) said...

Hilcia: *laughing* What Wendy said. Since I'm a Jays fan - neither Boston nor New York would have been good. And like Wendy said too, I wouldn't have cared nearly as much if it weren't for the SIZE of what he signed for.
While I worry every day if my oldest son who works in the auto industry, will have a job - the Steinbrenner Bozo Boys are paying an OBSCENE amount of money. It's the arrogance of the whole thing.

Wendy: I'm resigned to loosing Burnett. He's a hot/cold kind of player anyway and is often injured. Mind you - last season was a hot season for him. But losing him to the Yankees will be a bitter pill - if this happens.
And I hope this comes back to bite the Yankees in the butt!!

Katie: I'm still in denial that there will be no more Yankee Stadium. While I say I hate the Yankees - it's not so much them I hate - I mean the tradition that they have is incredible. It's the owners who make me see red. So I can only imagine what they are doing

Hilcia said...

Hah! The $ and the Steinbrenners! Yes... we Yankee fans are right there with you on the Steinbrenners AND on loosing Yankee Stadium, believe me on that one. Just hate it that our beloved "Yanks" get all the flack because of them -- not fair -- but then who said life is fair, right? This is baseball afterall, lol!

Mary M. said...

I already don't like the Yankees - I'm a Sox fans. But Christ, this is unbelievable. Reading of so much money spent on sports, or more accurately one SINGLE sports playe is infuriating. For how many year is that contract?