Thursday, January 19, 2006

Last night's Lost

Since discussing Lost for Lost’s sake is now frowned on at AAR because of results of a recent reader survey and I need to discuss Lost, I thought for those watchers of Lost – and we are gaining new members every day, I thought I would make Thursdays unofficial Lost days. I’m not one to visit a lot of television-based message boards. I’ve tried but many of them are too “out there” for me.
The drawback is I know some who might visit here that are Lost watchers are episodes behind where they live. That just bites! I wish I could send them to you somehow sigh so you can be current with the rest of us.

So – last night’s episode

I wish they had delved further into Sawyers’s “out of it” statement that he loved her. Was he referring to Kate?
And speaking of Sawyer – now aka James Ford (I like that we finally know his name) when are we going to get another Sawyer (can’t get used to the name change though) get another back-story. I loved the dialogue between him and Locke when he called Locke Mr. Clean
And the mystery of what happened to jack’s marriage is now solved. I can’t see anything happening between him and Kate anymore. Now he and Anna Lucia? Hmmm that’s a thought there.
And where did Michael go? I don’t think The Others hurt him, but he didn’t make it back.
And I loved the bit at the end between Sun and Jin.

'til later


Anonymous said...

I meant to tell you there was an online chat group that discusses Lost, but I found out about it after the show aired. I'll see if I can find the site again. That way you can sit in on the chat and only chime in if you feel like it.

Okay, finally found it Live Lost Chat. I think you have to go back before it comes on again next week to find out the chatroom name.

Tara Marie said...

Wasn't last night great. I agree, no Kate and Jack, I can't wait for next week. I don't think there has ever been another show that I anticipate the next episode as much.

Kristie (J) said...

Jay: I'm not much of a "chatter" though - except for good friends and circumstances prevent me from even that these days. I'm more of a poster then come back later and sneak in a few minutes kind of person.

Tara: it's been fun watching the birth of a lost fan. And to think, I was one of the ones who encouraged you. So are you thinking Jack and Anna Lucia too? And what about Hurley? I thought that was a riot too, the conversation he and Charlie had.

Anonymous said...

Last night's episode was a real disservice to the Jack character. He was so annoying in it. I wouldn't be surprised if the patient's daughter and the unnamed man the wife cheated with show up again connected to other characters somehow. I love the show and continue to be on the edge of my seat to see what the next shocking reveal will be.

Anonymous said...

I really don't like that Anna Lucia if her and the doc hook up am hoping I can somehow warm up to her....can't put my finger on why I don't like her......James.......nice....kinda makes a person wish that had freckles....

Anonymous said...

oops typ-o

I really don't like that Anna Lucia if her and the doc hook up am hoping I can somehow warm up to her....can't put my finger on why I don't like her......James.......nice....kinda makes a person wish that they had freckles....

Erin O'Brien said...

Despite my elaborately mapped human heart, I am lost, lost, lost.

I need only one love to turn me into the light.


CindyS said...

Kristie, I couldn't participate earlier because my new machine didn't tape the show!! Luckily my dad had it on tape so I went and watched it today.


Things I thought.

1) Kate was a pain in the ass.
2) Jack's wife was right, he will always need to fix things. That's why he went after Michael.
3) I think Sawyer (I'd rather they call him Jimmy than James) went because of Michael and not because he wanted revenge (maybe just my wishful thinking)
4) Jin and Sun - loved that they are 'getting' each other now.
5) The others - I loved the, 'you don't go into a man's house and just put your feet up on his table now do ya?' Excellent. My dad (who loves westerns) said it was a classic western trick to have the flames lit. Why do they need the guns? Dad says they probably didn't have guns and now they armed them. Cool.
6) How do they know their names? My dad asked after I finished the show what the answer was and I told him the guy never responded to that.
7) Hurley is too cute for words.

Be prepared for me to hijack your LOST posts ;) I really am intrigued by this show and was bummed my new machine didn't tape it.

Do you watch the Amazing Race? I think it is coming back on in February. If you have never watched it, try it and see what you think. I just love that show. It fun to see how other people interact with their buddy. Some people are just plain scary!

Oh and I have gone to the LOST bulletins but the bullying by people who have obviously been there since it's inception can be brutal. Then you discover theories you had no clue to and sometimes it is better to come to conclusions on your own ;)


Kristie (J) said...

p devi: I was kind of surprised too, at where they seemed to be taking Jack. Thankfully they didn't quite go there.

dp: I don't really like her either - but since I like Kate with Sawyer (oops - James) much better and if Jack and AL do match up, I think we will see some good in her.

erin: so that means you like the show right?

Cindy: yes to all your suppositions. And I think Sawyer (oops - James) is a much better person than he thinks he is. And I think the head of the others knew their names because of Ethan - remember him from last season? I'm sure he reported back to the others when he infiltrated the camp.

Misty G said...

If you want a few hints on what episodes are coming up, go to They tell you who is going to be at the center of the show, and I do beleive one of Sawyer is coming up in Feb 8th.

ag said...

aargh .... the new season is only starting on local telly in Feb!!

You lucky lucky lot. :)

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