Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Election Update - a brief political piece

Well, you needn't have worried. My anguished cries never happened. Thank heavens the Canadian people booted the liberal party out of power. You know that old saying Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Well, that applies to the liberal party. They were in power for twelve years and with that length of time in office, corruption and hypocrisy took over. They became arrogant and assumed they had 'entitlement' to anything they wanted, including wasting billions of tax dollars with no reprecussions. Whether it was taking one's chauffer on a European vacation costing us regular folk thousands and thousands of dollars, or spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on golf balls, ties and other assorted junk. At the same time, the decimated our armed forces and denied health benefits to veterans. I could write for pages on the atrocities that have happened over time.
For years, there was no one to stop them. Twelve years ago, the conservatives were in office and when they were voted out, the party fell apart. It splintered into two different parties, neither having enough power to defeat the liberal party. While supposedly a democracy, Canada wasn't really.

But finally a few years ago, the two spintered parties merged again and began gaining recognition.

There is a third main party, the New Democatic Party. I think of them as more a party of concious than a party of practicality. They believe strongly in universality for all things and while it's very good in theory, I'm not sure how it would work on a country wide basis. We are already one of the most heavily taxed nations and in order to put many of their ideas into practice, most people balk at the thought of the added taxes it could cost. But they are important and I was glad to see them with more seats - at least in my neck of the woods.

We now have a minority government in place with the conservatives in charge. What this will mean is yet to be seen. They can be voted out if the other minority parties band together to defeat them. I hope this doesn't happen. Elections are costly and we just had one two years ago when the liberal party lost seats and became a minority.

Will they be any better? I think they will have to be for a while until power begins erroding them too. But since they don't have a lot of power now, I don't think it will happen right away. A lot of people are nervous of their right wing ideas but since they don't have a majority and they will need the cooperation of the other parties, I don't think that should be a worry.

Hopefully one of the things that will happen is a friendlier relationship with the US government. Arrogance ruled relations between the two governments - and I mean arrogance on the Canadian side. Whether our leaders liked the American leaders or not, as a Canadian, I was embarrased at some of the things that our people in power did or said.
So, today is a new day. I hope things change for the better in this country.

Back to our regular scheduled program shortly.

'til later


CindyS said...

Yep. Hopefully we have a new day!

That said, I started to notice a smug attitude by the Conservatives as the election got closer. I didn't like that one bit but, it's better than crooks!!

I actually have no idea why Canada elected the Liberals into power in the first place. All I heard about was this special book so they got elected in. Okay. Nothing good happens and the next election they are talking about this book again. I'm thinking, Canadians are not stupid enough to fall for this again!! Elected with a majority. There are days where I am positive I have no clue what is going on. I sometimes feel like the boy crying wolf only there really is a wolf but no one can hear me. Ah, well. We'll see if these guys can do any better.

The other thing is that for the most part, Bob and I are not represented in politics. We don't have children, we're only one income and I don't care about the GST because they are just going to grab it from somewhere else. I mean, people can't really think the government is going to give up that 2%! It'll just come off before the merchandise gets to us.

Okay, I'm running at the mouth again. All things fair, I love to vote and get very choked up about my rights. Everyone in Canada has the right to vote and I get annoyed if someone says they *might* vote. I'm no longer going to be polite to these people. I think I may get ugly with these people. In other countries you *can't* vote - how'd that be?

Okay, enough from me.

I release this blog back to Kristie ;)


Rosario said...

Well, I wish you the best of luck! Here's hoping the new goverment does well!

I always vote myself. Not just in the general elections, in which voting is compulsory, but in every single referendum and in the internal party elections. I was born under a dictatorship, and while we've had a democratic government for over 20 years now, I still value having the right to vote.

Tara Marie said...

I saw this in the news this morning and knew you were hoping for this result. Hopefully things will improve.

Karen Scott said...

I saw your new leader on TV, he's much better looking than your last premier.

Let's hope he doesn't go the same way as his predecessor...

Anonymous said...

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