Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The saga of the door - and a treat

You may have noticed my lack of regular blogging lately. I'm not in the category of not blogging that some are (did that make sense?) but I normally do more than I have lately.

The door falling off threw me for quite a loop. Odd thing, but it was the culmination of a bunch of stuff. Ron had habit of repeating things to me in case I forgot (which to give him credit, I usually did). One of them was to make sure the back door was shut tight. I think he must have said that to me about 4 or 5 times a week - so it was the cuckoo thing all over again.

Anyway - the boys came over to visit on Sunday. Brent got there first and he could tell I was kinda depressed. Then Ryan came over and - well - we ended up having a bit of a tiff. I sat in the kitchen crying (trying to do it quietly - do you know how hard that is when you want to sob at the top of your lungs - it's tough!~) So the boys took pity on me and went out to get a door. Only trouble - the door they came back with - that I was expected to reimburse them for - is butt ugly!! I kind of had other doors picked out. Nice doors. Fancy doors. Girly doors if there is such a thing. But the door they came back with was such a guy door. Not a single curly swirl on it. It's just plain white with a screen at the top and boring old aluminum at the bottom.

And of course Brent had to leave before they got it on. Ryan tried valiantly to put it up. I offered to help but he is such a guy and said he didn't need help. Well - he got the frame up and then went to put the new door on. And the new door is too short. Now at this point I could have pointed out that he perhaps should have measured first. Or if they had taken me with them (silently sobbing) I could have picked one out for myself. But I was a good mama. I didn't say anything like that except thanks and wrote out a cheque.

So now he has decided to put the old (broken) door back on with new door hinges. But he needed someone strong(ger than me) to hold the door on. So until he gets hold of some friends or Brent, the second (new and ugly guy) door is sitting beside the (old broken) door in the kitchen.

In other news - although I've been having a bit of a rough patch - there has been good stuff. My picture supplying friend and I went to a Jann Arden concert Saturday night. I don't know how well known she is in the U.S. but she's a very good singer. And she's also very very funny! I thought I'd treat you all to a couple of her videos *g*.

First up - "Insensitive"

"I Would Die For You"
OK, OK - I know it's not her video - it's from Smallville - but it is a very nice song and she has a beautiful voice!

'til later


nath said...

Oh Kristie *hugs* I hope you do feel better. I think it's normal that you miss Ron... normal and healthy... and LOL about the doors and your sons! You're such a good mom tho :) My mom would have lecture me to death about the measuring thing... by the way, can't you go return the ugly door? (psst - your sons don't read your blog right? LOL)

Lori said...

(((hugs))). What is it about guys? Bob did the same kind of stupid thing when we went to replace our screen. Only you were much nicer. I made him take it back *g*

Kristie (J) said...

Nath: unfortunately he can't return the door because he took the old door frame off and put the new door frame on. What was really strange was he had to cut some of the new door frame off because the frame was too long - but the door is too short!! So however you look at it, I'm stuck with two doors - both ugly!

Lori: I don't know! I think they are born with different genes. And there was such a nice door in one of the flyers - with nice fancy grillwork and everything - a real woman's kind of door. But did they pick that one? Noooo. They went for the sturdy guy door

Tara Marie said...

I'm sorry you're feeling blue, it takes time.

The door thing must be in the y chromosome. My husband works for a contractor supply company that specializes in windows and doors, but also sells kitchens and bathrooms. My hubby is the window and door specialist--right--left on his own he managed to come home with the ugliest (I feel your pain) storm door for our back door, when I specifically asked for a farmhouse styled one with scroll work. The ugly one has now been up for 5 years.

Giselle said...

Just wanted to send you *hugs*

Kaitlin said...

I really like Jann Arden, especially the CD that was big here in the states. Insensitive is a wonderful song. :)

I'm sorry you're going thru a tough time. I always find grief strange because it hits at the weirdest times. You think you're doing well & then BAM! something comes up that knocks you back a few steps.

Here's a hug for you. Hope you feel better. :)

Jenster said...

You're such a good and nice mama. *g*

I hope all is a bit better for you now.

Kristie (J) said...

Jenster: Thanks - and believe me - I was patting myself on the back for keeping my mouth shut - it wasn't easy I tell you when I saw that door.

Kaitlin: I do get hit with things at the oddest times. It is hard sometimes.

Giselle: thank you!

Tara: It is a guy thing isn't it *sigh*

Suisan said...

definitely a guy thing. Humph.