Monday, May 16, 2005

Ramblings on a Monday

I’ve only recently become aware of the reviews of books on Amazon. I started reading them when I read about a certain author whose fans would post glowing 5 star reviews on all her books, even when she was trashed on review sites. That gave me a cynicism of Amazon reviews that I still hold. Just out of curiosity on one of the reviews I checked out “see all my reviews” and I noticed the “reviewer’ had also reviewed a blanket; honestly she reviewed a blanket – why someone would want to do that I don’t know. Added to the fact I’ve read on various message boards on occasion authors will post reviews of their own books under anonymous names I don’t think their reviews have any credibility at all. AAR, TRR, Romance Reader at Heart and the ones I trust the most. I disagree with Mrs. Giggles quite a bit but my does she make me laugh. And now I read reviews on different blogs so who needs Amazon reviews.

I don’t get the appeal of men who deliberately shave all their hair off. I saw a picture recently of charity event sponsored by a professional baseball team. I don’t really notice it when I’m watching a game on TV because they are wearing hats or helmets, but this was a social event and a good two thirds of the team had all their hair shaved off. My two sons shave off almost all their hair too and I just don’t get it. It must be my age. Give me hair on a guy. I can still hear my dad telling me when I was young and getting interested in boys that “no way would I be allowed to date one of the long haired hippy types.” Of course it was never a problem because none of the long haired hippy types ever asked me out. I am shallow enough to admit that one of the reasons I like Sawyer over Jack is because Jack has almost no hair.

I have a few phobias. The oddest one is light bulbs. I have an irrational fear of changing burnt out light bulbs. I’m always afraid I will grab it to hard and it will smash and I’ll get glass cutting my hands up. Either that or I will somehow electrocute myself. And of course whenever one light bulb goes, the rest are sure to follow. They must communicate somehow. And if my husband isn’t around to change them, I just make do in the dark. My other odd phobia is blowing up balloons. I hate blowing them up. When my sons were small and had birthday parties, my balloons were an embarrassment. I could never blow them up more than half way.
And while I’m at it – crickets. I don’t like spiders, but I’m deathly afraid of crickets. Grasshoppers I can handle, June bugs aren’t my favourite insect but I don’t run away, but put a cricket in front of me and I will turn around and give them a wide, wide berth.


Misty G said...

I never read reviews on Amazon. Everytime someone posts about Amazon and the reviews there, I only ear negative things, so I just skip them. I tend to stick to AAR, though to be honest, I go to the Reviews message board before I go to the grade listings. Graded reviews mean little to me. I'm more into the synopsis.

Jay said...

I noticed on your sidebar that you said you don't know how to do pictures. A really easy way is to find the book on Amazon, right click on the picture and get the url of where the pic is located. It should be really long and end in either .jpg or .gif To post it use [img src=""] except change the [] to <>.

I can also tell you how to make them links if you'd like.

I would have emailed this to you, but I didn't see your email address listed.