Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Coming out of it a bit

Well, I think I can talk in complete sentences now. It was a rough go there for a couple of days. I'd come home very zombie like, sit in front of the TV and stare at - not really watch - The Young and the Restless. I'd be thinking "I don't really want to watch this. I could be reading instead." But I just didn't want to have to try and comprehend another thing. And while I do love it, reading is also comprehending something.
I think the brain is kind of like a sponge. Mine is older than some and as a result, already has a lot of useless tidbits of information soaking it up. So anymore I don't bother trying to remember things I don't need to know at the moment. One of those things is peoples names. I'm terrible at it at the best of times. Although I've been where I am now since November, if I didn't have any interaction with some of the people, I didn't try and clog up my brain with their names. Well, now I'm interacting with a whole bunch of people I never did before so now I not only have to try and remember what to do in the new job, and man is there a lot, I also have to try and remember the names of people now too. I've been concentrating so hard and writing such copious notes, I'm just a wreck when I get home.
And not only that - I've been loosing very badly at Free Cell too! I think my winning percentage is about 35%!!!

In other news - while looking at me rather oddly on the weekend as I tore up pieces of paper with names written on them, I told Lisa she had to pick one.
She picked Ames! Ames who is trying to lessen her book pile *g*. So, if you send me an email with your addy, I can send you a most excellent book!

I also asked Lisa how she would like to write a review for me for the blog. She said she didn't like romance and I replied that would be part of the fun - a romance review from a non-romance lovers point of view. While not exactly agreeing - she gave me another odd look, she said that would mean I'd have to read one of her books - she's a mystery reader.
So now I'm trying to think of the perfect book for her to read. The only ones we have in common that we both like are the Stephanie Plum books. (I ask her who she likes better, Joe or Ranger - but she kind of rolls her eyes at me). Nance, our other sister, likes those ones too.
I'm kind of leaning towards To Die For by Linda Howard. But then again - there's always Dreaming of You. But I think that one might be further down the road - once I have her converted :)

'til later


CindyS said...

Do you have Take A Chance On Me by Susan Donovan? (I think that's the author) There is a cute dog in the story. Not sure if that would help or hinder ;)

Sorry about work but those notes will come in very handy. Don't forget LOST is on tonight ;) I'm extremely horrible with names also and I'm at the point now where I don't over think it - I'll eventually figure out the name.


Sister Nancy said...

Hey Kris:

I would give Lisa the romanacist (not a real word I am sure) romance you have. I mean if you are going to make her read one have fun with it, watch all her eye rolls as she reads it. You could count them and put them in as an after thought in her review. It could almost be her own special review. "That was a 10 eye roll romance, must be really mushy." Oh what fun you could have. I mean how many times has she had fun at your expense. As me being a recipient of many of her eye rolls I say go for it. lol

sister Nancy

ames said...

Hey Kristie!

I'm overjoyed that I won an excellent book. And very surprised! Thanks.

I'm also glad you can talk in complete sentences now. I remember when I started where I work now, as the receptionist, I had to remember everyone's name immediately-eek. But I didn't really have to learn anything new, so I feel for you.

ames said...

Also thanks to Lisa for picking my name. :P

Stacy~ said...

Tough call. What about the In Death series - have you read them? That way you can get her hooked on the entire series LOL.

I'm so glad you're doing better, and good luck with the "conversion".

Wendy said...

Karen Rose. She writes good suspense, good characters and the romance doesn't get lost along the way. I'm thinking she'll appeal to a mystery reader....

Rosie said...

Since your sister likes Plum she'll probably like the Howard book. Glad you're feeling better.

Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: I do have that one - it's one to consider. She does like dogs *g*

And I KNEW she was a plant on Lost!! I knew it!

Nance: It's so tempting to go total mush. But I know she'd hate it - so it depends on how evil I feel if she agrees ;-)

Ames: I'll thank Lisa for you. And as for names - I usuall go for trying to remember one a day. But know I'm having to do a crash course and remember 5 a day

Stacy: I LOVE the In Death books. But she's tried one and declared it too romancy. (??????) She's a tough nut.

Wendy: I don't have any Karen Rose books to lend her - I've never tried her myself either. But it's another thought.

Rosie: Unless I got completely romancy - I think the Howard might be the one. And she was with me when I asked the guy in the hardware store if he had any pink hammers *g*

The Book Girl, A.K.A. Jodi said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. :)

I'm with sister nancy - if it was me, I would give her the sappiest one ya got. Oh, and there's always Sebastian St. Vincent - DIW. ;)

sybil said...

I do vote for DiW. LOL or how about Murder in the Hamptons or I Love you To Death by Amy Garvey. She is quick and fun (and mystery).