Monday, January 09, 2006

Random Ramblings

I went for a haircut Saturday. Now the hairdresser I used to have left and this is the second different hairdresser I've been to since. It took me four visits for my previous hairdresser to cut my hair the way I like it.
I said I wanted it cut shorter on Saturday. It is shorter alright - way shorter. "yikes what did she do to my hair" when I pass a mirror shorter. Contrary to what I keep hoping, pulling at it doesn't make it grow any faster. I don't think badhaircutitiss will work as a reason to miss a month of work.

I was without internet access for a good part of the weekend. The cable box dropped and disrupted the connection. I had to wait for my son who knows these things to come home from a trip away 'cause he's the one who understands this kind of stuff. I was going through serious internet withdrawl. I kept thinking of things I wanted to do or look up only to realize I needed the internet. Serious withdrawl. I was worried that I had somehow broken something when I couldn't get it to work trying different things myself. When he finally made it home and I asked him to look at it, he did and got it working in no time. When I asked him what was wrong he gave me one of "those" looks and said it was turned off. The green light wasn't on.
See - techie I'm not

A show that seems to be gathering buzz The New Battlestar Galectica was one I was getting upset about. It's a show I really want to start watching. But! Although apparently filmed in Vancouver, I couldn't find it on any Canadian channels. Therefore I was most delighted when it was on the cover of Sunday's TV Times. I can watch it. It's on the Space channel, a specialty channel we can get. Hurray!

'til later


Bev (BB) said...

I hope you like Battlestar because, honest to goodness, I can't decide whether I do or not. My son likes it, my daughter won't watch it period and I'll watch a couple of episodes each season and then give up until something in a promo grabs my attention again.

However, I think I'm reacting to something very specific which isn't just about it being so far from the original. I actually like that they intentionally made some major changes to the story and characters. What I have problems with is that it's very soap opera-ish in tone and I can't stand that in any form to begin with.

Good luck.

Nicole said...

Glad you're back online. I hate when I don't have the internet.

Kristie said...

Beverly - what I found interesting in reading the article in the TV times section was the reaction of the old cast. Dirk Benedict who played (Starbuck I think) was abolutely horrified and livid that a woman was now playing his old role whereas Richard Hatch - no not the Survivor Richard Hatch (who played Apollo if my fuzzy memory is correct) has no problems and is a semi-regular on the show.

Nicole: Egads it's amazing how addictive and how all encompassing the internet is! I felt like I was cut off from something vital. Although I did end up watching quite a bit more of the hockey game Saturday night than I usually watch - and hey! Speaking of hockey, See Jane Score might be another good one to tackle this month!

Dana said...

Battlestar Galactica is really good. You can see the season one finale at and download past episodes at iTunes. The first season and half of season 2 are also out on dvd.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about a new Battlestar show but did like the old one, so I hope to find out more.....I gotta see this hair!!!! - dp

CindyS said...

Battlestar Galactica - I'm officially a fangirl ;) The States are half a season ahead of us so panicked when I saw a thread over at AAR about 'last night's episode'. I finally found the Canadian channel SPACE and found the listing there. The second season starts here this Sunday.

Have you seen the first season? If not, I will figure out who has my DVD copy and ship it over to you. It is not to be missed. Being a sci-fi person in movies and TV this just floats my boat ;) Can't read the stuff though - the romance doesn't happen fast enough!


Kristie (J) said...

Oooohhhh Cindy - Merci!!! But isn't it on Saturday night? Or maybe it's on both. I was thinking it was Saturday because I'm already planning on how to get Ron to watch Hockey Night in Canada on the TV in the bedroom since I don't think we get that channel on that TV. If it's on both, that will take care of that little issue. And did you read the article in the Sunday Toronto Sun? If not, I'll get it out and send it to you. Made for interesting reading. I didn't know for example that it was filmed in Vancouver.

DP - maybe this week you can see it? I'll email you

Dana: thanks for the link! I'll check it out. As far as downloading it on to ITunes - I'm not quite sure about that one. I'm the one who can't even tell if the cable box for the internet is on or not :)