Friday, December 26, 2008

Embracing Midnight Book Review

Erotic author, Devyn Quinn has always been a guilty pleasure read for me. She writes great romances that feature men that are vampires who don’t just need blood to survive, but also feed off the sexual energy of the woman they are with. Devyn always makes sure to put at least one smoking hot ménage a trio scene in her books. Embracing Midnight is a bit different from her past few books. The vampire hero in this one is actually an alien from another planet that has vampire like tendencies. So even though this could be considered a paranormal romance, Embracing Midnight can also fall into the Sci-Fi genre also. And I have to say that Devyn does make the combo alien-vampire hybrid work very well. And rather than have a ménage a trios scene, the heroine is pleasure by three drop dead gorgeous alien-vampire men. After that scene, all I could think was that Callie is one lucky woman!

FBI agent Callie Whitten is undercover trying to catch the elusive killer, Iollan Drake. Drake is a well known outlaw who is suspected of killing various women as well as a few of Callie’s fellow agents. One night Callie is returning to her apartment after working undercover at a Goth club where Drake frequents. Surprisingly Drake is waiting for her. He knows her by her alias, Calista, and wants to get to know her better because he has had his eye on her. Callie thinks this is her chance to capture Drake and even though it isn’t the smartest move, she invites him into her place. Since Drake oozes sex, and Callie is in the mood for no strings attached sex, she allows Drake to have his way with her. Callie has the most intense sexual experience of her life and since she likes a bit of pain with her pleasure, Drake gives her both. Callie was a former foster kid who had had a lot of past abuse in her life. Men have used her for their own sexual pleasure, which includes her married ex-lover and boss, Roger. She also used to cut herself as a way to get passed her emotional pain. She feels sex is also a way to let go and allows Drake to use her body, as well as give her what she needs.

Roger doesn’t like the fact that Callie has gotten so close to Drake. His boss wants Callie to start a sexual relationship with the suspect, and Callie is all too willing to go that next step. She can’t understand how Drake is able to reach through all her defenses, and when he comes to her again, she sees a side of him that is not human. Drake is an alien life form known as a Niviane Idesha, a type of alien vampire that can only drink blood from their partner while they are sexually aroused. Drake can only come out at night, and during the day he must hide in the shadows. Callie is ashamed that she has fallen for this alien, and that he is on the most wanted list. But when Drake is captured by the FBI, Callie has to decide to help free him or allow him to become a subject to be experimented on and destroyed.

Devyn has taken the vampire myth and changes it in a way that is so very creative by making her vampire characters alien life forms. Embracing Midnight is an intense sexual suspense story where the enemy is not just Drake but those who hunt him. You would think Roger is one of the good guys, but what he does to Callie is so horrible. Because Roger is so obsessed with taking Drake down, he will take Callie down also just because she has fallen to Drake. The way Roger punishes Callie is the worst thing a man can do to a woman. And it is not really that hard to guess what he does. Poor Callie is stuck in the middle as she is caught in the grasp of Drake’s sexual longings. Because Callie has a difficult past that deals with rape and cutting herself, she has many emotional issues and Drake is the only one who gives her what she wants both physically and emotionally. The sex between Drake and Callie is very, very hot but also tender.

Devyn writes very creative stories and pushes her limits. Embracing Midnight is one of the darkest books she has ever written. But because she has a nice balance between the sex and violence, she really makes it work. I was also very impressed with the way Devyn wrote Callie. And who would have thought that alien vampire creatures could be so sexy? (Kensington)

3 ½ stars out of 5 stars

Katiebabs (KB)


Lea said...

Hi Katie:

I am a huge fan of Devyn Quinn's writing. Embracing Midnight is in my TBR and after reading your thorough review I am looking forward to reading the book even more.

Thank you

Devyn Quinn said...

Thanks for your nice review. :) I appreciate the time you took to read the book!