Monday, December 08, 2008

And then there was the finale - Updated for Bev!

Group Dance

My favourite dancer's last words

And then - the winner

Humpff: Well - it seems as if someone somewhere deleted some of the dances so I offer this in it's place. Hopefully it won't get delted!!

And in a funny turn of events - it seems Nico doesn't have a driver's license. You see there was an article in the local paper about it and as I'm as nutty at work about this show as I am here, I actually got people to vote - now if I could use my powers for political gain....when I got back from lunch, a co-worker had cut it out and put it on my computer monitor at work.


nath said...

Did you doubt one second that he was going to be the winner? You must be happy :D

Kristie (J) said...

Nath: *grin* There's never a sure thing - but I was hoping and crossing my fingers. And yep - I was quite happy with the final two!

Nancy said...

Hey Kris,
What would have done if Nicko didn't win?

Bev(QB) said...

OMFGBBQ!! KRISTIE!! They all say "video no longer available"!!!

So I went to Youtube and searched "So You Think You Can Dance" Canada finale 2008 and all I get is 2007!!!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You got me addicted to this thing and I can't watch the finale now? AAARRRGGGHHH!

I take it from the comments, though, that our man won? Although, really, it would have been a complete shock if he hadn't. But, dammit, I wanna SEE him win! ::grumble:evilYoutube:grumble::

Kristie (J) said...

Bev: I just found out myself that they yanked all the videos and it's just about breaking my heart.
While the show is over now, at least I had the consolation of knowing that I could watch them on YouTube!!

Yippee Skippee - I just discovered another source for some of them. Bev, if you're quick, you can see some of it. Nico's last words are still gone, but the winning moment and the group Dirty Dancing routine are back - for the time being anyway!!

Nance: I would have survived - but it would have taken a while to get over the disappointment *g*

Bev(QB) said...

YEAH!!! Thanks, Kristie! Too funny that he can't drive, but I bet he gives the car to his parents, assuming that is who they showed in the audience.

You know, you may have me drawn and quartered for saying this, but I don't really care as much for his solo dances. But when he is with a partner, I can't take my eyes off him. He's totally captivating. For me, the dance I STILL can't get out of mind is the one he did with Arassay (I think) where they were a couple that was angry at each other and they were literally attacking each other throughout the dance. Amazing, powerful performance.

Now he needs to capitalize on this fame and find ways of remaining in the public eye (preferably shirtless ;-p). Maybe some smart company will snatch him up and use him for their marketing campaigns.

Kristie (J) said...

Bev: *chuckle* glad I could help. I can only imagine how frustrating it may have been to be watching this vicariously and then not being able to see the dénouement. So I’m glad it was available through someone else who so posted on YouTube.
As for his solo routines, I’ll admit there was a sameness to some of them. There were a couple I really enjoyed – the final one he did and the one where he was wearing a mask he ripped off But what awed me the most was the way he could move and twist and bend his body yet keep it so controlled. And yep – some of his dances with partners were AMAZING!! My two faves were the Guardian Angel routine he did with Arassay and the Leaving for War one he did with Allie. When I get home from work, I’ll have to look on the alternate source and see if I can replace them!!
And I did some investigating (with MUCH help from Carrie – imitating Tre – “you rock it girlfriend) I discovered that alas, he has a girlfriend – thus killing my romantic fantasy of a love connection between he and Arassay *sigh – followed by moment of fantasy ended*. His girlfriend is a dancer and choreographer and together they have a dance troupe of which Vincent is a member. I’ve seen a couple of fuzzy clips of it on YouTube – ah the wonders of – and it’s quite the –um- racy dancing.
So now – with two members being in the top ten, I expect that once the SYTYCD tour is over, their dance troupe will experience incredible success and attention.