Saturday, January 21, 2006

Recent buys and other ramblings (edited=playing around)

Recent Buys

Many times I buy books based on covers. Such is the case with my latest buys. They're all too gorgeous to simply record on the side this time.

The Captain's Lady by Margaret McPhee

Dang - but I love this cover!!! The way he is about to kiss her with her face cupped in his hands *sigh*. The naval uniform he's wearing. She doesn't have bad cover hair. The colours, the ship - well it doesn't get much better than this one for me. While I don't think this one is a pirate adventure, it does seem to be a high seas adventure.

The Maid of Lorne byTerry Brisbin

I saw this one first on Beverly's blog and fell in love with the cover. This is the way a medieval cover should look. Not like one I featured not to long ago *shudder*. Again, the colours, the dress, the storm clouds, the castle all work together and say "Buy me readers."

I know, I know, I've harped on it before. But why the hell can't Avon get these kind of covers.

And finally
Dead Reckoning by Linda Castillo

Is this a sexy cover or what?

Other Ramblings

I really am going to have to sit down and figure out how to get text at the side of the picture.

I won this one at
CW's and
it came in the mail Thursday.

I feel like I'm following in Nicole's footsteps here. I had to take Zina to the vet this morning. She had (what I thought) was a nasty cold. Seems it might be something more serious. I really hope not as she's got our hearts completely won over now in just a week. She's on antibiotics now and I have to take her back next Saturday. I was a very proud mother and rather smugly told the receptionist on the way out that Zina was much better behaved than the other cats that were meowing up a storm.

Two weeks later the pulling at my hair all over must be starting to work. I'ts actually a little longer now and I must say I'm starting to really like this hair cut.

'til later


Megan Frampton said...

That Terri Brisbin cover looks lovely, and I'm interested in reading it. If you get to it, let me know how it is. Happy buying, Kristie!

Rosario said...

I love those covers! Brisbin seems to be getting really nice covers. I just traded for her The King's Mistress (yet another "experienced woman" historical, yay!), and the cover looked good. As for the Linda Castillo, that's the Linda Howard look Renée posted about in her blog last week! Nice!

Now, getting technical, for text to the side of the pic, it's not hard! Just add align="left" right after the image url inside the <> parenthesis. That will start the text right next to the pic. Then, when you want the text to continue under the image, just write br clear=left inside <> parentheses.

Alyssa said...

Oh, these covers are great! I especially like the first and third ones.

Jay said...

adding to the tech stuff - if you just want text under the pictures (since you dont have that much room on either side of the pics) you can just type what you want underneath the < img > and it will show up. You can futz around with the header tags (I'd probably use [h4] or [h5] to make it the right size. For example, if you wanted to say, "This cover is sexy!!" you could try surrounding it like so: [h4]This cover is sexy!![/h4]. As usual exchange the [] for <>.) Email if you get stuck ;)

Kristie (J) said...

Rosario & Jay: look it - I did it!! I did it!! and I didn't even have to think too hard either.

Megan & Alyssa: Aren't they pretty though?

CW said...

Ooh, pretty. I'm a sucker for covers. :D

Glad the book got to you safe!

Jay said...


Rosario said...

It worked, it worked!!

SamH said...

I've been known to buy books for their covers, too. Pretty book covers led me to P.C. Cast and some of the new Harlequin Blaze books. Luckily, I enjoyed the stories once I read them! I also have Hot Spell on my TBR shelf. Actually, I bought that because I am an Emma Holly fan, but I also love the front of it.

Avid Reader said...

Well, I bought Dead Reckoning because Tee on AAR said it was good. Cover is cool, though. I tend to buy historical novels with the pretty pics on them. More often than not, they are pretty good reads, too. Can't really er say the same with romance novels. Covers are pretty but is the story any good? Throw a rock and you might find a good one in the bunch somewhere...let me go. I miss blogging. Can you tell?

sybil said...

A thought... I have issue sometimes pictures don't show up. So yesterday when I looked and all I got were X's I had no idea what books they were cuz you didn't type the name ;).

I am a HH whore so YAY on buying two ;). I have the first one but past on the second. It was a money thing not an author thing. Love to hear if you like it or not! And the second I think is RS? not my bag baby. But hope you like!

Kristie (J) said...

Avid Reader: That discussion played into my buying the book too. I've read her before and liked her books - but I do like the cover.

Sybil: Excellent point. I hate those red x's. The books are

1)The Captain's Lady - Margaret McPhee - I think it's her first - did she score big on the cover front

2)The Maid of Lorne - Terry Brisbin

3)Dead Reckoning - Linda Castillo

Samantha said...

I absolutely love the Brisbin cover. The colors and composition are all just fantastic. I have the feeling I'm going to end up buying that just based on the cover.

Btw, is it all right if I add you to my link list?

ag said...

I like the cover of 'The Captain's Lady'! It looks more like the poster of a period movie. The Brisbin one looks great too.

I'm not really keen on some of those Avon books showing models in various stages of undress. I'd rather die than pick those up.

sybil said...

HH has being doing great things with the covers lately. And looks like some new authors, so lets hope they are as good as the covers.

Sadly I have been noticing less westerns :(. Like one a month vs two, hell that was a big reason I even started reading the line!

And I agree Avon has some ick covers but who would win... Avon or Dorchester for the worst covers ;). I think Dorchester or maybe a tie.

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