Thursday, April 12, 2007

Obsessed by LibraryThing

A while ago, I started noticing on blogs, this thing at the side called LibraryThing. I loved the way it had rotating pictures and decided I wanted one of my own. I signed up, entered some books and promptly forgot the password and user name, not an unusual occurence for me I'm afraid. So I joined again and re-added all the books I had under the first name. It's a free service for (I think) the first 200 books. Well, it wasn't long before I had 200 books entered. I thought about joining and was really encouraged to by reading more about it on Sybil's blog.
It wasn't that much to join up and add an unlimited amount of books. So far I have 1,338 - with a lot more still to add.
I love my excel spreadsheet and with Rosario's help, it's a work of beauty - coloured graphs and everything. But LibraryThing is really another neat way to catalogue books if you don't know excel.
But the part that really has me obsessed now, is adding book cover pictures to the books I've catalogued that don't have them. You can change or add covers if you want to. I had a lot of problems doing this at first and sent an email to the owners asking for help and someone got back to me the next day and 'talked' me through adding book covers. I've spent many a night scanning covers and adding them. There are also some other neat features. You can check out what other readers have in their libraries. I've even picked up a couple of books that way.
I've noticed quite a few bloggers have it, but I think it would be good even for those without blogs as a neat way to track books.
And nope - not getting paid for this endorsement *g*. I just think it's nifty keen.

'til later


ames said...

I like librarything too. I have two free account, one of the books I've read and own, and another of books from my tbr pile. LOL

Bev (BB) said...

Somehow during one of my theme changes, I lost my LibraryThing account. Which is okay because I wasn't keeping it up at that time. I've been thinking of playing around with it again.

Kris said...

I did Library Thing until I hit my limit and did not have the money to add more at the time. But I have not gotten back to it since.

ReneeW said...

This is so funny because I was going to blog about this exact same subject. I am totally hooked on LibraryThing. I went over the 200 book limit and decided to pay for the lifetime membership. Wow you have a ton of books in it! I only have 333 so far and those are my keepers. I still have my 200 TBR books to add. I found a username of Kristj and thought that was you but there are only about 100 books in it. What's your username? Mine is reneebooks. I want to compare libraries.

I too love adding images to all my books and have spend quite a few evenings do that.

ReneeW said...

Oh, never mind. I found you!

Kristie (J) said...

Renee: Well - Kristiej was me - before I forgot the password *g*. Now I'm dkthain. But then you said you found me anyway :) It is fun isn't it? I'll have to look you up and compare

Kris: It really is a pretty good deal - and a great way to categorize books.

Bev: I bet there's a lot more stuff since you started using it. There are message boards and all kinds of other really neat stuff. And lots of fellow romance readers *g*.

Ames: I just kept to the 200 for a while and then thought - what the hell - and then found there were a lot more features when you're a member.

Wendy said...

I've decided that when I do my TBR inventory that I'm going to put it on LibraryThing (I have an account, but no titles listed). Maybe the public shame of seeing how many unread books I own will cut down on my hording tendencies.

Yeah, and maybe tomorrow I'm crowned the Queen of England.

Rosie said...

I've seen the LIBRARY THING and thought about doing it but 200 would barely put a dent in my library. But maybe I'll go the same route as you Kristie and go unlimited.

Wendy, that just cracks me up.

Jennie said...

I love LibraryThing too, but I didn't know you could change the covers listed! Cool. I'll have to figure it out. ;)

Kristie (J) said...

Jennie: it's pretty easy. You just go into edit a book, then on the left hand side it says Your Book with a picture. Under that it says change cover. If you click on that sometimes there are alternate covers. If there aren't then you can upload a cover of your own. The problem I had was getting it small enough. But when I sent an email asking for help, they were very prompt in getting back to me with the answer.

Rosie: another neat feature is you can do book reviews and tags. I have no idea what a tag is or how it works but I've done a few reviews.

Wendy: LOL - I have brief moments when I'm a bit concerned about the TBR pile too - but I always seem to get over it real quick.

ag said...

Yeah, kristie. I love my library thing bookshelf too.

Here's my secret: I would sometimes refersh my page just to see which books show up.

Bookwormom said...

I haven't used this site, but it does look neat. Maybe one of these days when I don't have anything to read... LOL ;)

Kookie said...

Love LibraryThing, too...although I don't update my list as much as i should.