Thursday, January 05, 2006

Where have all the authors gone - Sing it with me

Where have all the authors gone
Long time pa as sing
Where have all the authors gone
Long time ago

You must be of a certain age to once again understand what the heck I’m talking about

Sub title

Top 10 Missing in Action or I really miss them list

No, No you’re probably thinking – not another list! Hey! I said I was a machine

Tom & Sharon Curtis/Laura London: So far I’ve read what four of their books – Windflower, Sunshine & Shadows, Lightning That Lingers and Love’s a Stage. I have one left on my TBR pile. I'm kind of like Cindy. She has a certain book that she isn't reading yet because she knows she's going to love it and she doesn't have one as good to replace it. I have one London left and as soon as I read it, I know that will be the end of the run until I find some more. Each one of these has been such a treasure. I’ve mentioned this wonderful writing couple every time I read one of their books and how much they are missed.

Elizabeth Elliot: What made me think of this list – since I was I list making mode – was reading on cw’s blog her question as to whatever happened to Elizabeth Elliot. I think this is the most frequently asked about author on AAR too as readers continue to discover her books and seek out more. Especially frustrating is we were kind of left up in the air. There is a story just dying to be told about the brother-in-law. She wrote three books and a short story – that’s it. I haven’t read her short story but I read Warlord, and Betrothed, two wonderful medievals and Scoundrel a historical. That’s it! That’s her entire backlist. The last one was published in 1996, ten years ago now. But it just goes to show for all those who haven’t read these wonderful books, the impact that three books and a short story have had on all those who have read her books, that we are still waiting ten years later. If you haven’t read her before, and if you’re a fan of especially medievals – DO NOT MISS HER!

Judith Ivory: Her last published book was Untie My Heart published in 2002. We hear from her from time to time. She participated in a round table discussion at AAR last year, but still – no book and there doesn’t seem to be any on the horizon that I know of. While not quite everyone’s cup of tea, I really have enjoyed her books and I have just about all of them in my collection – most read and loved.

Marsha Canham: I wasn’t sure whether to include her or not. Not because I don’t think she a wonderful writer – she is. I have almost her entire back list and they are fabulous. No, the reason I wasn’t sure if I should include her is we know what happened to her. She retired to spend time with her family. I’ve heard grumblings that one of the issues that prompted her retirement was she didn’t like the way things were headed in the publishing world. Whether that is true or not I don’t know since I’ve never read anywhere she said that. Regardless, she has given us many a wonderful story and if she ever decides to come ‘out of retirement’ she will be most warmly welcomed back. She wrote Westerns (love ‘em), Medievals (‘love ‘em) Historicals (love ‘em) Pirate Adventure (can take or leave those – hah! Fooled you) and wrote them all most excellently

Danelle Harmon: She has a web page and according to the last entry, she had personal reasons for not writing. That was in 2003. She has a wonderful series going about four brothers, The Wild One, The Beloved One, The Defiant One and The Wicked One. I read these all and they were very very good. The latest one was published in January 2001. She also has a few more including a few (RADAR going up) Pirate books. I have couple in my TBR pile thanks to some friends and I’m hoping to get to them very soon. specially if AngieW has a pirate theme month – just for me! like in say June or July to get everyone psyched for the release of Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest starring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. That way everyone who doesn’t have a pirate book TBR can get one early enough that it could be considered a TBR book – Stop! Enough! – back to the subject

Ackhem - sorry about that

Kristin Kyle: She’s another author with a very short back list, but the ones she had left a lasting impression on my. Well the ones I’ve read. I still have one TBR if I can past the cover. She had a most excellent Futuristic with Nighthawk and another really good read with The Last Warrior. She also has/had a web site in which she stated she left writing for two reasons. The first reason was health issues, but the second one was much more maddening. She couldn’t get a publisher. Her book sales for the last two books were not very good. And no wonder. The covers were horrid! Whoever decided on those ones should have been shot. She has a wonderful way to tell a story and I still miss her writing very much.

Rebecca Paisley: Her writing can best be described as quirky. I love quirky. A couple of times she went a wee bit over the quirky quota and while I was reading her book I had major eye roll problems but overall I really quite like her books. The last book of hers I have was published in 1996. I would love to see her return to writing

Julianna Garnett: The last book I can find that she wrote was The Laird published in 2002. She also wrote a few other medieval books like Scotsman (I’m wincing just in case Maili sees this), The Vow, The Quest, The Knight, The Magic and The Baron. They were all very entertaining. Before that she wrote a couple of Westerns under the name Virginia Brown. Interestingly enough, while I was looking stuff up at Amazon, I noticed another romance book published in 2005 by Virginia Brown called Deadly Design. It has a picture of a cat on the front. I wonder if it’s the same person? Perhaps Nicole (our cat cover loving reader) might know.

Eve Byron/Connie Rinehold: She came onto my radar years ago with a simply wonderful book Letters from a Stranger about two lonely people who “met” and fell in love by mail. He was a major stationed in Europe at the crossroads in his career and she was a former child beauty queen who had learned to cover her childhood pain in writing letters to strangers. I love this book, it’s a great comfort read. She followed that one up with a most interesting ghost story based on the old poem The Highwayman. I’m vividly reminded of this book every time I hear the haunting song by Loreena McKennit. She disappeared for a while and then resurfaced as Eye Byron. I have one or two of her books. (I must say again – I am giving myself some great books to look for here). The last known book I can find for her is October 1999. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised is she suffered from Bad Coveritis. Cough *avon* cough

Tamara Leigh: She wrote some wonderful Medievals and then just up and disappeared. And kewl – looks like there are 2 of hers I missed somehow. The last one I have came out in 1996 – The Saxon Bride. Somehow I missed a Medieval Time Travel that come out in 1997 – double kewl and another one Blackheart (wowzers – I’m glad I did this) came out in 2001. Nothing since then from this author. And there are way too few medievals coming out these days.

Hope Tarr: Now I added her because she confused me. She has three books out, all wonderful despite My Lord Jack being one of the considerations for the Worst Cover. Then we had Tempting with a most gorgeous cover. From the ridiculous to the sublime she went. Tempting was published in 2002. Then she seemed to disappear book wise but has still had quite a noticeable on-line presence. I wondered what was going on. Happy news to end with. I checked her website and she has the first in a new series due to come out in July and it looks quite interesting.
Nice to end this on a high note.

Now if I were to sit down with these ten women and one guy this is what I would say

To those of you who decided for one reason or another to quit your writing, I just want to thank you for the hours of reading pleasure you gave me. If you should decide in the future that you have another story you want to tell, please let me know. That would just make my day. For those of you who aren’t writing because the publishing industry done you wrong, is there anything we as readers and fans of your books can do to correct this injustice?

‘til later


Jay said...

wow I've never heard of any of these people except for the first duo and that's only because I've heard you talk about them before.

Avid Reader said...

Canham retired. Yeah. I think she retired. Sure I heard that somewhere online.

erika said...

Wendy Burge wrote two interesting books and then nothing even though her website said she had a book in the works. It's been 2 to 3 years.
Eve Bryon-loved her books and I wish she was still writing under that name. And Harmon was a fav author too.

CindyS said...

It's good to know that I am not the only one who hoards books that she knows will be a great read. Believe it or not but, I have 2 Anne Stuarts on ice and 2 earlier Brockmanns (you know, when she was on her game). I know I will love all these books so they sit on my bookshelves to make me happy.

Also, when I find a new to me author that I love, I will buy all their books whenever I see them but then I will only read one book about every 5 to 6 months so I don't run out. This is the case for Kleypas (I have lots of hers to read - woohoo!) and Julia Quinn (I think I have all the Bridgeton ones and have read three - I didn't appreciate the last one)

I also went through the favourite lists at AAR for each author and bought the top rated books for authors that interested me. Eg. I have Nora Robert's 'Born In' series waiting in the pile. Here is where I will also say I have a few Balogh's in the TBR pile.

Knowing I have 2 Anne Stuart's in the pile makes it easy to start reading her new books the minute I get my hands on them!


Nicole said...

According to Virginia Brown's site, yes, she is the author you mean. I've been meaning to check out her mystery series (yes, because of the one book with the cat on it).

romancelover said...

I read somewhere that Harmon is still recovering from the death of her father; apparently it really destroyed her and she can't write right now. Re: Ivory..conflicting info...the most recent is that she writing a series for AVON.
- Daniela

Tara Marie said...

You listed 6 of old favorites--Elliot, Ivory, Canham, Garnett, Byron and Leigh.

1. I didn't know Byron=Connie Rinehold, I've never read Rinehold.

2. What are the titles of the Leigh's I've only read the "Bride" series.

3. I like quirky too, but could never get into Paisley. I'm curious have you re-read her recently??

Bev (BB) said...

Eve Byron is missing? Hmm. I could've sworn she had a new book out recently . . . and I also never knew she was Connie Rhinehold. Another name to check out. (G)

Elizabeth Elliot being lamented is old news to me, but I've wondered about whether Tamara Leigh was still writing or not. Her books were . . . interesting, in an odd way.

Caro said...

Re Tamara Leigh . . .
She is now writing for the Christian market, if that is the right expression. There is a review of her latest book in Publisher's Weekly.

Kristie (J) said...

Jay: that's prolly 'cause I've been reading romance for sooooo many years now ;)

Avid Reader: I read a post from Marsha herself on anothe message board some time ago announcing her retirement *sad sigh*

Erika: Never heard of Wendy Burge (As long as I've been reading romance I'm always surprised when I miss one). I'll have to look her up

Cindy: Now see - I didn't know you had THAT many in reserve :) Prepare to be hounded - you and Nicole

Nicole: sigh - another historical author leaves the fold. *grin* I thought you might have noticed that one. BTW - I have Ron about 90% ready to become a cat owner again. Just need that extra 10%. Then I can share pictures too - now that I have a scanner

Romancelover: I know that's what she says on her website. It hasn't been updated in a couple of years. I would love to see her return if she's ever ready

Tara: You simply must read Letters from a Stranger if you can ever find a copy. It's truly a DIK. The other Leigh titles are Blackheart and Unforgotten. I haven't reread Paisley for a while. The books are buried and she just might be one of those authors best remembered warmly. Some of them I do remember came pretty close to that line - but there are one or two that I know I just loved at the time

BeverlyBB: She might have had a book out lately - I don't remember one though and when I checked Amazon the last one I could find was 1999. And I tried to look for a website and couldn't find one. Under Reinhold s he wrote 3 books. The two I mentioned which I really liked and a third - My Lord Stranger which I didn't care for.

Caro: Thanks for the update on Leigh. I've never tried a book from the Christian market but I checked out the link and that one looks pretty good. Nice to see she is still writing.

ag said...

I miss Ivory, Can ham and Garnett (found Scotsman entertaining). I have a weakness for highlanders, y'see.

Bev (BB) said...

I know I'm weird, but I love MY LORD STRANGER by Bryon but then I'm a sucker for best friend romances to begin with.

(I'm doing the happy dance because I finally had time to post something new on my blog. And about time, too. Must be a New Year's bug or something going around. :p)