Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Updated TBR pile

Well - it's been a while since I showed pictures of the library. After reading JMC's recent post, I thought it was time again since it's grown immensely since last time. I just took this one and then thought I should clean it up a bit.
(hint - if you click on the pictures you get a real good close up)

Before Straightening

And this is
After Straightening

(hmmmm - I think I'm going to have to a do-over of these two - must have been shaking pretty bad there)

And more pictures of TBR's. This is why I need to get that other
book shelf built

A long shot view

And this is my upstairs bookcase. I don't know if I've ever shown these before

And yes - in the left picture those are pictures of Brent (left) and Ryan (right) in the left picture - the two with lousy door tastes. They aren't very good pictures though - they are much more handsome than the pictures - and they are old pictures too

In case the ever so talented Nora Roberts ever sees this - these is my In Death collection

'til later


nath said...

Wow, that's pretty much amazing Kristie :D Your TBR pile is almost as big as the amount of books I own! I have a question, though, how do you choose your next book?

Rosario said...

Your JD Robb collection comes with a cat? I was robbed! *g*

Jennie said...

Wow! I just spent about 10 minutes blowing all your pictures up to read the spines.

My TBR is tiny compared to yours. I sort of feel good about that, but mostly I just feel sad. And jealous cuz you have so many more books than me. ;)

Rosie said...

It feels so good to get things straightend out doesn't it. Although I usually end up taking waaaay longer because I begin to scan and read parts of books.

I jsut read your posts about the screen doors. *sigh* You are so nice. I don't think I could have kept quiet.

Kristie (J) said...

Nath: Believe it or not - that's not including the ones I have in the bedroom either! There are about 20 in there!! And it is hard to pick one to read! I usually go by whatever genre I feel like reading and pick one from that.

Rosario: LOL She's such a little camera hog! I didn't notice until I blew them up she's also in another one. But she knows where I keep her treats (top shelf) and she was probably hoping to get lucky and score herself some :)

Jennie: I went cross eyed trying to pick out the books on the top two pictures. And it is a scary pile that's for sure!!

Rosie: it sure is hard to leave that room sometimes. Every time I go in there there are all kinds of books I want to read over again!
And as for the boys - well I knew they were trying to make their mama feel better - even if they last the least amount of taste - so I couldn't really say what I wanted to say.*g*

Nicole said...

WOW! I am soooo uber jealous of all your books and your space to put them. One day I'll have a room, I hope. lol

I saw Pattie Burg in there, you gotta let me know how she is. I have a book or two by her but have never read her yet.

Oh and Connie Brockway? YOU HAVE TO READ HER! I loved that series you have two of the books to.

Chantal said...

Ohhhh, nice TBR pile.
You got some great books in there.

Rowena said...

Man, I think your TBR pile is bigger than the books that I own.


Lucky girl!! =)

Jodi_Lee_McG said...

Oh my goodness...I am speechless beyond that.