Thursday, January 26, 2006

Release the Hounds

I think BAM is wickedly funny in her reviews. If you’ve never read her reviews – you simply must give them a try. I can only dream of writing something that deliciously hilarious. While I like the reviews Mrs. Giggles does, BAM is the best. She’s been on a bit of a Lisa Kleypas streak - taking on the queen she is - and the only auto buy Avon author I still have left. It can be argued and I won’t disagree, that other authors are better writers. But for me there is something special and unique about this particular book. BAM blogged about her upcoming reviews and I saw that she was getting ready to tackle non other than *horns trumping in the background* Dreaming of You – the book that defines why I love reading romance. There is just something so magical to me about this book.
But even if BAM trashes it, hates it and wants to stomp it into the ground, then burn it and scatter the ashes, I know I’m going to relish her review.

Which brings me to the title of this blog. When I find out romance readers who haven't read this one yet, I've started hounding them to give it a try.
I’m going to hold up the magic mirror that Miss Betty on Romper Room used to use. Hands up all those who have read this book?
Ah, I see quite a few!
Those who read and didn’t like it keep their hands up.
Aha – I don’t see many hands now.
There are a few readers though, who haven’t read this book who are on my list.
Nicole – I made her get a copy
Cindy – who has a copy but is holding off – but you are on the list
Karen S – just recently added. She has issues with the author and although I don’t know what they are, I’m sure they are interesting *grin*. Karen, even if you never read another Kleypas – you simply must give this one a shot. Were we not right about Eve and Roarke?
If there is anyone else who hasn’t read it, you can let me know and I will add you to the hound list.
For those who have read it – here are a few things that might make you sigh. For those who haven’t – hopefully you will be curious enough to want to know what the heck I’m talking about.
Derek Craven
Sarah Fielding
Joyce (boo, hiss)
Dropping the h’s
The house wenches
Drain pipe
Dog drawn
The fiancé (mama’s boy)
The House party
The List
Sarah’s parents (I think of the little people that artists make out of dried apples when I think of them)
The turban
The fire
So why am I so nutty about this book? And why do I have a list? Well, if anyone who hasn’t yet, decides to read this book and they enjoy it even half as much as I do because I recommended it, it will give me a glow inside that will warm the cockles of my heart that I’ve been able to share something special.

So how about it? Anyone want to warm my cockles?

(and doesn’t that sound indecent)

‘til later


BJ Deese said...

Hi Kristie! How did you like CHERRY ON TOP? Kathleen Long is one of my fav authors.

Kristie (J) said...

Hey BJ - I'm not too far into it yet - the slump still has me slowed down and I'm also just started Memory in Death - but I like it so far. I also have Get Bunny Love in my TBR pile. I'll let you know more when I've finished it.

Samantha said...

I haven't read it, but I'll add it to my wishlist. It sounds cute.

Marg said...

Ummm...don't set the hounds on my just yet. I haven't read it, but I will add it to my list right this minute...I promise!!

Marg said...

that should be me not my!

Kristie (J) said...

Aha!!!! two more readers who have yet to discover one of my all time favourite of way over 10 years of reading romance books. I shall be keeping my eye open for when you both get a chance to read this one.

Tara Marie said...

When you're right, you're right:

1. Bam's reviews are wickedly funny.

2. Hound anyone who hasn't read this gem, but my problem is nothing else she has written lives up to it. I love her storylines and plots, but none are as good Dreaming of You. And, I'm always left somewhat disappointed.

I guess it's really not fair, to judge every book by something nearly perfect.

Kristie (J) said...

Tara - that's exactly my thoughts about all her other books too. While some are very good and I'm liking the Wallflower series - none IMHO have quite matched DOY.

Dana said...

I picked up this book because a lot of book blogs (yours was one of them) have been recommending it. I haven't read it yet but am giving it proiorty TBR status.

Bookwormom said...

I haven't read it either. I have some of Kleypas' older, shorter titles on the keeper shelves, but I missed this one. Like Tara, I either love or hate her books. No in betweens.

Nicole said...

Hrmmm...yes, I still need to read DOY. I'll get to it, I will. Now where did I put it?

Kristie (J) said...

And yet two more!!! Oooooh I'm so excited at the thought of more romance readers giving this one a try :-)

Kristie (J) said...

Psssst Amanda: I'm willing to bet this will be on the love side.

Kristie (J) said...

And Dana: Happy dance it's moved up in the TBR pile

CindyS said...

Damn. If none of her other books compare to DOY then I should read all her other ones first, right? That way I love them all ;)

It's great that Bam is back but I haven't read the Kleypas she is reviewing so I am only skimming them so I don't get spoiled.

Balogh, Kleypas - where does the time go?


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy; well some other readers have different favourites of course. We all have different tastes. Some really liked Lady Sophia's Lover which I thought was just dreadful. So no *grin* you can't wait.

sybil said...

I am so giggling at you.... you go get em ;)

Karen Scott said...

Hey Kristie, just cuz you asked so nicely, I may just be tempted to try it. Kleypas or no Kleypas.

That said, if I hate it, I'll be after you like the hounds of hell *g*

Kristie (J) said...

Karen - *grin* deal. My reputation as a book recommender will be shot anyway *head down, hands over heart*. I will be forced to walk the streets of blogland alone, longing for what once, the respect of fellow bloggers and knowing all the while that I did it to myself - defeated by my own arrogance.
And I promise it will be the only Kleypas I ask of you.

ReneeW said...

whew, I'm so glad I read this one a long time ago (about the time I discovered AAR) so I won't have to be 'hounded' into reading it. Loved it too Kristie. It's a keeper. I may have to dig it out and reread it soon.

McVane said...

I read DOY when it came out [mutter I, a tired old hag]. At the time, it was a huge fresh jolt because at the time, there was nothing but Alpha men who don't blink twice at the idea of brutalising "their" women, Johanna Lindsey, American Civil War historicals, Jude Deveraux, and la la. Now, with so many DOY-like historicals floating around, it is easy to see why a reader today find it hard to understand why it's special.

[Sorry - one of readers recently said she found it 'boring' because, I suspect, there isn't many shag scenes. Actually she said the same thing about Loretta Chase's LORD OF SCOUNDRELS. I can't quite stand Dain, but I loved Jessica and, even more so, Chase's fairy-tale-like writing style]. Sorry this is so long. I'll shut up.

Bam said...

a whole blog entry about me... that's fucking awesome.

I love you, Kristie J!

Kristie (J) said...

Renee: I figured you had read it thus no hounds were set on your heels.

Maili: Interesting theory and very valid. It was one of the first of its kind wasn’t it? And there are a lot of imitators today – but DOY is the original and no book I’ve read since then with that kind of storyline has been able to match it. I (emphasis on I) can’t imagine how anyone would find it boring, but if newer readers to the romance genre have read similar books before reading DOY – specially ones with more shagging, I suppose they wouldn’t appreciate the bar that she set with this one. But to find this one and Lord of Scoundrels both boring – well it rather boggles the mind doesn’t it?

BAM: heh heh. Not too much pressure eh? When you do get to it, after all this you probably will hate it *grin* but you'll still crack me up.

Kristie (J) said...

And Nicole - I haven't forgotten you. You're first on the list. Say - have you read Kleypas before?? cause you know what February's challenge is - I'll get this book in there somewhere

ag said...

I'm going to add my voice to Kristie's and urge those who haven't tried Keyplas to pick up one of her books today!

From the time I picked up "Someone to Watch over Me', I've been reading her books steadily. My personal favourites are 'Somewhere I'll Find You' (which BAM didn't really like), 'Secrets of a Summer Night' and 'Worth Any Price'.

ag said...

p.s. there were some which didn't quite work for me, like 'Where Dreams Begin' and 'Stranger in My Arms' (my first, but luckily I gave her another try and 'Someone to Watch Over Me' got me alright).

There were more hits than misses, so I feel pretty safe picking up a LK book.

Kristie (J) said...

Wait a minute Ag. You haven't read DOY have you? I thought you had! Aha! Got me another one. You are now on the list too!

ag said...

Guilty! You can add me to your hound list. Can't even explain why I missed this.

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